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Botox treatment - frown lines

5 /5


9th July 2020

I have been going to Naruschka for several years now for Botox injections to my forehead and the results have really helped my confidence by turning back the years, and the treatment is done in such a way that the result is always subtle and natural! Over the years Naruschka has noticed my needs change slightly too and so she’s gradually adapted my treatment to make sure I still get the best result. And with minimal discomfort!

Naruschka is also great at giving advice and reassurance if I raise an observation on anything. Last year my Botox felt like it was wearing off faster than normal and when I asked about this she mentioned I might have low zinc levels. I started taking zinc supplements and this solved the problem! It coincided with a big change I had made to my diet and I hadn’t realised the effect it had on my zinc! Narushcka always takes the time to listen and advise in every single appointment and so I’ve been very grateful for her expertise and knowledge!

A hidden gem!

5 /5

Miss T

12th September 2019

I am usually quite sceptical of excellent reviews and ratings left time and time again however in the case of Botonics they TRULY are justified. I decided to make an appointment with Naruschka for a consultation on fillers for my tired and washed out look. Bill and his team immediately sent me a list of available days and appointment times which made it quick and easy for me to choose which one best fit into my schedule. My initial consultation with Naruschka was a great mixture of extreme professionalism with a large degree of warmth and understanding. She took her time to listen to all my concerns and had a very realistic and grounded approach which I welcomed as I was after a subtle and very natural look which she delivered 100%. I was so impressed by the results and my standards are high, having seen some of the top people in this industry. Naruschka is an artist who takes as much time as she needs, nothing is hurried. She is calm, reassuring, honest about pain levels, swellings and outcomes and she delivers what she says she will. I have been seeing her for close to a year and highly recommend her.
This is a genuine and honest review. Botonics is a hidden gem, rare to find these days.

Suuuper Happy Botox Customer

5 /5

Ryan H.

9th January 2019

I’m a 36-year old gay man, so getting Botox was inevitable. Being brand new to it, I was sure to do as much research as possible, especially because it’s literally someone jabbing you with a needle (and in the face, of all places). After lots and lots and lots of reading, the reviews I found for botonics gave me the confidence to make my first booking, and holy crap, I’m so glad I did.

From the very first moment I reached out to botonics, I was greeted by a warm, friendly voice (Bill, who’s awesome). I immediately felt comfortable, and I booked an appointment for later that week.

When I arrived for my appointment, I met the incredible Naruschka Henriques. Okay, so. Naruschka Henriques looks like a person you would want to be doing your Botox. She’s arrestingly beautiful, like she made a deal with Isabella Rossellini’s character in Death Becomes Her. It’s insane.

We started chatting about what brought me there, and I instantly felt completely at ease. This may have been my first time getting Botox, but it was Naruschka’s billionth time doing the procedure. She was a pro who knew exactly what she was doing; we discussed everything that we would be doing before I moved to the treatment area in great detail, calming any lingering nerves I may have had.

The treatment itself is so minimally-invasive that Naruschka and I usually have a lovely, uninterrupted conversation whilst she does her thing. The pain is barely noticeable, and no worse than getting a tight little pinch. It goes away immediately, and the results will last months.

I’ve now seen Naruschka three times for treatment, and she worked on a new area during my last visit (closer to my eyes, where I have bags that I’ve always hated). The day after treatment, I looked in the mirror and literally said “Oh my god!” out loud in my flat. The lines under my eyes were already fading, and within three days or so, they would be completely gone. It was an unexpected result, but one that has helped to give me tons more confidence, which is part of the reason I started getting Botox in the first place. It was amazing, and the follow-up from Bill is always great; it reminds you that this small team of people really do care about their clients.

