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Eye Lid / Eye Bag Reduction

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an overnight hospital stay required for a blepharoplasty procedure?

No. Blepharoplasty procedures are done on an outpatient basis.

When are the stitches removed from a blepharoplasty procedure?

The stitches are normally removed about 5 – 7 days after the procedure.

How uncomfortable is the blepharoplasty procedure?

Our clients tell us that blepharoplasty procedures are much less uncomfortable than they expect.

What happens during the blepharoplasty procedure?

For upper eyelid blepharoplasty surgery, cuts are made into the natural lines and creases of the lid, and into the laughter lines at the corner of the eye.

Will a blepharoplasty surgery change the shape of my eyes?

During the surgery, the skin of the upper and lower eyelids are altered. This can change the shape of the eye to make it appear more open, rounder and less tired.

How permanent are the results of a blepharoplasty procedure?

The results of blepharoplasty are typically long lasting, and rarely require further touch-ups. The fat around the eyes, once removed, does not regrow. However, a blepharopasty procedure will not stop the ageing process of course.

Are there scars after a blepharoplasty procedure?

As with any surgical procedure, there are scars. The incisions are typically placed within the normal creases and folds of the upper and lower eyelids. This will allow for incisions, or scars, to be barely visible within several months following the procedure. Clients requiring fat removal from the lower eye bags alone may be able to have the incisions made on inside of the eyelid, thus resulting in no visible scarring.

What type of anaesthetic is used for blepharoplasty surgery?

At botonics, we usually use a local anaesthetic when operating on the upper eyelids. While some clients may feel uneasy about being awake during the procedure, rest assured that the combination of a gentle sedative and support of caring staff make clients less anxious than they expect. If the lower eyebags also need to be operated on, then usually sedation or a general anaesthetic is recommended by the surgeon.

How long is the recovery for blepharoplasty?

We suggest taking it easy for the first week. While most clients can return to work within a few days, vigorous activity should be avoid for the first week. Bruising and swelling can take about 7 – 10 days to clear enough for clients to feel comfortable in social gatherings. You can wear glasses and/or make-up to help conceal the bruising and swelling.

How much time do I need to take off of work for a blepharoplasty procedure?

The skin around the eyes heals surprisingly fast, but varies from person to person. Most clients are able to return to work after about a week or two. However, due to bruising and swelling, you may wish to hold off on any major social engagements for a month or so.

Will blepharoplasty help with dark circles under my eyes?

No. The dark appearance of the lower eyelid skin typically remains after a blepharoplasty, although a skin peel may help. However, dark circles under the eyes related to large bags can improve a bit.

Will blepharoplasty help with sagging eyebrows or crows feet?

No. Blepharoplasty will not elevate a drooping eyelid or eradicate the wrinkles surrounding the eyes. Other procedures, such as a brow lift, facelift and botox can help with these concerns.

Will I have bandages over my eyes after the blepharoplasty surgery?

No. There are no bandages required, although you will have some small stitches are the corners of your eyes.

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