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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ArganCDV penetrate into the skin?

Yes. In order for ArganCDV to penetrate deeper into the skin it is encapsulated in a specialized double liposome penetrating system.

When does the activity of stem cells start to decrease?

There is still no exact answer to this question. Yet, since the ageing process starts at approximately 20 years-old, one can postulate that stem cells also start to age at around 20 years old.

Other cosmetic brands have already launched creams that they claim can activate and protect stem cells in skin. What is so special, new and revolutionary about your products?

The secret lies in the dermis: our exclusive, patented formula, ArganCellActiv®, stimulates both dermal & epidermal stem cell activators together! This makes of Dr. Levy Switzerland treatments the first cosmetics available in the world with an exclusive ingredient – ArganCDV – which has been proven scientifically to activate & vitalize human dermis stem cells in vitro. This had never been done before!

Aside from the dermis & epidermis stem cells activators, what does your exclusive ArganCellActiv® complex consist of? How does it work?

ArganCellActiv® is the whole patented formula. The innovation is proven Dermis + Epidermis stem cell boosters featuring the exclusive Dermal Stem Cell booster ArganCDV.
In addition there are 2 other plant-derived stem cell extracts which boost the epidermis stem cells. Finally, the formula includes a cocktail of deeply penetrating active anti-oxidants, vitamins (A+C+E), Omegas, peptides and moisturising agents. In fact, as for the role of nutrition in a fitness program (which needs to be balanced and varied) the skin needs all of these ingredients to maintain a healthy, young foundation in order to assure the optimal activity of all our ingredients.

What is the optimal age for using a cream that activates your own skin stem cells? Will it be too late if I start at 50?

Ageing already starts at around 20 years-old and theoretically one should start the creams at 20. In reality, we only notice that at 30 years-old many patients start to have fine lines and fine wrinkles, especially at the crow’s feet area. However, would 50 years old be too late to start treatment? Definitely no! Patients at 50 years-old regularly using our Booster Serum and Booster Cream have been amazed at the significant improvement of the texture and smoothness of their skin. As well, independent clinical studies performed on women aged 39-61, have shown that with Argan Stem Cells extracts, skin density can be increased by +12.7% and wrinkle depth decreased by -26.2% after 8 weeks of treatment (Skin Test Institute, Neuchâtel S.A., 2011).

Why has it taken so long to find a dermal stem cell activator like ArganCDV?

Because the stem cells’ reservoir’s exact location in the dermis was only formally proven in late 2009 by Canadian researchers (Cell Stem Cell, Dec. 2009). And you can only test an ingredient to see if it activates dermal stem cells if you have previously isolated these target cells to test them against. In partnership with laboratories in Switzerland, we were able to do just that by isolating and then multiplying human dermal stem cells using the sophisticated techniques described by the Canadian university researchers. We then tested a battery of plant-derived ingredients (we wanted to avoid all animal and human extracts) against them and discovered that the stem cell extracts from the roots of the Argan tree (not Argan oil) was the best activator & vitaliser of human dermal stem cells. As well, ArganCDV is the most active and deeply penetrating of the Argan root stem cell extracts! As an important side note, I believe that animal & human derived stem cells are potentially dangerous as purveyors of germs, viruses, immune-reactive proteins, etc. and that they should be avoided in cosmetics.

Are there any allergy risks?

Dr. Levy Switzerland creams have all been rigorously allergy tested, and the formula has been carefully developed not to include any ingredient with any known important allergy risks. The Dr. Levy Switzerland, cosmedical skin care regimen includes highly active ingredients within the ArganCellActiv® formula and the skin might appear slightly red (a manifestation of the high activity of the products) at the beginning of the treatment. This has been a rare occurrence and disappears most often very rapidly.

What products or treatments can help to activate stem cells in my skin?

Scientifically speaking, to properly demonstrate activation of the skin’s stem cells, different ingredients would have to be rigorously laboratory tested against a pool of human dermal stem cells (harvested simply by minuscule biopsies). This sophisticated and complicated laboratory process has only been available since December 2009, and precisely, Dr. Levy Switzerland’s Booster Serum & Cream are the world’s first cosmetics with an ingredient, ArganCDV proven to activate & vitalize human dermis stem cells in vitro.

How long is the recovery?

With recovery often taking place the same day as the treatment is carried out, you will just look like you’ve had moderate sunburn following your Dermaroller Therapy session.

Immediately after, your botonics practitioner may well apply Chiroxy Cream to help soothe and calm your skin. You’ll be advised to treat the skin gently until the redness has cleared.

What do stem cells do?

Stem cells regenerate and repair the skin and they are fundamental in keeping skin young. Epidermal stem cells regenerate the outer epidermis layer and dermal stem cells regenerate the skin’s fibroblasts, those ‘factory-cells’ which produce the collagen & elastin, two of the most important natural wrinkle-fighters in the skin !

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