Long story long, I highly recommend botonics, and Naruschka Henriques in particular. If you’re worried or nervous about it at all, just go in for a (free) consultation and you’ll immediately feel at ease. Have fun! You’ll be super glad you went :)

Naruska Botonics

5 /5


29th November 2018

I have be seeing Naruska for nearly 3 years, she is a lovely lady who makes you feel totally at ease. I actually look forward to my appointment. I have received Botox, Tear Trough Filler treatment and a chemical peel with Naruska, she has always explained what the treatment would involve and what the record and results would be. Naruska is an artist, she will tailor the location of the Botox and the amount to what she feels you need, your look will be natural and amazing. I have recommended many people to Naruska, I have had so many compliments over the years and it is really thanks to Botonics.
Botonics is a great company and Bill who has arranged my appointments has been accommodation, kind and friendly.
I love the location as I work in London and it is very easy to get to.
I would recommend Naruska and Botonics to anyone, they are professional, reliable and most of all the results have been amazing.

I was very pleased with my experience…

5 /5


3rd September 2018

I was very pleased with my experience on my appointment with doctor Nourushka. I can be a hard critic of beauty clinics, care places and the people employed by them. Combine that attitude with an innate crankiness when I’m not feeling at all well and the result can be much less than pleasant. This time at my first appointment with Nourushka was a world away from previous experiences elsewhere. It was good to be treated with professionalism and care. I was in safe hands and she even made me smile when I left, then you can believe she is the best. I am truly grateful and appreciated willingness to answer questions also. A big thank you to doctor Nourushka!

For a safe pair of hands and professional care

5 /5


10th May 2018

Have been a patient with botonics since 2009 for a variety of services including surgery--there are many plastic surgery offices between my house in Northants and Harley Street but I chose Botonics and have been very happy with the consistently courteous and professional care. Very scared of blepharoplasty surgery but wanted to at least try it. Dr. Joffily was very reassuring and explained the procedure thoroughly, nurse also was the best; on the day the procedure went smoothly from beginning to end. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Joffily for any of the plastic surgery procedures they offer. As for botox and fillers, Narushka Henriques is extremely knowledgeable and professional, in many ways an artist. She stays current with any changes and improvements in her field to offer the best advice on products that enhance your individual look. I high recommend this service, especially for anyone with reservations about plastic surgery or other enhancements. You will be in safe hands at Botonics.

Botox at Botonics

5 /5


12th December 2017

I have had Botox at Botonics several times and been very happy with the results. I completely trust Naruschka to give honest advice and really appreciate that she applies the 'less is more' approach - no frozen foreheads here!

Highly recommended

5 /5


11th July 2017

An extremely professional and discreet approach and very knowledgeable in the field. Naruschka is fantastic, she will make recommendations but will never push you beyond your comfort level. I have been extremely pleased the results and the overall service.

Excellent service

5 /5


22nd June 2017

I have been using them for many years always very professional and I would recommend this company to anyone.


5 /5


2nd April 2017

I have had treatments at various clinics in London, however none of them compare to Botonics. The level of skill, knowledge and care goes over and above any I have ever previously received. Naruschka is kind, calm and an expert at what she does. All my treatments have been perfect and achieved exactly the results I hoped for. The most recent treatment I have had is a non-surgical nose job. I now have a perfectly symmetrical nose following the treatment. I have also previously had botox and will continue to do so at botonics.


5 /5


21st March 2017

If you are looking for an outstanding experience all round, then look no further. The beautiful, gentle and intuitive Narushka is the best cosmetic artist that i have ever come across. In my 20 years of trying all of the top doctors to apply botox, i have finally found the hidden secret to achieving a fresh youthful and natural look! Huge thanks to team Botonics. xxx

Amazing service!

5 /5


20th July 2016

I had botox and dermal fillers treatments with specialist Naruschka. A Very personal and professional service, procedures less painfull than expected. Received many compliments from friends and other people about my lips after having fillers. So greatfull.

Amazing treatment & service

5 /5

Rosalie Nicholson

7th April 2016

I was really happy with the entire experience right from first contact to the treatment itself! Customer service is top notch and Narushka is fantastic; she had a very caring/gentle approach and I felt totally safe in her hands. I'm very pleased with my results. Highly recommended!

Brilliant service

5 /5

Sally Hampson

31st March 2016

Naruschka and Bill are a wonderful team. Bill responds immediately to any questions, queries and requests regarding treatment, making you feel welcome and secure from the get go. Naruschka is an extremely talented clinician, as well as making every treatment a relaxed yet highly professional experience.

