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Non-surgical nose job

5 /5


23rd September 2020

A great experience. I initially only wanted a very small change in the appearance of my nose and I was worried that a specialist would over do it and I’d be left with something I didn’t want and was not comfortable with. Naruschka was very caring and listened to my every word. I was amazed at how subtle the treatment was but it made all the difference in my confidence. The aftercare was fabulous. I had a phone consultation and a final face to face one to discuss the final results. Very pleased. Will be using Naruschka again! :)


5 /5

Tracey Wilson

23rd September 2020

No faults to give! Had an outstanding service 

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty!!!

5 /5

Happy Customer

9th September 2020

From the first moment I met Narushchka Henriques I completely trusted her. She is a consummate professional and helped me achieve a - changing result!

I booked a non-surgical nose job based on positive reviews I read about Botonics.
It was difficult , it was a nose reshaping after wrong surgery to get more symmetry to my nose and tips. I cannot thank her enough.
I recommend Botonics 100%


5 /5


25th March 2020

I visited Botonics for the first time a few years ago and to be honest I did not know what to expect, I had never had any plastic surgery/procedures done before, particularly on the face, and therefore undoubtedly I was very nervous and confused as to what to expect, despite doing as much research as I possibly could. Once I arrived, the atmosphere was very professional and the staff extremely friendly. I initially chose Botonics after seeing all of the good reviews online and wanted to be sure that I was in trusting and professional hands. I did not actually realise at the time that I was able to complete the procedure straight after the consultation, which was very good news to hear, as I wanted to address the insecurities with my nose ASAP. The procedure itself took no longer than 10 minutes and the pain threshold I would say was approximately 3/10 (and my pain threshold is not that high). The specialist Dr. Narushchka Henriques was extremely professional and reassuring; answered all the questions/addressed all the worries that I had with honesty, and assured me of all the ins-and-outs before proceeding with treatment – it was clear for her that this was not a money-making scam and that she genuinely cares for her patient’s and would like to be as open and as honest about the outcome and potential side effects of bruising etc. (which for me did not last long at all, maybe a few days). Overall, the procedure was quick, relatively pain-free and once I saw the outcome in the mirror, I was extremely pleasantly surprised at what had come of my nose. For the first time in my life, the hook had gone and it was straight and I couldn’t remember a more self-esteem boosting moment if I tried (for people whose nose is their insecurity, trust me you will be able to relate).

Non-surgical rhinoplasty with Naruschka

5 /5

Helen W

8th March 2020

The primary reason I went to see Naruschka was to discuss non-surgical rhinoplasty. I underwent rhinoplasty 20 years ago and it was not successful - the asymmetry in my nose which had been less visible in my larger nose was now very pronounced in my smaller nose (tip and nostril asymmetry was left particularly exaggerated) and too much had been removed from my bridge. I was very disappointed but just learnt to live with it. As my face has aged (I am now in my late forties), it has been looking even worse however and I decided to explore a filler solution. Naruschka had great reviews and I am really pleased with the results of my first treatment session with her. She really took the time to understand what was bothering me most about my nose and my face. I decided to go ahead with the treatment there and then and my nose definitely looks better. Replacement of some of the bridge is transformational for me and makes me feel a bit more like my "old" self. The asymmetry, including nostril asymmetry, is still there to some extent but I trust Naruschka that some further refinements can be made (my nose was so traumatised and had so much scar tissue that it will require enhancement over time) - I accept complete perfection is unattainable as my nose is just wonky, but I am feeling a lot happier with it. I only wish I'd had this treatment sooner.

I also had cheek fillers with Naruschka. I have had them before from different therapists but I am really pleased with what Naruschka has done - she assessed that I was missing more volume on one side than the other and tailored the dose accordingly. No other therapist has done this and, needless to say, the result is a lot better. I found the overall treatment took a little longer because Naruschka takes her time to get to know your face properly. She was also very sensitive to my desire not to look dramatically different and to take things slowly. I would recommend Naruschka full stop, but particularly if you are apprehensive about having these sorts of treatments and worried about being seen as having lots of work done.

