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5 /5

Amonik Melaco

8th April 2021

Botonics are absolutely unbelievable. I filled in an online form for accutane treatment, assuming I’d be waiting a couple of days for a response, and within the hour I received a call from the amazing Bill who booked me in for a consultation with their GP Dr Aya THAT SAME EVENING! Dr Aya was so helpful, and by the end of that night I was booked on for accutane - one day!!! Getting put on accutane has taken my friends 6 months when they did it through the NHS, and Dr Aya mentioned that because of COVID, if I went through the NHS I’d be waiting for up to 2 years which wasn’t an option for me. My blood test kit was dispatched the next day by Royal Mail first class and my blood was confirmed and my prescription and medication filed and dispatched. This has arguably been the best experience and customer service I’ve had with ordering anything ever, not to mention the fact that it’s accutane which is something that usually takes months on end to get given!!
if you’re debating accutane or indeed ordering anything from Botonics, do it!

Excellent Service and Results

5 /5


24th March 2021

Unfortunately after a first round of Accutane treatment at a low dose in another country, my acne returned almost 100% about 9 months later. I was not sure if I'd be able to find treatment during COVID. Thankfully Botonics was available and had an already well-established treatment process adjusted to ongoing COVID precautions/ restrictions.

After a consultation to see if Accutane was still an appropriate treatment, my Botonics dermatologist explained the entire treatment plan and the steps that would be needed and when. Appointments are done over WhatsApp at convenient times that fit around my work schedule. Blood tests can either be done by mail or by going to the central London office. I opted for the office tests, and it only takes a few minutes and I was the only customer present for a test.

One of the most convenient things has been to receive all the medication prescribed at once, since I travel frequently for work and the medication is not always available at pharmacies. Botonics then checks in on how treatment is going and adjusts the dose as needed.

Email correspondence with Botonics staff has been extremely helpful, with fast replies and excellent service and coordination. So happy to have found Botonics, as my acne has already improved greatly and their advice and treatment plan has been more thorough than my previous dermatologist.

Persons suffering from acute acne know how much clear skin can make a difference in your daily life, and I have confidence than Botonics will keep working to find a solution for me until the acne has subsided. It is such a relief to have clear skin soon and know that I can manage treatment with Botonics from anywhere in the world, due to their remote treatment modalities. I highly recommend their services if private treatment is an option for you.

Amazing service provided by the team

5 /5


15th March 2021

Bill and the team have provided great, efficient service. Having previously suffered from mild acne for majority of my adult life I decided it was time to act so I can feel so much more confident about going into world and having to not worry about wearing foundation and not feel conscious about how imperfect I would appear.

After being referred to a dermatologist by my Doctor I was advised it would probably be approximately 7-8 months until I was actually seen and even upon being able to secure an appointment it was not guaranteed that I would be given medication as my acnes was not severe. This encouraged me to start looking at private clinics and luckily, I came across Botonics.

Since contacting Botonics till date I have received the upmost professional, friendly and efficient service that I could ever have hoped for. From initially contacting them in regards to the booking a consultation upon receiving my medication and thereafter, I cannot fault Botonics in any way in how they operate. They really take their time to understand the clients and how to look after their needs. I really enjoy the way they listen and give recommended advice based on individuals even if any challenges have arisen. They are always on hand to respond to me promptly and this exemplifies in my opinion a great company.

I always look forward to my monthly appointments with Dr Divya as she gives me reassurance and support. I am in no doubt whatsoever that skin is in a much better condition and now always looks and feels amazing thanks Botonics expert care. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I have absolutely no concerns about Botonics to anyone and believe this was the best decision I have made concerning skincare. Thank you to all the team and I would highly recommend to anyone to use their services.

I recently contacted Botonics as my…

5 /5

Saniya Akhtar

1st February 2021

I recently contacted Botonics as my skin has been really bad for a long period of time. I have previously been on accutane but my acne came back within a year. My self confidence and self esteem was really bad. I don’t like showing my face or even going out it just put me down and especially in this lockdown it’s hard to even get through to your GP. After researching on the internet I discovered Botonics I was so happy because I couldn’t believe the service they provide to their patient which is so easy and less of a hassle. I contacted them straight away and spoke to a person called Bill he told me as to how the process works and what is required for me which seemed perfectly fine as I have already been on accutane before. I was then booked in for a video appointment with the dermatologist and she was honestly so lovely and helpful and I told her exactly how I feel and she understood as how I felt. I would definitely recommend Botonics to anyone who is suffering with acne like myself. Best decision I have made and I have also started my medication recently I’m so excited for the outcome of this! Thankyou so much Botonics for your service!!

Really good services for Roaccutane

5 /5


20th January 2021

I contacted Botonics hoping for a Roaccutane treatment after failing to get a hold on the NHS dermatology service (the waiting list for Roaccutane is unbelievably long). I researched which clinic was offering the treatment and Botonics was the only one I saw which offered a first consultation free of charge. 12h after my first email I was already in touch with Bill who booked an online appointment with the Dr Divya. The consultation went very well and the treatment process and costs were clearly stated, same as on their website. I only waited two weeks before the initial consultation and the beginning of my treatment. Since then it has been going extremely smoothly; both Bill and the Dr Divya are extremely kind, professional and responsive. As I started my treatment during covid I had to get 2 blood tests at the lab, but the appointments are made online and I received the medication at home so it's really efficient. The communication by phone or email is extremely good as well, it is very easy and fast to get to speak to someone. I'm in my third month of Roaccutane and I'm really happy, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend the clinic for this treatment.

Life Changing Service, THANK YOU BOTONICS!!!

