Non surgical makeover: nose, lips, chin, jaw


How do you feel about your face?
Grace: Well, my nose, it’s, I’ve got a slight bump, like, on the side. I’ve always been very conscious of it in photos and things, a bit shy. But then yes, around my where I kind of clench my teeth when I sleep it’s built my face up a bit.
Naruschka: And tell me a little bit more about that. Would you like the mirror, would that help?
Grace: Yes, yes, thank you. Yes, so from the side it’s just like a bump, it brings it, I always feel like a birdy, if that makes sense. From a side profile in photos and things it is really noticeable. My lips, I always find the top isn’t as full as I’d like, when I do lipstick and stuff, like, I prefer it to be bigger. I haven’t got so much surface space as I would like. And my chin, I’ve noticed more like past couple years as I got older, I actually feel like it fills my face up a bit if that makes sense.

What would you like to change, or keep the same?
Grace: I mean I like, I like the bottom. I think it’s generally quite natural looking, I just don’t like the side profile of it that I don’t like. Keep it as natural as possible, just kind of smooth it out and make it look less.
Naruschka: How would you feel about me lifting the tip a little bit?
Grace: Yes.
Naruschka: Nothing extreme. Just looking at what you’re pointing out I think the curve, just the downward curve. It would help to give you a cleaner shape. Yes. And to just sort of optimise the look of it really.
Grace: Yes, that would be amazing. Yes.

Taking a further look at potential treatment options?
Let’s just have a look at your side profile. Okay. I think when I’m looking at you I can that, in terms of your nose, mouth, chin, that actually giving you a bit more projection in your chin and also giving you a little bit more height as well as fullness in your top lip would give you a bit more balance.
Grace: Okay.
Naruschka: So that your profile becomes less convex, but more, sort of in, more in harmony if that makes sense.
Grace: Yes, yes that sounds good.
Naruschka: Okay, all right. Big smile for me. Good, and relax. Right, I can see you are a little bit deep here, so we’ll just give you a little bit more, a bit of contouring, just to improve your overall transition.
Grace: Yes.
Naruschka: Now you talked about this area and I think we can just adjust your jaw so that you get a nicer transition.
Grace: Okay.
Naruschka: Through to your chin. How does that sound to you?
Grace: Yes, it sounds good, yes.
Naruschka: Okay.

Any questions regarding the treatment?
Grace: Kind of how does the process work and the treatment. That’s what I wanted to know.
Naruschka: As in, like the actual doing of it? Or do you mean what to, the stages of it?
Grace: Yes.
Naruschka: Okay, well so first of all we’re going to take a nice set up photos of you so that we can review those and see where you’ve come from. And then I will give you a bit of a clean, put some anaesthetic cream on you so that you have comfort during the treatment. And then, when that’s been on you for long enough, then I do the injecting.
Grace: Okay. How does it, like, with the nose, how does the injection work?
Naruschka: So, what I’m doing really is just playing with the shape. So where it’s too deep, I’m actually lifting and just sort of creating contour for you. So it’s a little bit like sculpture, but sculpture by building as opposed to sculpture by carving, and that’s really what I’m doing.
Grace: Okay, good. Yes.

The steps we will take for this treatment
Naruschka: So we’ll probably start with your nose and leave your lips probably until last just because they’re more sensitive and I like the cream to be on there for as long as possible so you can feel, you know as much, feel as comfortable as you can.
Grace: Okay.

Post-treatment reveal
Grace: That’s amazing! Oh, that’s so different.
Naruschka: You are a bit swollen because obviously we’ve only just finished injecting everything. But, a good idea of what you have.
Grace: It’s so straight! That’s mad, that’s so different! I love it!
Naruschka: Good.
Grace: Yaaay! Thank you! I can’t wait to show everyone.

Steps to take for after care and maintenance
Naruschka: Obviously we’ve just injected your top lip. Your lip is going through some swelling right now and also you’ve got some bruises, okay. So, lots of Arnica cream, all right. That will help you recover faster.
Grace: Yes.
Naruschka: And get rid of those bruises.

Two week follow up
Naruschka: So, Grace, wonderful to have you back again. So the last time we saw you we did some work to your nose and we also did some work to your chin. So, just for the sake of our viewers, if you could explain how that was for you.
Grace: Yes, I don’t know what I expected kind of going into it, but yes, it was good, bearable like.
Naruschka: So how was your experience, how was it having the treatment?
Grace: Yes, surprisingly easy as long as I kind of focussed, you walked me through everything and told me what was happening. So yes, really relaxed.
Naruschka: So talking about things before we did the treatment. Did you find that helpful at all?
Grace: Yes, yes definitely. I knew exactly what was happening and what to expect.

How was the healing process? Any bruising or swelling?
Grace: I mean it was a bit swollen for the first kind of few days. Bruising wasn’t that bad, there was a bit of a shadow kind of above my lip, but nothing too major. And yes, a bit kind of weird to touch to start with but once I kind of got used to it.
Naruschka: Did you have any bruising afterwards?
Grace: Yes, a bit on my top lip, there was a bit of a shadow. Other than that, not really.
Naruschka: And how was your nose?
Grace: Yes, there was a bit like, on points, there was bruising, but nothing like, huge.
Naruschka: Yes.
Grace: Yes, it went down pretty quickly.
Naruschka: Could you cover them with make up?
Grace: Yes, yes definitely.
Naruschka: Okay, and how long did those little ones take to go away?
Grace: A few days, they weren’t noticeable.
Naruschka: That’s good. And how about your swelling? How was the swelling for your nose?
Grace: I don’t think it was hugely noticeable. I mean, it went down pretty quickly. It was the lip took slightly longer but nothing like hugely noticeable when you look you looked at it. Yes.
Naruschka: Yes.

What do you think would be useful for others to know?
Grace: It’s so quick and easy and also it’s not painful. I mean, you can feel it and it’s slightly uncomfortable, but there’s no pain really.
Naruschka: Yes.
Grace: Much easier than I kind of expected.

How much would you say the treatment has benefitted you?
Grace: Hugely, just like confidence wise, I think before I was always kind of very conscious when I was in places. A lot of model work I kind of tried to keep my face very straight on to kind of hide the bump. I don’t have any of those kind of worries anymore. I’m definitely much more confident.

Grace had the following treatments:
Non-Surgical Nose Job Treatment
Lip Enhancement Treatment
Chin and Jaw Augmentation Treatment

To discuss if any of these treatments might be suitable for you, kindly contact us and we will be delighted to organise a free consultation for you.



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