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botonics Warn Against The Growing Threat Of DIY Botox

botonics, London-based cosmetic surgery specialists who employ some of the most experienced medical professionals in the field, have issued a warning about the dangers of using DIY Botox kits which are available to buy from faceless companies over the internet. The cosmetics industry has been registering growing concerns lately about firms, often based in China […]

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Injections for Migraines

Take a chance and hope to find a solution. A lifetime suffering from migraines and headaches, locking myself away in the dark and waiting for a moment for the pain to subside. After some extensive research I found a new solution that could help. The chance was a report on Botox helping Migraines and headaches. […]

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Botonics changed my life

Botonics changed my life, for the better. The reception was very welcoming as were the busy reception staff. The waiting area is spacious and comfortable with a TV to keep you occupied should you need it. I’d previously had a free consultation with specialist Naruschka Henriques. She came over as extremely knowledgeable and put me […]

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Excellent Results

I have had Botox at different clinics but never got the results I was happy with until I found Narushka/Botanics. I have been visiting Botanics for 6 years for Botox to reduce nasal flare and in that area it can be quite painful but Narushka is a very skilled practitioner and makes sure the procedure […]

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Great experience, amazing results!

I came across Naruschka Henriques in 2015, when I was looking for somebody to perform a non-surgical nose job to fill in the bridge and straighten my nose. From the moment I met her, I knew I was in safe hands. Naruschka takes the time to meet with you, and explain the procedure throughly, so […]

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Amazing skill and care–I love my skin now (=

I first found Botonics in 2019 with concerns about improving the symmetry of my nose following a surgical rhinoplasty and I’m so glad I did! Naruschka was incredibly warm and obviously very knowledgable. She took the time to answer all my questions and explain what she was doing and why. I have been a regular […]

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I found Naruschka on line from…

I found Naruschka on line from excellent reviews and I have not looked back since 2017 . She is the most amazing practitioner, never pushy and always listening to what I actually want ( or don’t want ) to look like . Her advice is based on her obvious knowledge of anatomy and the science […]

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Naruska Botonics

I have be seeing Naruska for nearly 3 years, she is a lovely lady who makes you feel totally at ease. I actually look forward to my appointment. I have received Botox, Tear Trough Filler treatment and a chemical peel with Naruska, she has always explained what the treatment would involve and what the record […]

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I got dermal fillers done at Botonics…

I got dermal fillers done at Botonics for the first time when I was 18 years of age. I was unhappy with how my nose looked as there was a small bump and the tip of my nose pointed slightly downwards when I smiled, I was also really self-conscious about my nose to mouth lines […]

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For a safe pair of hands and professional care

Have been a patient with botonics since 2009 for a variety of services including surgery–there are many plastic surgery offices between my house in Northants and Harley Street but I chose Botonics and have been very happy with the consistently courteous and professional care. Very scared of blepharoplasty surgery but wanted to at least try […]

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I’ve been going to Botonics for five …

I’ve been going to Botonics for five years now and can wholeheartedly recommend Narushka without reservation. She has made such a difference to my life! I suffer from TMJ, which means that my jaw muscles lock up to such a degree that the pain is debilitating–I will wake up in the middle of the night […]

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I have had treatments at various clinics in London, however none of them compare to Botonics. The level of skill, knowledge and care goes over and above any I have ever previously received. Naruschka is kind, calm and an expert at what she does. All my treatments have been perfect and achieved exactly the results […]

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