5 /5

Czarek Wisniewski

20th January 2021

I first came into contact with Botonics after I explored all avenues in regards to Acne treatment with the NHS. I tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING and nothing seemed to be working. I consulted with my GP after I researched about Roaccutane and she advised me in order to be referred to a dermatologist on the NHS I'd be expecting a minimum of a 6 month wait, however, I simply couldn't take the anxiety and insecurity anymore. I booked a consultation with Dr Divya online and within hours I received a video call, after speaking for around 15 minutes I became more knowledgeable about my condition then ever before, Dr Divya immediately put my mind at ease and restored my hope in clear skin. Following up my video call consulation I received a phone call from a gent called Bill, whom I couldn't speak more highly of. Bill is always an email or phone call away, he's very knowledgable, experienced and easy to talk to. 2 days after my blood test I received my first batch of Roaccutane and I can easily say, 2 months in, this is the best decision I've ever made in my life. Words can't describe how grateful I am for this life changing service. From the consultation to starting treatment in less than a week, couldn't recommend more!

Roaccutane treatment

5 /5

William Stacey

18th January 2021

I approached Botonics with enquiry about my acne, and undertaking Roaccutane treatment. I had tried for a while to receive further treatment with the NHS after a few unsuccessful topical treatments, but without success. The process had been held back by covid, and I believe they have stopped offering Roaccutane treatment during covid.
As soon as I got in touch with Botonics through their online request form, I was instantly contacted and booked onto a free telephone consultation with a specialist. Beforehand, it involved sending up to date photos of my acne, along with a past medical history and details of previous treatments.
The consultation was very helpful and covered the different options, to which we decided Roaccutane was the best option.
Unlike other medical services, the turnaround was very quick and only a day later I was making the next step to begin my treatment. The costs were clearly laid out, without hidden costs.
I proceeded to be put in contact with the lab for an appointment to receive a blood test. They were able to book me in straight away, despite it being over the Christmas period, to receive the test.
Once the results were finalised, I proceeded with treatment. The medication was quickly and easily sorted and the cost for this was clearly laid out at the beginning of the treatment.
I am only at the very beginning of my Roaccutane treatment and I’m very positive for how things will unfold over the next few months.
Both the specialist I have seen, and Bill, who managed my appointments and administration, have both been very helpful and efficient.
My skin has calmed down and the red spots have become much smaller. I look forward to seeing how the next few months unfold, and if my improvements continue whilst taking Roaccutane.

5* Level of service

5 /5


5th January 2021

I went to Botonics after being put on a long waiting list due to COVID by the NHS and my GP. Bill and the team have been incredibly professional and they are very responsive and happy to answer any questions you have over email or phone. The at-home blood test kits have been a life saver and its really saved me the time having to go all the way to central London to conduct these. I can't fault Botonics' professionalism and I highly encourage anyone who needs Roaccutane treatement to talk to Bill and get a free consultation.

All my appointments have been over Whatsapp video call with Dr Joshua and the availability is very varied, so I can book these at times and dates where its most convenient to me. I've had to cancel previously before the 24 hour cut-off and Cassie is incredibly understanding and helps you organise another appointment more suited to your availability. The price of the treatement is very well advertised on Botonics' site and wasn't being hidden from the public's eye like many other private health services.

I originally had a free consultation within one week of emailing Botonics with my interest and then I only had to wait another 1 week before my blood test kit arrived, this was then turned around in 2 days so in total from finding Botonics online to taking my first pescription it was 2.5 weeks, with the NHS Dermatologist I was estimated to have a 17 week wait just to speak to the dermatologist.

I definetly recommend if people are struggling with the NHS Dermatologists and want to enquire about Roacctuane with Botonics to email or call up and Bill will be more than happy to explain the process and any pricing plans with you too.

Accutane treatment

5 /5

Claire T

30th December 2020

My son is 17 and was on the NHS waitlist for Accutane at the start of lockdown. He was really disheartened when he learned that his treatment would not be able to start but his dermatologist has hoped to see him around April/May time. By April it didn’t look like things were opening up at all so I started to research private options.

When I found Botonics, I was pleased to see that the price of treatment was listed on their website- always a plus in my book. I then went to read the reviews and was really struck by how glowing they all were.

I decided to contact Botonics and got an email straight back from Bill (on a Sunday). We had a chat and set up a video consultation with my son and Dr Joshua which was free of charge. It was so professional and seamless and I really felt we were being given the best advice with no pressure at all.

We had blood tests done remotely and my son started his treatment on accutane within a week of my first email. We had the drugs sent directly to us as well. We have just finished the 6 months of treatment and my son’s skin is amazing. He has a bit of scarring but it is fading already and his skin is completely free from spots. The worst side effect was probably the dry lips which he had throughout but they were definitely a price worth paying.

We had regular video consultations and blood tests throughout- everything was done remotely as we are in Northern Ireland. Bill & Dr Joshua were amazing to deal with and I would not hesitate to recommend Botonics to anyone. They always got back to us straight away and my son found Dr Joshua really easy to talk to and helpful.

We are still waiting on the call from our local hospital to schedule my son’s dermatology appointment so we definitely made the right choice to go private! We are lucky we are in a position to do so and doubly lucky to have found Botonics.


5 /5

Liberty Catton

21st December 2020

Botonics have been nothing but amazing from the day I enquired about this treatment. I chose to go private due to the long wait list of the NHS and I have not regretted it since.

I enquired, got a blood test and started my treatment all within two weeks, during a pandemic that is pretty outstanding. They are nothing but attentive.

My specialist, Dr Divya is extremely professional but also puts you at ease during your consultations. My monthly consultations with her are always prompt and booking a consultation to suit my needs is not a problem either.

Treatment was provided as soon as I got the green light and Bill is constantly in touch. My blood tests are a quick turnaround with Botonics ensuring I get seen on the same day.

I am three months into my treatment and I have not regretted it since. My skin has improved and I am so glad I chose Botonics for this treatment.

All the fees are transparent and you definitely get what you pay for.