I have had non-surgical treatments in other places and when I met Naruschka for the first time I had had some really unhelpful treatments elsewhere which had resulted in my face not looking like me at all! Naruschka has worked with me for a while now, allowing my natural features to come through, and enhancing those. I think she is an artist in the way she works with fillers and has an overall sense of a person's face, keeping everything in balance.

I would not go and see anyone else at this point, as I trust this team completely, it is rare to find such personal service and artistry in this field.

Superb personal service and very pleased with results!!!!

5 /5


7th January 2016

I found out about Botonics through my daughter as she was considering a rhinoplasty, and after her experience I decided it was time to do something for me. I was very impressed with the overall service received by clients. Bill (coordinator) is especially very professional and accommodating, his service is second to none. After my first meeting with Naruschka Henriques, I felt very comfortable in telling her my concerns about the lack of volume in my face. Naruschka is highly skilled and is able to give you a very personalised service. She listened to exactly what I wanted to achieve and also guided me through other procedures that would be the most effective. There was no pressure selling and the treatments (Botox, tear trough, lip enhancement, mouth lines and cheek enhancement) were all safely administered with the upmost care and precision. I have become a regular client of the Cosmetic Dermatology division. As a 46 year old woman, my confidence has never been so high, I love my appearance, I still look like me but better. If you are thinking of having any botox or dermatological cosmetic procedures I definitely recommend Botonics. They are the only clinic I trust!!!

I have visited Naruschka at Botonics Harley street for over 3 years now

5 /5

Lisa Low

23rd November 2015

I have visited Naruschka at Botonics Harley street for over 3 years now and I am a loyal client of hers. I have been to a few clinics in London and over seas in the past but Naruschka is by far the best when it comes to filles and botoxs. She is very professional, friendly and skilled and I know that I'm always in good hands with her. The procedures I had done are cheek bone fillers, lip fillers, botox and filler/reshaping of nose. Each procedure I've had with Naruschka has been very natural looking but still made a big difference to my face. Naruschka knows exactly how to bring out your own natural beauty and restore a youthful look without looking over done. I give Botonics 5 stars out of 5. If I could give them more stars I would as they are always looking after me in anyway possible, everything from the helpful coordinator Bill on the phone to Naruschkas experienced hands. I recommend this clinic to anyone who strives for perfection to an affordable price. A big thank you to both Naruschka and Bill

Friendly and efficient service at the highest level

5 /5

Rebecca Boyce

12th August 2014

I've been going to Botonics plastic surgery for the past three years at both the Harley street and Battersea practice. The service that they provide is exceptional. I have botox in three areas and the results are amazing. Narushka is highly professional and understands her client needs extremely well. I like movement in my forehead and this is what I get but without the horrid lines. The aftercare is also excellent and Bill is always contactable with any queries. I couldn't recommend them enough.

High quality,experienced with understanding client needs

5 /5

Ewa Gaik

11th August 2014

I love this clinic! Always best understanding of my needs and best service.I have done my lips and the result is absolutley amazing.

Top class treatment all round

5 /5

Laura Bridger

21st July 2014

I have been visiting Botonics for a while now, and have had both botox and dermal filler treatments with Narushcka.

I am a nervy patient and have always had lots of questions about my treatments and Narushcka has always been very patient in providing me with all the information I need to put my mind at rest. She is not pushy at all, and if she doesn't think a treatment is for you, she will tell you, rather than just see the £ signs.

She is calming and professional during treatments as well and really puts your mind at ease. I was very nervous when I went to have tear trough fillers, but she made me feel at ease throughout the whole treatment and was always at hand with any follow questions that I had after the treatment.

Bill is great at organising appointments and always keeps in touch with you to ensure that things are scheduled properly. Great customer service all round from him too.

I honestly wouldn't go anywhere else for treatment as I know I am in the best hands possible with the guys at Botonics.

They are truly amazing!

5 /5


10th April 2014

They pay attention to individual's need, customer service is excellent!

simply the best!

