Has having kids taken its toll on your body?

Having children can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. But, as with most things, there are down sides too. As a mother, you may well have experienced changes to your body you wish had never happened. Carrying another life around for nine months is bound to take its toll. And that […]

Be a Yummy Mummy

Post-pregnancy cosmetic procedures are on the rise. The stress placed on a mums body during pregnancy are expected and taken with a pinch of salt, such as the morning sickness, weight gain, changes to diet and skin, and heartburn to name the main culprits. Unfortunately, once baby arrives, a new mums body tends not to […]

Plastic Surgery For The Tummy

There are so many excellent and effective non-invasive or only moderately invasive procedures available now that full-on cosmetic surgery for fat reduction is only really necessary in a small percentage of cases. Laser Lipo and Smart Liposuction are excellent alternatives for most people troubled by excess body fat around the abdomen. However, a surgical abdominoplasty […]