Roaccutane treatment

5 /5


13th December 2020

I’m very happy with their service. The whole team was amazing especially Bill and Dr Joshua. I was very sceptical at the begging but the treatment worked very well for me. I was on the treatment for 6 months and I’m writing this review 2 months after my treatment. I don’t have any active spots for more than 3 months. If you’re hesitant about the clinic, please don’t. The clinic was very accommodating during this difficult time. Forgot to mention that I started my treatment in April, during the lockdown and they were the only clinic that called me back. All my consultations were online and even my prescriptions were delivered at home. I will definitely recommend it to others and thank you once again.

Really good service

5 /5

minaaa basharrr

4th December 2020

I've been with Botonics for about two months and their service has been exceptional. I was initially going to start the isetretinion treatment through the GP however due to covid I wasn't able to take that route which is when I turned to Botonics which took less than a week to give me a free consultation to advice on what's best for me, take a blood test and send of the pills all within a week. Nevertheless, Botonics also helped me with any enquiries that I had due to their fast service over the phone and email. Im very happy with my accutane journey so far and look forward to the future.

I thought I would write a review about…My accutane treatment

5 /5


3rd December 2020

I thought I would write a review about my experience with Dr Joshua and team. I started my accutane treatment at the beginning of the first lockdown. After suffering with adult acne for years I thought I would try an alternative to the nhs. As we all know you have to wait quite a while to be seen in regards to acne. I emailed Botonics for my first consultation, which was via video the next day. Within 7 days of checking my bloods I started my treatment under the care of Dr Joshua. The process was straightforward, everything was explained about what to expect and any worries I had were put to rest. The care I have received with the Botonics teams has been impeccable. If you are struggling with acne and would like the best care in London I would highly recommend Dr Joshua. My skin now 6 months later is clear and glowing this has helped my confidence so much. Thank you Dr Joshua and the whole team.

Exceptional service for a miracle acne treatment

5 /5


26th November 2020

When browsing online to find out more about private services that provided Roaccutane treatment, botonics popped up, full of positive reviews - so positive (compared to the other far and few across the UK) that I was almost sceptical. Yet, 2 and a half months into treatment, the service has been as professional, pleasant and smooth as I had previously read.

First, I would have gone through the NHS. But, in absolute desperation, as I'm in my late 20s, my scarring is significantly more severe and waiting for 6 months+ just for an appointment was not feasible. Also, when I tried this treatment over 6 years ago (it really is a miracle drug, flawless clear skin for 5 years), the NHS give you a month's worth of the prescribed drug per monthly appointment. If they can't see you within a month (happened a couple of times), and there are gaps in-between the medication (which is really not good), you experience all the early unpleasant side effects of the medication again and again (dry skin and bone aches). Botonics avoid this ordeal by sending it all at once, covering all the months - perfect for lockdown covid-times when our appointments keep getting postponed!

So, saving face (quite literally), I emailed in, and within a few days, they had already booked a non-pressurising (and free!) consultation to go over treatments and whether Roaccutane was the best course of action. As it was, Bill very kindly explained payment approaches (IUD saves you money), and patiently waited for my transfers and the information that I had to provide upfront. Under two weeks later I had already begun the medication and my skin has improved dramatically over the last two months. My face is now completely clear, just cystic acne on my neckline and neck to go - but you can visibly see the gradual transition to clear skin almost daily!

Over the last couple of months, Bill and the team have been extremely kind, accommodating and patient despite my own shortfallings as a customer/patient (messing up blood test kits as I live on my own and mainly my slow replies due to large workload). 10/10 would recommend.

My Roaccutane journey

5 /5

Aisha Hussain

12th November 2020

For months I have been researching different clinics to finally start my roaccutane treatment. After having many years of disappointment from dermatologists and being on the NHS waiting list which was never ending I finally opted to look into it myself as it was something that affected me in my day to day life. I found botanics on my search and was amazed by the good reviews. I put my enquiry in and was contacted on the same day, which I did not expect at all. I was then able to have a free consultation with Dr. Joshua who has been so amazing throughout this process. I explained how I felt and what it meant for me to start this treatment. He was very understanding and assured me that we can do something about my acne.

My whole life I hated looking in the mirror due to my acne, I have tried everything you can think of! To topical treatments and antibiotics which did nothing for my skin. I knew going with botanics was the right step to take and although I was hesitant, I know this has been the best decision I have made!

I spoke to Bill on the phone and he answered any questions I had regarding the process. Once the free consultation was set up, I had my blood test and pregnancy test. Within days I was sent the roaccutane tablets and started my course straight away. I was so happy with how quick everything was set up.

The team are botanics are very organised and friendly. Emails are sent when I need to go for my bloods etc. They also reply very quick which is always a plus!

I am currently on my 3rd month of my roaccutane process and my skin has never felt better. Everyone around me has noticed how much happier I am and how confident I am in my own skin now. I’m so glad to have chosen botanics and would recommend them to anyone who asked!

A big thanks to Dr. Joshua, Bill, Cassie and Michelle.
Such a wonderful team!

I chose to go with Botanics for the quality service

5 /5


5th November 2020

I chose to go with Botanics for roaccutane to treat my acne as I had tried multiple other treatments at the GP and nothing worked. I found the process to be really easy and clear. I firstly made an inquiry and very shortly afterwards I was speaking to a specialist free of charge. Within a week of this I was having my blood tests and then on the medication. I have also received regular check ins with the dermatologist and from the people that work at Botanics. They are incredibly helpful and very organised. This made the whole process a lot easier. I am glad I went through Botanics and it was so much quicker than I expected and very easy.

Further, the care and attention that they provide is excellent. They clearly focus on you and make sure that everything is as you expect and address any concerns. They ensure that they follow up with you as well after every appointment which is great.

Overall, it is a personal service which is transparent throughout with no pressure on you. I am so glad I went with Botanics and highly recommend them.

If you're considering Botonics for roaccutane treatment, do it!

5 /5

Clara Gibbons

26th October 2020

I have suffered with moderate acne pretty much most of my teenage and young adult life. By the time I was 25 I decided I didn't want to waste anymore of my life feeling unhappy with my skin. I went the NHS route i.e. antibiotics, topical retinoids and a 38 week waiting list for a dermatologist!! I did some research and I came across botonics and the great reviews it had. Not only that, it was a a fraction of the price of some of the dermatologist's I was coming across plus you get a free (video) consultation, winner!