5 /5

Why Did I Wait So Long?

9th April 2014

i have been going to see Narushka for a couple of years , and can really say that she knows what she is doing , you are her canvas ,shes the artist
after years of deliberation of whether i should get fillers in my cheeks ,and lower part of my face ,i finally went for it , but not before countless questions (which i fitted in during my botox top ups) and other consultations..Narushka assured me what would work ,and what would not ,she was calm and professional ( even though i must of driven her mad) i was a nervous wreck ,of not knowing what the outcome would look like....
so i finally went for it , first of all just a just a small amount of filler , as she assured me it would be best for me to take baby steps. After the second visit and last top up ,i am thrilled with the results. I simply cannot believe that it has taken me so long!

For professional, perfect results, I couldn't live without Botonics.

5 /5

Linda Blakely

9th April 2014

I was having my botox done at a different clinic and I wasn't that happy with the results after visiting them twice. I thought I would try a different clinic and found Botonics.
Upon my first visit, the friendliness of the staff and the personal service that I felt they really cared about me and giving me exactly what I wanted, was a huge attraction. I went ahead with my botox there and I have never looked back. The results were so much better and really amazing. My sister was so surprised with the results, she started to come too. I would never use anywhere else now. Narushka is absolutely brilliant and takes how you want to look extremely seriously.
I have also had an upper eyelid lift with Botonics and this has also taken years off my appearance.
Bill is such a friendly voice on the phone and listens to what I really want to achieve. They work with you to give you the absolute best results. I am so pleased that I found the best place to have my botox done and my minor operations. These guys really care and offer a fantastic follow up care service too.
I cannot recommend Botonics enough, I would never trust anyone else now that I've found the best.


5 /5

Malgorzata Kurzownik

8th April 2014

I was really happy with the final results. All the people I know were telling me that my skin looks better without even realizing I had any treatment (fillers and Botox).
I would strongly recommend botonics Plastic Surgery Group as the service is carried out in professional manner and employed staff is skilled and experienced.


5 /5

Dario Rolandi

20th February 2014

I had for the first time botox in 3 areas through Botonics. This was the best thing I ever had. Great staff and facilities, no pain at all and great results on my first visit. The service was so good that they invited me in for a check up after 10 days and they also adjust the botox as I needed a big more. Great results. I look younger, fresher and very natural too!


Wonderful just wonderful

5 /5

Helen McClure

9th February 2014

I love my visits to botanics.She makes me feel amazing and confident about how I look and she never forces treatments on me ;she guides me and always gives me very good advice.She also makes my treatment as painless as possible and helps me to relax ,she's extremely professional and very knowledgeable in this field ,I have and continue to recommend botanics to friends and colleagues-thank you

So professional! Great experience!

5 /5

Phoebe Sutton

28th January 2014

I was recommended to Botonics by a very good friend of mine, and well what can I say other than AMAZING! Naruschka is extremely professional and knew exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so so much! X

Exceptional - The best

5 /5


17th January 2014

Botonics is far and away the best experience I have ever had. Very professional. Highly recommended. Amazing results. Trust the reviews, they don't lie.

Non surgical nose job & botox

5 /5

Natasha Higgs

12th December 2013

Before coming to botonics for my treatment, I had a hook nose. It appeared really huge and crooked and I absolutely hated it. Had no confidence at all. After having dermal filler and botox my nose seems so much straighter and actually seems smaller. I have more confidence than I have ever had. Naruschka done my treatment and she knew exactly what I needed. The end result was amazing and I cannot thank her enough.
I had just started a new job so it was hard for me to arrange a day off. Bill at botonics was absolutely brilliant, couldn't do enough to help. Excellent customer service!!
The whole process was fantastic and I will 100% be returning for more treatment.
Thank you!

Naruschka is Amazing! Wouldn't go anywhere else.. :)

5 /5


6th November 2013

I have been going to Naruschka at Botonics for a few years now for Botox and recently had a lip enhancement too. The results are always just what I'm after, nice and subtle.
I'm pretty scared of needles and Naruschka has a really calming way about her, to the point where I'm totally relaxed when the procedures are taking place. I absolutely love the results of my lip enhancement, people often comment and say how good they look. I honestly wouldn't go anywhere else and couldn't recommend her more highly.

