Microdermabrasion: the right solution?

Often heralded as an ‘instant facelift’, microdermabrasion is an increasingly popular non-surgical treatment for those who wish to rejuvenate tired and/or damaged skin. As with any popular trend, there are inevitable downsides to the use of microdermabrasion; in this article we’ll take a look at what microdermabrasion is, what problems are associated with it, and […]

Understanding acne and the treatments available

Acne (full name, Acne Vulgaris) is an extremely widespread medical condition, with around 80% of people between the ages of 14 and 17 in the UK suffering symptoms. As should probably be expected from such a common malady, a great number of myths have sprung up in relation to the causes and solutions to acne. […]

Getting Acne Treatment In London

For most people, acne is a minor source of angst in the high school years, then it passes by the time we reach university and adulthood. The occasional spot might still pop up now and again but nothing too nasty. Even it its worst, the majority of teenagers are only occasionally bothered by bad acne. […]