The one thing I would say is that there is a short recovery time required after non-surgical rhinoplasty (Naruschka has a great video online about this online, I discovered!), as you might expect with an area as delicate as the nose. If you are likely to be self-conscious, I would recommend that you plan your treatment so you don't have to go to work or a social event for 48 hours (the day after is the worst day - even if your nose looked ok immediately after treatment, it will be very swollen the next!). Bruising was actually very limited and easily concealed; it was the swelling that was more of an issue. Since the first two days, some residual swelling has remained (particularly when I first get up in the morning), but it it is liveable with and it gets better every day as my nose settles back down to more refined contours. I would always definitely have treatment a good few weeks before a big event.

Even if you are worried about anything, the other great thing I have found with Botonics is the personalised interaction from an administrative perspective - Bill was my coordinator and he sorted out all of the procedural aspects and followed up by email the day after my treatment to check all was well and encourage me to take the various supplements designed to reduce swelling etc. Again, I have not experienced this level of service elsewhere.

Highly Recommend for Non-surgical Rhinoplasty!!!

5 /5

O. Fontana

19th February 2020

I rarely take time to write out reviews, but the professionalism and quality of the service and care I have received in my 3 procedures at Botonics have been truly exceptional, and I would highly recommend Botonics to anyone seeking a non-surgical rhinoplasty. The results of the procedures have been impeccable every single time due to the meticulous work ethic of Naruschka. She adapts the procedure to your features and proportions to make your nose as aesthetically pleasing as possible from every angle, and is very responsive to what is most important to you and which aspect of your nose you are unhappy with. I explained to Naruschka in my first appointment what bothered me about my nose from the front and side profiles, and she was very attentive and was able to lift the tip and straighten the bridge. I could not be happier with results. It is so much more convenient than a surgical rhinoplasty as well; it takes 20 minutes and involves almost no pain. Naruschka always takes time to explain everything involved in the procedure (side-effects, after care, recommended products), and is always happy to answer any question to ensure you feel informed and comfortable. Booking appointments is also extremely easy as Botonics is very quick to respond. I am so grateful for Naruschka and Botonics and would not seek any other professional for a nonsurgical rhinoplasty.

Non Surgical Nose Filler @ Botonics

5 /5


14th January 2020

There are lots of people offering dermal fillers in London but it’s hard to find someone who is as understanding of your expectations as Naroushka. I was conscious as it was the first time I had ever had any dermal fillers so I did my research and Botonics came up over and over again. I booked a non-surgical nose job based on other positive reviews and was not disappointed. I had seen a few other practitioners but was unsure of what they were offering and if they truly understood my concerns. From the very beginning with Botonics I was made to feel 100% comfortable before and during my procedure which I am very appreciative for as it was my first dermal fillers. I met with and had a consultation with Naroushka and what immediately impressed me is that her technical knowledge and skill is superb. On top of that Naroushka calming, patient and very easy to chat to and she made me feel secure about what was happening during the procedure. The whole process was simple, from booking and discussing with Bill over the phone (who managed to make appointments fit in accordance with my needs) the consultation and the treatment and aftercare - everything was spot on. After the procedure Naroushka advised me how to treat and care for the nose and to be in touch for a follow up. I have since been back for check ups which were very helpful and help to get the exact results that I wanted. Even at this stage Naroushka was very patient and wanted to achieve the perfect look that I was after. I will be visiting again when I need to. I couldn't be happier with my nose now and I would be quick to recommend this clinic, and practitioner, to anyone.

non surgical rhinoplasty

5 /5


22nd October 2019

I visited Doctor Naruschka and was initially quite anxious as this was my first time getting any form of cosmetic treatment or procedure. Doctor Naruschka made me feel very comfortable from the moment I entered. She explained the procedure in depth, went through the aftercare and ultimately put my mind at ease.
The booking process was smooth and efficient and I managed to get an appointment in good time. I was able to ask any queries prior to visiting and was also able to gain an insight into whether I’d be a suitable candidate for the treatment before attending by sending in pictures to be reviewed. This was very helpful. My point of contact was Bill who was also excellent. He was very easy to reach and responded swiftly throughout the process which was reassuring.