Excellent results, just what I was looking for

5 /5

Hadeel ALRabeh

5th November 2013

Very professional, very talented, understands what ones is talking about. Provides honest advices. Patient in explaining and answering questions. I will definitely go back again.

The best birthday present ever!!!!!!

5 /5

Sheramin Tamber

3rd November 2013

I decided to have Botox on my frown line as I noticed it had become deeper and more prominent.
I went along to see Naruschka Henriques at her clinic in Clapham Junction.
My consultation was free and very informative, I didn't feel any pressure to have the treatment.
Naruschka was very professional and made me feel at ease. She gave me lots of information on the treatment and the aftercare.

I decided to go ahead with the treatment which was totally pain free and quick.
I am so happy with the results I would 100% say to anyone thinking about having the treatment to go ahead and do it.
It has given me so much confidence and has made me feel amazing
I absolutely love the results.

This was my birthday present to myself. The best birthday present ever.

Thank you to Naruschka Henriques for changing my appearance for the better xx

It was a great and relaxed treatment

5 /5


24th November 2002

I was a bit concerned about the wrinkles over my eyebrows and on top of the nose. So I looked at getting some Botox done. I searched online and Botonics came up. I'm based in Fulham, London and they were based in Harley St so I knew I could get there pretty easily, especially with their good opening hours. I went for an initial consultation and they recommended some Botox treatment. My specialist Naruschka and coordinator Bill who very friendly and capable. I had it done and was pleased with the results. I would highly recommend this company..


Friendly, professional, caring and a good listener

5 /5

Lynda Lim

22nd November 2012

I had a free consultation on 4 November had botox treatment on 11 November 2012 Botox to bunny lines, crows feet, gummy smile and platysmal neck bands. The procedure less painful than expected with excellent results.

My specialist is Naruschka and coordinator is Bil. They are very friendly, professional, exemplary and knowledgeable and provide personal service too. They do not put me under any pressure into buying the treatment and for this, I am very pleased.

The prices were discussed and agreed and it is transparent from the outset, prices on their website is exactly what they charged and there are no hidden charges

I would definitely recommend Botonics Plastic Surgery anyone who is looking to have things done to enhance what they already have.

Well done!

I had outstanding results with Botonics and would recommend it to everyone.

5 /5

Jayne Dunkerley

20th November 2012

I try and keep young, active and healthy, but at 47 I noticed facial expression began to show and I really wanted to find a way to refresh my face, especially my eyes. I have used all the creams that are available and nothing worked, so I decided to contact Botonics after checking other sites out. Botonics came up on top with all the research I had done, (which was a lot.). I really hated the way my eyes looked with my crows feet, my black under eyes, so I decided to book a free consultation. I could not believe how warm and friendly my first visit was with Naruschka and Bill. I have received a very thorough, honest and knowledgeable advice from them both. They answered all my questions I had going around In my Head, I so much wanted my black bags to go away along with my crows feet. I decided to have Dermal fillers for my crows feet, Botox for my forehead and between my eyebrows and my eyebrow lift, Tear trough for under my eyes, and Cheek enhancements. The price is what you see with No hidden extras. Then I Kept thinking to myself, If they can do all this I would be so grateful and look wonderful. I could not believe they could do so much to enhance the way I would Look. I decided there and then I wanted all the treatment done because they were so Positive with what I would look like afterwards. They also never tried to sell me more than I actually needed. Naruschka performed the treatment, and I must say, I never felt any pain whatsoever which I could not believe, Naruschka was very thorough and didn't cut any corners, very professional personal service. She was informing me on everything she was doing while keeping me in good spirit. the results were outstanding. It took a couple of days for the slight swelling to go down which Naruschka had told me about, only had one little bruise under my left eye. The treatment took years off me and I'm so pleased with the results which they said they could deliver and they did. Follow up treatment was just as good, Bill had phoned me a couple of days after my treatment to see how I was looking and feeling. Within a week I had received three phone calls from Bill and Naruschka. After care treatment was excellent. Would recommend Botonics to everyone.