From the first point of contact with Botonics and Bill it has been an incredibly positive experience for me. I felt listened too and I felt as though they really saw me as an individual and my story.

Everything is super organised, easy to navigate and understand. The team are very understanding to individual's circumstance and needs. It (can be) all from your own home which, given the times we're in, is just an added bonus. The treatment can be tailored to your needs and wishes.

It is a fuss-free, simple and to the point service and that is something that can be difficult to find in the beauty/dermatology world. Everything is as it says, there is no hidden meanings or agendas behind anything. It truly is the best investment I've made and I am so glad I picked botonics.

Roaccutane can be a scary prospect and it can be a difficult journey, but when it's made so easy and smooth like It is with Botonics it really makes it a whole lot easier. I couldn't recommend Botonics, Bill and Dr. Joshua enough!

Great customer service

4 /5


5th October 2020

Great customer service, always reply instantly which made it very easy and efficient to communicate with the staff. Ready to help anytime, couldn't really get a full experience in the clinic due to covid so instead i had video calls with the doctor. Overall very happy with my results and treatment.

Roaccutane treatment

5 /5


23rd September 2020

My experience receiving Roaccutane treatment with Botonics has been excellent. The staff have been incredibly helpful and responsive, arranging appointments and medication very quickly. After my initial free consultation I decided against treatment and then when I did eventually decide to proceed staff were very accommodating. A lot of effort was put into getting all of the tests and appointments done remotely during Covid which meant medication arrived by post a week after I decided to go ahead with Roaccutane. Overall I would strongly recommend Botonics.

I have suffered with mild to severe…

5 /5

Ameerah Amman

23rd July 2020

I have suffered with mild to severe acne for all of my adult life. It began when I was in secondary school and has haunted me ever since. I have exhausted all medications possible, those prescribed by the NHS and even medical grade skin peels and facials. None of these have had any long-standing effect on my skin and if anything, have just left me feeling more deflated, like nothing would ever work. This took days, weeks, even months from my life which I cannot get back and would have continued to do so if I didn’t decide to take matters into my own hands and take the plunge with Roaccutane. I have had both the branded version (Roaccutane) and unbranded, Isotretinoin, prescribed to me and have seen no difference between the two, it is down to personal preference. I have heard about other people’s skin journeys and have researched the success rate of Roaccutane/ Isotretinoin.
Just when I felt hopeless and was about to give up – I found Botonics. After researching so many clinics, I decided Botonics was the right fit for me. After filling out the online application and having a follow up call the very next day with Bill, I soon felt more encouraged than ever to begin the process. I found the efficiency of the Botonics team to be brilliant, especially during the times of the lockdown. The clinic has adapted efficiently and have ensured any gaps in my prescriptions are minimised. They have done this by posting out my prescriptions the very same day, allowing me to receive it the next working day. They have also posted out all my required pregnancy tests and have a system whereby I can send a digital image of my results. All this has minimised my time spent outdoors and has saved me many hours on travel.
Dr Joshua has monthly video call appointments with me where we discuss my progress or concerns of any side effects. Although my journey has been slower and steady, I have seen physical improvements in my skin texture and my breakouts have been disappearing within a couple of days.
If you are thinking about trying Roaccutane, and like myself have exhausted all avenues and have been an acne sufferer for over a decade – I would highly recommend Botonics as the clinic to go for. As with this medication, its important you have the right support, and the team at Botonics have been so supportive and approachable with any of my concerns. I am excited for the remainder of my treatment and cannot wait for the final results!

I've suffer with acne for 7 years since

5 /5

Farida Miah

19th July 2020

I've suffer with acne for 7 years since being diagnosed with PCOS. I have tried so many antibiotics through the NHS over the year as that’s all they would provide. I’ve also spent thousands on topical products including Obagi, anything that was recommend to me I've tried. I was always worried about roaccutane with all the negative reviews on it but over the last few years it's been more positive so I did more research and decided it was time to go on roaccutane and say goodbye to my acne for good. I spoke to my GP who was reluctant but referred me to the dermatologist I had to wait 3 months for the appointment to meet someone who wanted me to go on more antibiotics and use more topical products from Boots. I was not impressed with this! And decided it time I take matters into my own hands.
I started to look for private clinics that offer roaccutane, looking reviews and location over processing what was on offer before I commuted, during this lockdown was implement. This is when I came across Botonics.
The process was so simple it almost didn’t seem true. I put in my enquiry the following day Bill got in touch to arrange an appointment with Dr Joshua with whom I was comfortable to discuss my acne journey who actually understood me, finally didn’t feel judge by a doctor! Within a week I had filled out my forms online went to Harley street for my blood test and was ready to go the whole process was seamless.
The blood results are available in a day and the prescription is sent out that day, yes there has been a delay is receiving my prescription but we’re living in challenging times, where we’ve all been effective by royal mail delays. So Botonics brought in a new service where they would send out the medication to reduce delays in the medication course.
I’ve also been having monthly consultations with Dr Joshua to discuss my progress, his been attentive and ensured all areas have been covered answering even the silliest of questions.
I’m 4 months into my 6 month journey and I’m the happiest I’ve been with my skin since the start of my acne journey. I can’t wait for the remaining stubborn acne to clear out and finally have perfect skin.
I couldn't recommend roaccutane enough to those who are suffering with acne and Botonics should be your chosen clinic, if this is their service during lockdown imagine how good they’ll be when we go back to ‘normal’

MOST convenient way to access Isotretinoin/Roaccutane!

5 /5

Victoria Johnson

19th July 2020

This is the most convenient way to access Isotretinoin/Roaccutane! The thought of not being able to access medication during lockdown made me really panicky, but with Botonics:

- Prescriptions, forms I needed to fill in (with return envelopes including free postage) and pregnancy tests were sent to my door.