Even after reviewing my pictures and booking the appointment, the consultation was free and there was no pressure for me to decide to proceed on the day. I explained my concerns in the consultation and mentioned that I was always self conscious about the symmetry of my nose. Doctor Naruschka listened attentively and then performed an assessment for herself. She then advised me of what she felt would benefit me most in achieving a more balanced profile. I was conscious of not wanting my appearance to chance too drastically and was anxious in this way but she kindly settled my concerns.

The procedure itself was pain free and the results were excellent. She initially applied a numbing cream over my nose which took around 10 minutes to take effect so l barely felt a thing! Doctor Naruschka was very skilled and had good placement of the filler to give a more defined symmetrical profile after the treatment wad completed. She explained that I would possibly require a top up appointment once the filler had settled in order to obtain the best results but I was very pleased with even just the one treatment.

The recovery was very easy. I had very little bruising or swelling and had only a few marks on my nose of the needle incisions which were easily covered with concealer and faded within the next few days. I was back to my normal routine almost immediately and besides a little tenderness in my nose for the week , there was largely no other discomfort. The results where immediate and I was very happy. I will definitely recommend Doctor Naruschka. She is very competent in her work and definitely makes you feel like you are in good hands. I will be returning for further treatments with her.

Narushka is brilliant at what she does

5 /5


19th September 2019

I think Narushka is fantastic. A real artist. She takes her time and meticulously plans the surgery to get the best results for your face. The outcome is a natural but enhanced look. I have had non-surgical nose surgery and lip enhancement and I wouldn't now go to anyone else. She is a perfectionist.

A completely 5 star experience in all areas!

5 /5

F Ahmed

23rd July 2019

Dr Naruschka has the perfect bedside manner and explained everything for my treatment thoroughly and concisely. My first time for a procedure like this so it was much appreciated.

Nice clean and easy to find facilities on Harley St and the treatment itself yielded the perfect result, exceeding expectations.

A completely 5 star experience in all areas!

What can I say Naruschka Henriques is…

5 /5

Carly Peach

26th June 2019

What can I say Naruschka Henriques is just the best. I had been unhappy for years after a bad nose job (done by another surgeon) which had left me with a ski-slope and then sadly had further trauma to my nose which left it mis-shapen and so uneven and deformed looking. I was totally miserable saving for yet another nose job when I came across the non surgical option. I went and had a free consultation and after which I had my first treatment and was beyond over the moon. My nose was straight and defined and the best it had ever looked I was so happy. I came back after around 9 months for a top up and then treatment lasted longer and longer each time I had it done. I am due to get married and live in the Midlands and decided I wanted cheek fillers aswell as the non surgical nose job. I do not know what possessed me so close to my wedding date but I tried another clinic locally which had good reviews and were offering a deal on two treatments. This was the worst mistake I could have made. My cheek filler as ok but my nose was horrific. It looked like it did before I had ever been to Naruschka. Symmetry totally off, no definition I was devastated. My hen do was 5 weeks away and my wedding 8 weeks away. I gave it two weeks to see if it settled down which it did not and contacted Naruschka who fitted me in for an appt a day or so later. She gave me great advice and reassured me it would all be ok. I went back to the original practitioner and she dissolved it but I had to go back twice as she tried to fix it first but it was still terrible result. So after 3 lots of needles going in my face I ended up back to where I started before ever having any filler. Not only was it a stressful waste of time and money and caused me so much upset, I lost all the build up of old filler I had previously had in previous treatments. 2 weeks later I was in with Naruschka and now I feel like myself again. A week later I was at my hen do and nose was not quite settled but no-one noticed as had my makeup done. I know by the time my wedding comes round in 3 weeks it will be perfect and settled. So I never write reviews but my advice to anyone is dont be seduced by deals, you get what you pay for. In my case it nearly cost me looking my best on my big day, do not risk it. Noses are such an important parts of our faces, you cant afford for it too go wrong. I would never go anywhere else ever again.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

5 /5


11th June 2019

This was my first time undergoing a cosmetic procedure, so safe to say I was extremely nervous as to where to go and did extensive research as to which practice to go to for the non-surgical nose job procedure. I am so glad I came across Botonics, as the whole experience was amazing from start to finish. After booking the appointment/ consultation, I met Naruschka who couldn't have been more reassuring and patient and I knew I was in safe hands when I underwent procedure. I am extremely happy with the results and will definitely be returning. Would like to thank Naruschka for her incredible patience and reassurance throughout, highly recommend.