Brilliant. Would recommend to anyone!

5 /5


24th August 2012

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Botonics to anyone. It's a great experience from your first phone call to the actual appointment. Naruschka puts you at ease and is happy to talk through any doubts / questions you may have. I trusted her instantly, which is important when someone is injecting close to your eye! The results of the Botox were exactly what I was hoping for. It got rid of the movement in my forehead and reduced the wrinkles a lot, but it was subtle enough that people didn't notice I'd had it done. Perfect! Also, for anyone worried about the pain, I found it to be pretty much painless.

Fantastic lip enhancement, wish I did it sooner!

5 /5


6th June 2012

Having seen Naruschka multiple times for Botox I was emailed some suggested treatments she thought I would benefit from. Naruschka had suggested I considered a lip enhancement on my upper lip. Although I did not have especially thin lips I did, like most people, have a larger bottom lip. Naruschka suggested that by balancing my top lip with my bottom it would make a great improvement on the overall aesthetic of my face. Having dealt with Naruschka for a while now, for Botox and a cheek enhancement, I have always found her someone very honest. I have never felt pressured into my procedures and that any suggestions she has made to me are genuinely for my benefit. I have always found the work she has done on me has been to an excellent standard, always personal and exceptional value for money. Due to all the above I decided to go through with the lip enhancement.
Being someone who is not a fan of needles (like most!) I was a slightly nervous about discomfort before the procedure however Naruschka talked me through everything which I felt left me feeling extremely at ease. She then applied a numbing cream to minimise any discomfort. Once the area was numb she began injecting a filler into my top lip. Over all the procedure was far less painful than I had original expected and was over reasonably quickly, around 30mins. After the procedure I had minimal swelling which I would say was totally gone after 2 days. The day after the procedure I did give Bill at Botonics a call to ask a few more question about healing mainly due to curiosity and as always he was there ready to answer any questions and help me with any problems. The difference this small procedure has made to the overall look of my face is incredible. Because the enhancement was subtle enough to not look 'done' but substantial enough to make enough difference i have friends and family saying how good I look but not being able to put a finger on what is different which I have to merit Naruschka for! I would highly recommend a consultation with Naruschka to see what she can do for you and I would highly recommend Botonics as a company for fantastic value for money and excellent results.


5 /5


15th May 2012

Friendly and professional advice. Happy with results. I do recommend. :-)

Great service

5 /5


15th May 2012

I have been using Botonics for years, they are reliable and very flexible!! The treatment I do is usually painless and the price is reasonable. They are also very personable and patient if it is your first time doing a treatment. I can absolutelly recommend them.

I have very happy with Botonics

5 /5

Lainie Northey

29th February 2012

I have been usuing botonics for the last 3yrs or so with a break from having a baby. I have had botox and fillers on my lips and i have been really happy with the results. I especially like seeing my consultant Naruschka Henriques who always listens to where you feel the help is needed. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

I was in excellent hands when I saw these people

5 /5

Amanda McKenna

24th February 2012

Fantastic, and the follow up treatment to ensure you are happy with the work and any adjustments they need to do, or you would like them to do. If I was staying in London, I would not go anywhere else

Excellent, Personal Service.

5 /5

Jane Hagland-Lord

16th February 2012

I have been a client of Botonics for 6 years and would not consider going elsewhere. Whether you are spending £200 or £5000 + the personal service you receive is second to none. Before a procedure or surgery the information you receive answers any questions you may have but if you still have concerns (which I did at times), I was always able to discuss these with a member of Botonics. I would not have any reservations in recommending this company.

Botonics Plastic Surgery are professional and does good quailty work.

5 /5

Michele Phil Chambers

30th January 2012

I had botox done by Naruschka, at Botonics Plastic Surgery, she was kind, gentle and explained everything before and during the procedure. She was precise, and did an excellent job. I am very happy at the job she did and i am looking forward to going back to Botonics to have my botox and filler done. I cannot wait. I am so happy with her work. I was always afraid to get it done as i have seen work done by other professional service people and the did a bad job.
Can you imagine how happy i was with the results and the out come. Naruschka, I cannot thank her enough and i look forward to going back to get my more work done.

ps. anyone knows me i am not easy to please and i was really happy with her and yes i lost 15+ years when she was done.

