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Tear trough fillers can have a massive impact on your looks. Years of looking tired and hollowed out eye areas can be corrected with one short treatment, giving you your confidence back. Our trained specialist clinicians use blunt cannulas when possible to minimise discomfort and bruising after your treatment.

You can usually make a full recovery in just 48 hours and return to work after 24. The treatment only takes 1 hour and you will be able to see your results instantly! Our prices are affordable and available on finance to help you spread the payments and afford the results that you’ve been looking for.

Below you can see our price list. This is broken down into the amount of filler you will need which will be discussed with you in your initial consultation. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tear Trough Prices

  • Tear trough consultation with specialist prescriber Free
  • Treatment with 1.0ml Restylane Lido £500
  • Treatment with 1.0ml Perlane Lido £500
  • Treatment with 2.0ml Restylane Lido £950
  • Treatment with 2.0ml Perlane Lido £950
  • Treatment with 3.0ml Restylane Lido £1,400
  • Treatment with 3.0ml Perlane Lido £1,400


Summary of treatment

  • Procedure time
  • Anaesthetic
  • Sensitivity period
  • Back to work
  • Full recovery
  • Duration of results

Risks & Complications

Infection, bruising, swelling, asymmetry, necrosis, blindness.

* In rare cases, full recovery can take much longer (i.e. two weeks or more) if extreme bruising or swelling occur.
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