5 /5


14th May 2019

Naruschka is friendly, professional and very calming which is very reassuring before going ahead with treatments. I found Naruschka to also be very informative and was happy to answer any questions I had. The procedure results were fantastic and exactly what I was hoping for. Aftercare was also excellent with Naruschka and she was happy to answer any concerns I had. I am a returning customer and will continue to go to Botonics for any future treatments.

I am new to London so when choosing a…

5 /5


17th April 2019

I am new to London so when choosing a cosmetic practitioner to fix my nose asymmetry, I naturally googled. I found loads of positive reviews about Naruschka's work so I booked an appointment. Thank you to everyone for their reviews, because I am more than pleased with my experience at Botonics. Naruschka was absolutely not in a rush and took her time to make sure I felt comfortable and that the treatment of my nose was perfect. Which it was! Not painful at all, and exactly what I wanted – a natural looking result with a slight lift. As I am very happy with my first treatment, I am returning for additional treatment of my malar groove. Here again, the booking process is delightful with a very friendly and helpful team, Bill and Michelle. Thanks, everyone at Botonics for your great work!

I decided to visit Botonics for a…non-surgical nose treatment

5 /5


25th March 2019

I decided to visit Botonics for a non-surgical nose treatment. As I get older I felt my nose was looking larger in proportion to my face but do not want to go as far as surgery. The treatment itself is amazing. Whilst, of course, not altering the size of your nose the line of my nose has changed and looks a lot better placed. The best way to describe the results is that my face overall looks a lot more balanced / even / symmetrical.

The treatment itself is painless but expect your nose to be tender for a week afterwards, the worst being the day after. Your nose looks swollen and red for a few days, like you have a cold but makeup easily covers it. I did not go to work the next day but you could if you do not want the downtime. 

The team who looked after me - coordinator Bill and specialist Naruschka Henriques - were brilliant. Everything was explained and I was made to feel comfortable throughout. Nice and relaxed atmosphere and there was no pressure to proceed with the treatment if I did not want to.

Natuschka also noticed sagging round my jawline which had happened due to recent weight loss and pointed out that my overall aesthetic could be improved by improving the transition from my jaw to chin. A couple of simple and painless minutes later and all sorted.

As you can see I am really happy with my experience and the great level of service I received. I will be returning.

Fantastic service and results

5 /5

Louise Bonner

13th March 2019

My consultation

I had been unhappy about the bump on my nose for a long time - for as long as I could remember. I had considered rhinoplasty but was too nervous about the long-term results and, to be honest, couldn’t yet fund the large cost of it. When I learnt about non-surgical nose jobs, I began watching online videos and couldn’t believe how quick and effective it seemed, so I decided to reach out to Botonics clinic, book a consultation and find out for myself.

My specialist, Naruschka Henriques, was professional, friendly and highly knowledgeable. We spoke about the risks of the procedure and what she would do to prevent those from happening. She looked at my nose and told me how much filler I would need and the type of result I could expect. When I decided to go through with it, she also prepared me with after care information and things I could do to minimise bruising, such as apply bruise cream I bought from Superdrug.

The procedure

They weren’t joking when they said this could be done within a lunch break. It was incredibly quick. This was my first procedure of this kind so I wasn’t prepared for the sensation of having fillers inserted, but all it was was mild discomfort and the sensation of needing to sneeze! Although it was quick, I could tell Naruschka very thorough and made sure my nose was even from the side profile.

My skin around the treated area was sensitive and hard to touch for a few days. I also had mild bruising, but that was easily covered with foundation. Today my nose feels like my nose. It looks so, so natural and I’m incredibly happy - and definitely having it again! Friends of mine who I had told about the procedure also cannot believe the difference. My nose is now straight and although it’s technically bigger, it looks smaller!

