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Ear Correction | Otoplasty

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an overnight hospital stay required for an otoplasty procedure?

No. Ear reshaping surgery procedures are done on an outpatient basis.

How permanent are the results from ear pinning surgery?

The results of ear pinning surgery are effectively permanent. A single procedure is all most clients ever require.

What risks are associated with otoplasty surgery?

All surgeries carry some risks. For otoplasty procedures, these include the risk of cosmetic asymmetry, infection and haematoma.

Can I exercise after my ear reshaping surgery?

About a week after your ear reshaping surgery, you can resume light exercise. You should avoid more strenuous exercise for two weeks after your ear reshaping surgery.

How is the ear correction surgery performed?

For ear correction surgery, a small incision is made in the crease behind the ear. The ear is then reshaped to a less prominent and/or more pleasing appearance with the use of permanent sutures.

How much time do I need to take off of work?

The recovery after ear surgery is usually about three to seven days. Swelling, redness, aching or throbbing may occur, but will not be severe. Within a few days of your ear surgery, the bandage will be removed and will be replaced with a headband-like dressing.

Are there scars after an otoplasty procedure?

As with any surgical procedure, there are scars. Since the otoplasty incisions are placed within the natural creases behind the ears, the scars are small and well hidden. This will allow for incisions, or scars, to be barely visible within several months following the procedure.

What happens during the ear surgery consultation?

During your ear surgery consultation, your medical history will be taken, your goals discussed and your ears examined. Surgical consultations at botonics are always with the surgeon that will do the procedure for you and are free of charge. An ear correction technique will be recommended and all aspects explained including the anaesthesia, the results, the risks, the costs, etc.

How long does the ear pinning procedure take?

An ear pinning procedure normally takes about one to two hours to perform.

How much discomfort will I experience after my pinnaplasty surgery?

Clients will likely experience some mild discomfort after pinnaplasty surgery. Your ears may ache or throb for a few days, but over the counter medication can be taken to minimise any discomfort.

How uncomfortable is the pinnaplasty procedure?

Our clients tell us that pinnaplasty procedures are much less uncomfortable than they expect.

What type of anaesthetic is used for pinnaplasty surgery?

At botonics, we usually use a local anaesthetic for pinnaplasty procedures which means the procedure is safer, does not require a hospital stay and recovery is quicker and easier for the client. While some clients may feel uneasy about being awake during the procedure, rest assured that the combination of a gentle sedative and support of caring staff make clients less anxious than they expect.

Who is a good candidate for an ear reshaping procedure?

Healthy men, women and children with protruding or asymmetric ears may be good candidates for ear reshaping surgery.

Will my insurance company cover the cost of pinnaplasty surgery?

Client should check with their own insurer, though pinnaplasty is occasionally covered by insurance.

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