- Two private blood tests were included in price meaning I was able to have the consultation for my new prescription the following day if I needed.

- I was able to pay over a few months meaning I didn't need LOADS of savings.

- WhatsApp video call consultations mean I can still speak to my doctor without having to take time off of work or travel.

- They always email in advance with available dates and times and reply quickly if you have questions and to confirm appointments.

They've helped me so much when so many other places had failed me. Please read below to hear what I wish someone had told me:

I have tried everything to get rid of acne. TCA face peels, creams (Duac, Differin), all of The Ordinary's recommendations etc. EVERYTHING. I've wasted thousands of pounds before considering Roaccutane.

I know some people have horrific side effects. My sister struggled, however mine have been absolutely fine. Some dryness and heightened emotions around the time of the month - that's all. It's different for everyone.

This time last year, I was on my third try of Tetralysal (Lymecycline), prescribed to me by my GP. Every time I went on it, it was less effective and every time I came off of it my breakouts were worse. The spots on my face were large, swollen, red and painful. And frankly, awful to look at. Even though I tried not to touch my skin, ensured I had a different pillow case and washed my make up brushes after every use, they still came. By October my self-esteem had hit rock bottom and looking in the mirror would cause me to have multiple break downs throughout the day. I would avoid social events so no one could see me, I would position myself with my back to my boyfriend whenever I could so he didn't have to look at me and I would wear make up to bed if he was there (only making it worse, of course).

I went to my GP and asked to be referred to a dermatologist. There was an appointment available in the next 28 days (taking us into November). I went to my appointment, but only saw a nurse who made me take off my make up and took photos of my skin. In a week or two, I received a letter which told me that I was being discharged back to my GP and they prescribed a cream. A CREAM. I was so angry and upset, I went back to my GP (taking us into December) and they didn't know why I hadn't seen a dermatologist when that's who they referred me to. They said there was nothing they could do except refer me again. This time, the quickest date I could get was over 3 months away (end of March). So I decided to go private. I'm a teacher, not the best paid job, but it was really important as I was really suffering with my mental health at the time. And it's the best decision I've ever made.

After Googling loads of dermatologists, I decided I wanted to do this properly so I thought the best person to see would work in a private hospital. I went for an initial consultation for £275 (this is FREE with Botonics) with a lady who worked for HCA healthcare. She put me on Roaccutane and after one month of using it, I came back to her and she told me how good it was that the "volcanoes" had gone. I laughed along, but inside I felt humiliated that she talked about my skin like that and it upset me thinking that other people saw my face as "volcano-like". She also told me the hospital where she worked didn't do pregnancy tests but "Boots will probably do one for you" and gave me the prescription. I went to Boots, they did not do a pregnancy test for me. This woman also did not weigh me (which is standard procedure that I found out from Botonics). She kept me on a low dosage of 20mg for longer than necessary (meaning I now have to be on these tablets for longer than required - which I also found out from Botonics)!

When lockdown happened I was frantically Googling where I could find someone to help, I was just beginning to feel comfortable in my skin again and was scared I wouldn't be able to access Isotretinoin for the foreseeable future. I contacted Botonics and a few other companies, however they were the ones to get in touch and reassure me they could help, and what's more, they told me I had not been treated properly previously. As I had already began my Roaccutane journey, they lowered the total price which was kind, and I haven't had to worry about my skin ever since. All in all, an effective and amazing service!

A positive Roaccutane treatment experience

5 /5


14th June 2020

I've had problem skin since my late teens (I'm now heading towards 50) and have tried everything over the years: lotions, potions, antibiotics. They worked for a short time, but then my spots came back. I approached Botonics a few years ago for a free consultation and was advised to use the Obagi Clenziderm skincare range (which they provided). It was the first time I had seen a medical professional who I felt really 'got it' and actually cared about finding a solution - rather than fobbing me off with a generic prescription.

The result was transformative - after just a few weeks I noticed a change, and my skin completely cleared up. It was amazing! However, after around 3 years the spots started to return. I tried a salicylic acid peel, which worked for a while, but the procedure wasn't for me. I don't have the kind of lifestyle where I can hide away for a few days while my skin peels away!

After that, the consultant who I had been seeing throughout (another bonus - it's great being able to see the same person each time), suggested I try Roaccutane. I was then transferred to a Roaccutane specialist for my treatment. My first consultation with Dr Joshua was free, to check whether I was right for treatment. He was knowledgeable, supportive and very down to earth - again, I felt like he understood what I was going through and wanted to find a solution. At no stage did I feel pressured. The process and costs were made very clear upfront, so I knew exactly what to expect.

I'm now entering the final week of my Roaccutance treatment and my skin is incredible - I haven't had a single spot for 4 months! I've seen Dr Joshua every month for a check up (via video during lockdown) - to see how I'm getting on medically and emotionally, and Bill at Botonics has been looking after the admin side diligently - organising my prescriptions and even sorting out an 'at home' blood test during lockdown, which was easier than I thought it would be.

I would 100% recommend Botonics for this procedure - throughout they have been knowledgable, professional, caring and easy to deal with. The result we've achieved is great - I have a new-found confidence now that my skin is clear.

Choose Roaccutane at botonics - 5 stars, highly recommend

5 /5


9th June 2020

I previously had a course of Roaccutane about 9 years ago when I was in my early 20's. I was free of acne for years but it had started to return to my face, arms, chest and back. Knowing that the NHS would be a slow, arduous process, I came to botonics and they were able to organise a consultation for me within a few days. I then had my blood test the next day and was on the medication in less than a week. Once Coronavirus lockdown came into force my treatment continued uninterrupted and botonics was even able to organise delivery of my medication direct to my door. My treatment is roughly 90% complete and I'm very happy with the results.

I cannot recommend more highly the staff - Dr Joshua and my coordinator, Bill. The service was personal and the process was transparent. More people should be aware that there is a private route to treat acne and they should choose botonics.