Michele Gill
Boca Raton, Florida

Reliable, reassuring and friendly

5 /5

Sarah Rutland

4th January 2012

I've used another clinic before and Botonics are far and away more impressive - the information they give out beforehand is thorough and the phone contact is very professional and helpful. Narushka takes time to talk over the treatment and find out what results you're looking for, and her calm manner is very reassuring


5 /5

Santina Valdes

19th August 2011

walk out looking absoluteley gorgeous and its pain free :)

The true meaning of the word Specialist.

5 /5

Larissa Arnold

12th August 2011

I have been visiting botonics for a year now and they are yet to disappoint me. The monthly instalments are a great way of spreading the cost accross the year and mean you can have the treatment you dream of.
The consultant i see is unconditionally professional and her advice and skills are unrivalled in my experience.
Not only are you made to feel welcome and relaxed, the quality of treatment is of the highest standard and is carried out in a relaxed and most concerning manner.
I have tried others but Botonics is a must for me now. I honestly can't see me moving consultants. We are almost friends, i feel that compfortable whenever i visit.

The place to go

5 /5

Bianca L

7th August 2011

Staff is friendly, the doctor listens to what YOU want, nice comfortable environment. I had a SmartLipo procedure with Dr Joffily a couple of years ago. When I tell people it was painless, they don't believe me, but it was! After having it on Thursday, and 40 minutes of just resting, I walked to the station, got onto the train, went back to Sussex, had a comfortable weekend and went back to work on the Monday! All pain free! I didn't even take a paracetamol that weekend. I had my love handles and just below the buttocks where you get that fat stored. The results were what I expected, but it took about 8 weeks before I saw the final results. At first, you do see a improvement, but after 8 weeks, the cellulite was gone, no down time and it was great!! The really surprising thing is that after having it the cellulite was all gone. I've also had Botox treatments from Naruschka. After 4 days, huge improvement, great I've had botox many times before, but Naruschka's treatment didn't hurt at all, it was well administered, no pain at all. I noticed the change after 4 or 5 days. I've had treatments from many different clinics but I now just go to botonics because they have specialists for what you want, they listen to what you want, and want you to get a good treatment more than just make money off of you.

Best beauty fix I have ever had!

5 /5

Deborah Curtiss

29th July 2011

From the first consultation to the end results, I simply cannot recommend Botonics highly enough.

I have been using them for some years now for Fillers and Botox, I have used other companies in the past but once I was lucky enough to find Botonics I have never looked back.

I have several friends I have introduced to Botonics and they are as equally happy with the service and results as I am

5 star service in all levels

5 /5

Michail Psaltakis

23rd July 2011

Great people and great results

The Best results from the best surgeon

5 /5

J Goodman

27th June 2011

Fantastic results. Dr Joffily has been doing my botox and lip enhancement now for over a year and I wouldn't go to anyone else.

The place to go for a beauty fix!

5 /5


27th June 2011

I have used Botonics for a few treatments and will highly recommend the clinic. The doctors I consulted with are all very professional and knowledgeable and I have been very satisfied with the results achieved over the years.

Beauty'ful botox

5 /5


3rd March 2008

Last week i plucked up the courage to embark into the world of a little facial plumping... a little concerned i went and had the botonics dermal filler at my local surgery and i definately had extremely successful results, my sister even commented and she is not one to pass kind comment on me having or doing anything better then her. She's also booked in to go next week now thou and steel my fresh face limelight!...All in all... It was cost effective, took about half an hour and for a first timer' i felt so at ease. oooh 10years younger in half an hour 'fabulous' x x

Summary of treatment

  • Procedure time
  • Anaesthetic
  • Sensitivity period
  • Back to work
  • Duration of results

Risks & Complications

Bruising, infection, allergic reaction, brow droop.
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