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How common is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a condition that affects approximately a third of men in the UK.

How much of a scar will I be left with following the procedure?

The scarring, following chest reduction surgery is minimal; you will most likely be left with a very small scar, around 4mm in length, for each incision point which will generally be in the aereola (the darker coloured area surrounding the nipple). For most people, this scar will completely fade with time, although this depends on each individual and their reaction to scarring.

Where can I have the procedure?

In London Harley Street or in Sheffield, north Yorkshire. You can have a consultation with a botonics surgeon at any of our London clinics, but the procedure needs to be done in specially configured facilities.

How quickly can I return to work?

While we advise clients to not have any commitment for a couple of days after your procedure, many clients actually return to work a day or two after, depending on the kind of work they do (i.e office job).

Will I be put to sleep during the procedure?

No, normally local anaesthetic is used to numb the areas to be treated. You will be awake from beginning to end but thanks to oral sedatives and painkillers, you should be relaxed and largely pain-free throughout the procedure. Conscious sedation is an option for those who are needle phobic, low pain thresholds or for larger procedures such as a combination of gland excision, Vaser Lipo ® and mastopexy.

Are there any hidden extras in the cost of the procedure?

The price quoted to you by botonics is a fully inclusive price, including the consultation, procedure, support garments, clinical photographs, all follow up visits/aftercare and all applicable taxes.

Will the procedure be painful?

Once the anaesthetic injections are done, the least comfortable part – a stinging sensation lasting about 2 minutes for each area – your chest will be numb. You will feel very little apart from the occasional twinge of discomfort and a dull, tugging sensation. Those clients that have experienced resistance to local anaesthetics (e.g. when having dental work) may experience a similar resistance to the local anaesthetic we use for the procedure. If you are having Vaser Lipo®, this acts on the fat cells without affecting the nerve endings, so discomfort is significantly reduced (relative to Liposuction).

Do I have to visit a hospital to be treated?

No. Vaser Lipo® procedures are carried out at our clinics in Harley Street or Sheffield. This is a private and discrete doctor’s surgery.

What is the duration of the procedure?

Since the surgery is done under a local anaesthetic, it usually takes between one to two hours. However we ask clients to allow anywhere from two to three hours from arrival time at the clinic until they are on their way home. Please note that because of sedatives and local anaesthetic, you may feel a bit shaky after the procedure and so you should not drive a car within 24 hours. It’s ideal if you can have a friend or family member come and collect you.

How long will I be in bandages following the procedure?

You will need to wear bandages for about a week and you may be provided with support garments, if required, which would need to be worn 24/7 for two weeks after the procedure.

How quickly will I see the results?

The bulk of the results are visible in two weeks once your swelling has subsided. Immediately after your procedure, you will be a bit swollen, due to the fluid that has been injected and due to the surgery you have just undergone. This should subside in 48 hours. Any residual fluid and/or emulsified fat will be absorbed and eliminated through your body’s natural metabolic processes, and this could be over a period of two months in the case of Vaser Lipo® Liposelection. In the latter case we recommend that you have several sessions of lymphatic drainage massage after your procedure, to help speed the results and reduce the swelling.

Are the results permanent?

Yes. Regarding the gland, once it is fully removed it should not grow back. As for any fatty tissue removed, your body will not produce any new fat cells to replace the ones emulsified by Vaser Lipo®. However, you still need to maintain a healthy diet since excess calories will result in a swelling of other remaining fat cells in the body.

Is there any reason I could not be treated for Gynecomastia?

Yes. If you are having Vaser Lipo® then you need to be in generally good health, ideally carry out regular exercise, have good eating habits and your weight should not exceed 25% of your ideal weight. For any of the other treatment methods your blood, heart, liver and kidneys should be free from any disorders and you should not be taking any anticoagulants or be diabetic. Gynecomastia can also be associated with cancer, so it is very important that you go to your GP first to rule out any other issues before considering gynecomastia surgery. You should not be taking steroids or anti-inflammatory medications for more than a few days. Your full medical history will be discussed with your botonics surgeon during your consultation to confirm that you’re suitable for the procedure.

Is Vaser Lipo® System Liposelection a new technology?

No. Vaser Lipo® System Liposelection has been used to successfully treat thousands of clients worldwide since March 2001 and is approved by the US FDA. It was introduced to the UK in 2008. We were among the first to offer the procedure and are still one of the most experienced in the country.

What age do I have to be to have a gynecomasatia procedure?

People aged 18 – 80 have benefited from this treatment. We cannot treat anyone below the age of 18 years old.

Will I notice anything else during the procedure?

With Vaser Lipo®, most clients hear a high-pitched sound in their ears, which is normal, and is simply the ultrasonic vibrations. If gland excision is being performed then there will be a burning smell during cauterisation.

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