Botonics have been amazing: Roaccutane treatment

5 /5


11th May 2020

Botonics have been amazing in helping me from the get go with my Roaccutane treatment. I was previously on a course of Roaccutane through a private hospital, however it was stopped because of coronavirus, just one month into my treatment. Not wanting to stop my treatment I contacted botonics for help. My video consultation took place within 2 days (on the Friday). I was then sent to there lab to get my blood test done on the Monday (as they are shut at weekends) and they had the results the same day ! As all my results were clear, I then had my prescription sent out to me the next day. All within less than a week. The process was so quick and simple and I felt 100% confident in Botonics the whole time. I was also given credit off the price for the treatment I had already received, as I had already taken 1 month of tablets.
Communication with the Botonics team has been so helpful and whenever I have a question about my treatment they are always responsive via email or phone as well as being super friendly. Thanks to Botonics I am able to continue your treatment without interruption, which has been so important to me. I have got my second video call to check in with my treatment in a few weeks and I cant wait to continue working with Botonics for my roaccutane.

acne journey

5 /5


4th March 2020

i suffered from acne for over 5 years, i had tried everything from topical creams to antibiotics but nothing seemed to work.
i came across botonics online where i did thorough research.
i booked an appointment and was seen by a specialist very fast.
the consultation was free, my face was examined and i was asked a series of questions. i qualified for accutane which i was so happy about as i had seen amazing results from others.
i was on accutane for 6 months and i cannot express how happy i am with the results. i had very few side effects(dry skin and eyes), however i was seen every month to monitor my side effects as well as blood test to ensure every thing was ok.
the staff were super friendly and answered any questions i had and eased any worries i was experiencing.
i work full time but they allowed to book appointments to suit my convenience.

if you are suffering from acne i 100% recommend this service. i saw amazing results, had a smooth journey, was given advice on how to ease side effects, and received very helpful aftercare.

Roaccutane Experience

5 /5


19th November 2019

I have suffered from severe facial acne since I was 12. I have tried every treatment possible from peeling, birth control, laser, etc, but nothing seems to work. I have thought about taking Roaccutane before, but I was too scared about the side effects. After a few years of suffering, I finally decided to take Roaccutane treatment with Botonics. I am now into my 5th month of treatment with Dr Zokaie and I can't be more grateful that my skin has now fully cleared up and haven't been having any active acne for about 2 months.

For me personally, other than dry skin, the side effects of Roaccutane is not that bad as Dr Zokaie always make sure that I am coping well with the side effects.

My experience with Botonics has been amazing. Since I am a university student in Manchester, it is hard for me to fit in the monthly blood tests, pregnancy tests and check ups in my schedule. However, Botonics is very flexible, they enabled me to do my blood tests and pregnancy tests at my convenience and later be assessed by Dr Zokaie. This, of course, makes me easier to continue my Roaccutane treatment whilst being a busy university student.

The staffs are also very friendly and helpful. They always reply to my email and enquiry very quickly and always make sure that I am satisfied with their service. I highly recommend Botonics to anyone who is suffering from acne.

My experience with Botonics

5 /5


6th November 2019

I had suffered with severe acne on my face and back for 4 years. During these 4 years I made many trips to the GP to find a solution for my acne. I was given antibiotics and topical creams to help cure my acne. These worked for some time but were temporary as when I would come off the pills and creams I would notice my acne return. I knew i needed to find a permanent solution. I tried many lifestyle changes such as eating healthy and I even bought and tested some other creams and pills which unfortunately didn't work either. After a lot of research I came across something called accutane which many people were seeing amazing results with and completely clearing up their acne I tried to get an appointment through the NHS however through the NHS I was told that I would have to wait a minimum of 6 months to be seen.

I decided to research some private dermatology clinics and came across Botonics. I read their reviews online and they offered the best package and price for the treatment I wanted.
I called botonics and they offered me an appointment on the same week to be seen by Dr Zokaie. The consultation they offered me with Dr Zokaie was free and there was no pressure for me to decide to proceed with the treatment on the day.

My experience with Botonics has been amazing. I was so pleased with the results I had just after 2 months on Accutane. I had always been self conscious about my acne and scars and wanted to treat is as soon as possible.

In my case I agreed on the same day to start treatment and on the same day I done a blood test which is required to start this treatment and on the next day my prescription was ready to pick up. I couldn't believe how quickly everything had been sorted and I was finally on my journey toward getting clear skin and getting my confidence back.

Thank you to Bill from Botonics for being very friendly and professional with everything. From booking my appointments, taking correct payments and always being available to answer any questions or concerns I may have.

I am now on my 7 month of accutane and completely free of acne on my face and back. I still have some scars on my back due to my acne being so severe but this can also be treated through Botonics which offer a wide range of treatments for acne scar removal.

I highly recommend anyone who is also suffering from acne to look into botonics and see what they have to offer. I am really happy with my results and would recommend botonics to anyone suffering from acne.
I wish somebody had told me about botonics sooner !!

Amazing experience of Roaccutane treatment

5 /5


19th July 2019

I had been suffering with acne for the past 3 years - within the 3 years I had made several visits to the GP and been giving a range of topicals and antibiotics such as benozyl peroxide and minocycline. Everything was a very temporary remedy - so I knew I had to try something with more permanent effects such as Roaccutane. However through the NHS the waiting time for appointments for Roaccutane was up to 8 months and I didn't want to suffer for that long as my scarring and acne was getting worse by the day effecting my self confidence.
I researched many private dermatology clinics, but Botonics seemed to have the most clear and well priced package with a breakdown of prices, and appointments available within 1 week.
From the first appointment to getting prescribed Roaccutane was just under 2 weeks - Dr Zokaie (my dermatologist at Botonics) was so helpful and let me know exactly how much medication I will be taking, the side effects, how long the process will be etc.
Furthermore, when I had any queries I would email Bill at Botonics and get responses within less than one working day. The 1-1 support is great as it means I feel supported through out the whole process - the advice was also honest and straightforward which I greatly appreciated!
The monthly blood tests were also arranged via Botonics, and the process was very easy with minimal hassle.
Botonics were also able to accommodate for any schedule changes I had due to me working full time, and had a wide range of timings available for the appointments.
Overall the quick, streamlined and hassle free process really makes the whole treatment worth the money, and I would recommend Botonics to anyone looking to start their treatment on Roaccutane.

