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#Trending: Men and Cosmetic Surgery

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Elaborating on our recent blog and looking at what’s trending in the cosmetic surgery industry, we see a rise in the amount of men opting for cosmetic procedures.

There are obvious reasons for this: it is much more ‘out in the open’ these days – even many celebrities are being open about ‘work’ they’ve had done.  And, following in the footsteps of women, it is a somewhat expected step for men who have taken more of an interest in the way they look and who perhaps frequent salons and spas for facials and various other treatments, eat well and work out regularly. This surge in the number of men seeking cosmetic treatments is typically between the ages of 30 and 70.  Men too, it seems, wish to slow down the ageing process, and with ever increasing competition and pressures particularly in the work-place, where they are often competing in a younger job market, and on the dating scene of course – many are looking for that little extra ‘helping hand’.

It will come as no surprise that just as women tend to opt for treatments to enhance themselves as women – accentuating/enhancing their curves, cheekbones and lips, men opt for enhancement of the parts of the body that fit classic masculine ideals, such as jawline, chest, abs and hair/hair line.


It’s true that men undergo fewer procedures as compared to women, and that will probably always be the case, but we are certainly seeing more men than ever before venturing into the world of cosmetic and aesthetic medicine/surgery.

This surge amongst men is particularly evident in competitive sports and bodybuilding, where appearance, whether it be hair, face and/or body gives one the edge.  Another factor here is the use of steroids for performance/image enhancement, which unfortunately often leads to physical consequences, as the hormones go haywire, such as an enlarged chest – a condition known as gynaecomastia, which will need corrective cosmetic surgery.

On the other end of the scale are those with sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy diets including alcohol and of course stress etc.  Fortunately for every consequence there is a treatment and equally there are options for those who simply desire to enhance their image or reverse the effects of time.   Cosmetic procedures like gynaecomastia treatment (male chest reduction), hair restoration surgery, and liposuction amongst others are now taking centre stage

Renewed self-confidence is absolutely achievable via cosmetic intervention and is a great kick-start for lifestyle changes or for dealing with the inevitable effects of ageing such as hair loss and loss of elasticity in the skin etc

It is interesting to see that chin, jawline and neck treatments are predicted to be the most requested for men in 2016 which is the same for women.  Perhaps this is due to new advancements in these areas meaning that there are more minimally invasive treatments on offer with less downtime and scarring.  There appears to be an increased awareness of the neck recently, could this have anything to do with the ‘selfie’ craze?

Here’s an amazing statistic for you: the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has seen a 273 percent increase in the number of procedures performed on men since 1997!

As for the factors that may make men think twice these tend to be related to potential side effects rather than what their wives or partners may think; often it’s their wives who have sent them in in the first place!  Women on the other hand tend to be more apprehensive about what others think and will sometimes not even tell their significant other.

We’ve addressed the ‘why’ now let’s explore the ‘when’ a bit more, before we expand on the ‘what’ (procedures/treatments that are popular amongst men).  We, at botonics, see men coming at various stages of their life with different motivations:

Men, like women, who have recently been through a divorce or break up often look to cosmetic procedures for obvious reasons.  Then there are men who are in their 30s-60s who simply want to look younger and healthier, which could be for social and/or professional reasons.  Another common time is just before getting married, and even – particularly in America – the father of the bride who wants to look good for the big day and this is often factored in to the overall wedding budget.

Right, now let’s give an overview of the popular treatments that are on offer for men:


With age, fat often builds up around the chest, love handles (known medically as flanks) and abdomen.  Liposuction is a straight-forward and common procedure which breaks down this fat to then be suctioned out of the body.  This helps to regain the natural shape and contour of the body, and more definition can be created if desired. Read more here

Gynecomastia Correction Surgery

Enlarged chest, as mentioned earlier, is something that can be treated with gland excision and/or vaser liposuction.  Caused generally by hormonal imbalance or age, it tends to affect a man’s confidence significantly and can even cause physical pain.  Read more here

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation

Another popular range of treatments for men who are aiming for a tightening and lifting effect, rather than a completely wrinkle-free look (like women).  The aim to make the face more defined and masculine and dermal fillers can be used to enhance the chin, square off the jaw line and reduce any sagging around the neck.  The overall goal tends to be a more confident and powerful look.  Read more here


Another anti-ageing procedure to address drooping eyelids.  This is a quick procedure with only about 1 week recovery time Read more here

If you are a man considering cosmetic surgery, talk to us today and book in for a free consultation.

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