I am currently undergoing a Roaccutane…

5 /5

Jeremy Ho

8th July 2019

I am currently undergoing a Roaccutane treatment with Botonics and I would recommend it to others for a few reasons. Firstly, the Botonics admin staff make the booking process as easy as possible, both in terms of the doctor’s appointment and scheduling the blood tests. They similarly accommodated for booking changes due to my changes in my schedule. The blood tests were also really easy and convenient. Because it closes at 8pm, it gave me time to visit after work, which was very handy for me given by busy work schedule. Any queries or concerns I had was adeptly answered by the Botonics staff, whether that was by email or by phone call.

My dermatologist was also very friendly and experienced. He is a certified NHS Roaccutane consultant with many years experience with the treatment. After an initial assessment, he prescribed be Roaccutane after I passed by blood tests. He was also very patient in answering any questions or concerns I had regarding both the drug and the treatment (I had a lot of questions going forward with the treatment). Within 7 days of the initial assessment, I started by treatment, having easily filled my prescription at my local pharmacy. 

Ultimately, this streamlined process was much easier and simple compared to the most other places. Not only was it fast, everything from payment to customer service was up to point. It was also great that the initial consultation and the first two blood tests were included in the initial payment. I would recommend botonics for those who are looking to begin Roaccutane treatment, and are hoping to get through it within a short period of time, as it would usually take much longer to undergo the treatment through the NHS. With the all inclusive treatment, botonics has definitely made what would have been a stressful process as stress free as possible.

I went to Botonics for Roaccutane

5 /5


26th June 2019

I went to Botonics for Roaccutane, and they have been an amazing support throughout my experience!

Really professional, nice and helpful team. Seemingly always on call, and willing to think of ways to make monthly doctor check-ups easier and more convenient! I lost one of my prescriptions after meeting with the doctor (stupid, I know!) and the team promptly sent out a new one, very kindly waiving the charge.

I couldn't have chosen a better company to do this treatment with, and can't recommend them highly enough!

Excellent service, thank you.

5 /5


4th June 2019

I contacted Botonics for specialist treatment of Roaccutane for 11 months. I received first class treatment, and staff were very friendly and courteous when servicing me during appointments or answering any of my queries.

Thank you Botonics it has been a pleasure.

Excellent experience of Roaccutane treatment

5 /5

Anon. Customer

26th April 2019

From the beginning my experience with Botonics has been straightforward, pleasant and efficient. I was really keen to start Roaccutane treatment as quickly as possible, after growing tired of waiting for a referral to the specialist NHS dermatologist. I initially contacted Botonics after reading the information laid out clearly on their website and attended a free consultation with the doctor. It was amazing to realise how quickly I would be able to start the treatment; after just one appointment with the doctor and a blood test a couple of days later. I started my first month of Roaccutane just one week after the first appointment – something that would not have been possible elsewhere.

The clinic where I attend the monthly appointments is very professional, staff are very friendly and the doctor is extremely helpful and explains everything very clearly. I have had lots of questions about the medication itself, how it works, and what other products I should/shouldn’t be using at the same time, and the doctor has always taken the time to answer my queries even in between appointments via email. Having this 1-1 support is great.

Similarly, Bill at Botonics has been very accessible and easy to contact when it comes to arranging appointments with the doctor, making payments, and has taken the time to explain the process to me which I really appreciate. It has helped the whole process to run smoothly so far. I work full-time in East London and was initially concerned about how I would manage to attend the monthly check-ups as well as semi-regular blood tests. However thanks to their flexibility and good communication, I have been able to attend appointments before work or during lunchbreaks.

For these reasons and more, I would definitely recommend contacting Botonics to discuss your Roaccutane treatment for acne.

Excellent service

5 /5


20th November 2018

Excellent service. No hidden fees and great follow up.
Everything went really smoothly and I do not regret this decision at all. It was well worth the money.
Monthly visits are flexible and well organised as well as visits to the laboratory for blood samples.
The results have been amazing and I wish I had done it sooner!

Choosing botonics for a fast track…

5 /5


15th November 2018

Choosing botonics for a fast track private procedure of eradicating my acne was one of the best choices I made in my life!

From the start of the procedure up until now and the very end, the dermatologist was quick in responding all my enquiries. I was prescribed Roacctuane since I had acne on my back and face. It wasn't anything severe, you could just say mild. However, I wanted to get rid of it as soon as I could and experience what it would be like to have clear skin!

Botonics helped me achieve what I wanted and so much more in such a short time frame. If you're looking for a dermatologist whether it be for acne or another skin condition, you can put your trust in Botonics for a first class experience. It's said you get what you pay for and I am a sceptical person myself but at Botonics you really do get what you pay ror!

Recommend Botonics for all acne sufferers

5 /5


8th November 2018

Botonics have helped change my life in regards to my acne.
Botonics professionalism and support assisted me in my roaccutane journey towards clear skin.
I have had troublesome skin since I was a teenager, after it clearing up in my late teens/early twenties, I thought it was something do the past, however when I was 23/24, it came back and really affected my confidence as an adult. I tried everything and decided to look into roaccutane as my next option. I researched into accessing roaccutane through the NHS, however I was told I would have to wait at least 6 months until I could even be considered to begin. It was a horrible feeling and I felt lost. I began researching into private options and discovered Botonics. I read amazing reviews and a clear website addressing the questions I had in mind. After contacting to inquire, I learned that I could pay for a course, if I was able to undertake, in instalments. This was even better and I was excited to have my initial consultation and get underway.
I was contacted promptly by Botonics after inquiring and they were really helpful in providing me with everything I needed and wanted to know.
My first consultation was fantastic, I felt supported and almost excited to begin the course on my way to clear skin. Throughout the months I was replied to promptly whenever contacting Botonics and the process was made as simply as possible.
Now months into the course and almost to the end, I cannot express how much happier and confident I am in my own skin. I am thankful for botonics support when I was going though minor side effects- albeit all worth it!
It was all very easy, monthly check up consultations to see how my skin was going and then if all ok, a prescription of roaccutane for the next month. Initial two blood tests were included which was really helpful as they are required just to check that all levels were ok. I had no problems at all and it was great to know how closely everything was monitored for my overall health. It was made clear to me that I could contact them at anytime which was lovely to know.
I can not recommend them enough!
Thank you Botonics!

Amazing experince

5 /5


27th March 2018

i cannot recommend botonics enough. As someone who have been suffering with moderate acne for about 5 years and having tried every other medication before , i felt like it was time to see if i qualified for Roacutane. After having a pleasant chat with DR Goyal who put me at ease and explained everything step by step, it made me feel very confident in starting the treatment. Everything was sorted very quick and within 2 weeks i had my medication. There is constant communication between me and botonics and they always ready to help when i have any questions.

Roaccutane 5 *s

5 /5


31st January 2018

I was nervous about beginning my Roaccutane treatment. I had perfect skin for years and suddenly in my mid twenties I began to get acne and couldn't understand why. I was really suffering and unhappy, I lost my confidence and just felt low and depressed. Roaccutane gets a bad press for the side effects, but I would happily have these side effects because it really works. My skin is totally clear, I feel like myself again and have lost all the worries that I previously was plagued with. Dr Goyal has kept me informed every step of the way and has shown genuine concern and happiness for me on this journey - I think he's great! I would recommend anyone who is experiencing troubles with their skin to take Roaccutane, you don't need to feel miserable and down because there is a cure out there!

I have had mild acne for much of my …

4 /5


13th October 2017

I have had mild acne for much of my adult life but it was never bad enough for the NHS to prescribe roaccutane for me. This is why i went private with Botonics. Yes it is expensive but the results for me have been nothing short of amazing. For anyone who suffers from acne, you know how much it means to have clear skin and not worry about waking up and wondering how many new spots you might have developed over night. I know the drug doesnt work for everyone but it has for me. My only hope is that it stays away. Dr Goyal was friendly and knowledgeable. Bill was an excellent co-ordinator. The treatment included a blood test at the beginning. It wouldve been nice to have one at the end for a bit of peace of mind as you hear a lot of horror stories. Booking appointments was organised and responses were fast. Would use Botonics again. Thanks all!

Excellent Service

5 /5

Hilary Nicholas

24th August 2011

I suffered from bad acne thoughout may teenage and adult life tryed and taken every lotion and portion you can imagine but nothing worked. My acne was really getting me down so I went on-line and google best course of treatments/clinics to contact for acne and Botonics popped up looked at the treatments they provided for acne and booked an appointment.
I was assesed and informed that the best course of treatment was Roccutane which I took for about 12 months my acne is now a distance memory. I had a lot of scarring from my acne and I thought I would have the scars as a remineder but my Dermatologist recommended Obagi Skin Care System and it was obsolutely brillant. I have lovely clear and beautiful skin my acne is a long and distance memory. The staff at Botonics are wonderful and very professional they are highly recommended!


5 /5

Santina Valdes

19th August 2011

walk out looking absoluteley gorgeous and its pain free :)

The place to go

5 /5

Bianca L

7th August 2011

Staff is friendly, the doctor listens to what YOU want, nice comfortable environment. I had a SmartLipo procedure with Dr Joffily a couple of years ago. When I tell people it was painless, they don't believe me, but it was! After having it on Thursday, and 40 minutes of just resting, I walked to the station, got onto the train, went back to Sussex, had a comfortable weekend and went back to work on the Monday! All pain free! I didn't even take a paracetamol that weekend. I had my love handles and just below the buttocks where you get that fat stored. The results were what I expected, but it took about 8 weeks before I saw the final results. At first, you do see a improvement, but after 8 weeks, the cellulite was gone, no down time and it was great!! The really surprising thing is that after having it the cellulite was all gone. I've also had Botox treatments from Naruschka. After 4 days, huge improvement, great I've had botox many times before, but Naruschka's treatment didn't hurt at all, it was well administered, no pain at all. I noticed the change after 4 or 5 days. I've had treatments from many different clinics but I now just go to botonics because they have specialists for what you want, they listen to what you want, and want you to get a good treatment more than just make money off of you.

The place to go for a beauty fix!

5 /5


27th June 2011

I have used Botonics for a few treatments and will highly recommend the clinic. The doctors I consulted with are all very professional and knowledgeable and I have been very satisfied with the results achieved over the years.

Summary of treatment

  • Procedure time
  • Duration of results

Risks & Complications

Roaccutane can cause severe and long lasting damage to a patient’s health, which is why blood tests are critical and why the dosage must be prescribed by an experienced doctor. For women, Roaccutane causes birth defects so they must not become pregnant while taking the medication and for several months after finishing it. The medication can cause changes in mood, and causes dryness to the membranes (skin, mouth, eyes, lips, etc.) and sensitivity to light. It can also cause serious health issues such as a spike in cholesterol, drop in Gamma GTs indicating you've developed a neutropenia, etc. Therefore, the dose must be balanced to keep these side effects bearable during the 5 - 7 month treatment cycle. Because of these risks and inconveniences, Roaccutane is a treatment of last resort when a patient has exhausted other options such as over the counter treatments, oral and topical antibiotics. The key advantage of Roaccutane is that it has an extremely high success rate in resolving acne that cannot be helped in any other way. Patients who complete the course tend to enjoy benefits lasting from several years to the rest of their lives.
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