Non-Surgical Nose Job

5 /5


15th February 2019

Naruschka is very professional and extremely talented at what she does. I underwent a non-surgical nose job with Naruschka and she was able to correct several areas of my nose, whilst still producing a natural and subtle look, exactly how I had wanted. I am very pleased with the results and will be back to see Naruschka in future. I recommend the procedure and botonics to anyone considering a non-surgical nose job.

Non surgical nose job experience

5 /5


10th February 2019

I had grown to just live with the fact that I really didn’t like my nose . As I got older and pursued a career in acting I hated it more and more especially having to have profile shots taken at auditions . My mother and sister had both had surgery on there noses but I was always way to scared to go under the knife and people assured me ‘ it wasn’t that bad ‘.
All this changed when someone mentioned to me about a ‘non surgical nose job ‘ - I was all ears , but a little sceptical of how much of a difference it would make and would it be worth the money, pain and downtime. I started googling before and after pictures and was pleasantly surprised at the subtle but good results achieved by careful placement of dermal filler . The company botonics popped up a few times and I decided I had nothing to lose but to contact them to see if I was a candidate for the treatment . I received a response from Bill , the business manager whom encouraged me to send over some pics of my nose from lots of different angles . He came back to me and said exactly what I had wanted to hear , that they certainly could get rid of my bump , wonkyness and give the appearance of a much sleeker nose . I was excited and nervous but booked a date in . I was pleased to note that the payment options were reasonable with no hidden costs and there certainly was no pressure selling which I hate !i did feel worried before heading to London .I was scared that I would be one of the extremely rare cases where filler was rejected by the body , I knew I was being silly but still I was nervous - I needn’t have worried about anything at all . On the day of the appointment I arrived armed with my arnica cream feeling scared of just about everything. Naruschka was so professional , I felt assured and relaxed . She has Worked with dermal fillers for many years and she talked me though where she was going to place it and what corrections this would make . She took some before pictures and I sat on a revolving chair to get some good before and after videos and photos . I’m not going to lie I was very nervous whilst I layed there waiting for my anaesthetic cream to start working however I calmed down once she started injecting and it really wasn’t that bad I could hardly feel most areas . There was a bit of pressing it into place and one particular area was sensitive which I had already been warned about . I was glad when it was over but it was far from the pain that I had worried about . . When I was shown the mirror I was so happy because it now looked straight and sleek and my much hated profile had definitely improved !.
I got the train home from my procedure with little more than a red tip! that first night my nose was tender to touch and for few days after but I was able to go about my day the next day totally normally and didn’t have any bruising at all , the sites that had been injected just felt a little tender . Now I have completely forgotten I have even had the procedure done it’s so natural and subtle ! A few of my friends who knew what I was having done have commented that they would never had noticed as the results only when I show them the before pictures so they agree that this is a big improvement . I wish it didn’t wear off !! I’m
Pretty sure I will be back every year for Naruschka to work her magic on me ! Special thanks to Bill for always getting back to me so quickly and offering me a very personal service and Naruschka you are so clever with what you can do ! See you again soon !! But hopefully not that soon :-)

Recently I had my first ever experience…

5 /5


8th February 2019

Recently I had my first ever experience of cosmetic treatment with Botonics. I had heard of the non-surgical nose jobs and wanted to look into it as I have never been happy with my nose. Having looked into Dermal Fillers it was definitely something I wanted to try out not only on my nose but my chin and lips to help soften the overall appearance of my face. I spoke with Bill, my coordinator, over the phone who was so friendly and we arranged my free consultation with specialist Naruschka who would be doing the treatment. I was very nervous going in as I really had no idea what to expect but they were both so lovely. I sat down and explained what I was unhappy about with my face, how it was affecting my self-confidence and how it was really important that the changes looked as natural as possible. After taking before photos, I was made comfortable and Naruschka applied numbing cream to my nose, lip and chin and left it to kick in for around 15 minutes. The treatment took around 30 minutes all together and was less painful than expected, it was definitely uncomfortable but bearable. Naruschka was talking me through it throughout and made me feel at ease. They had been hugely informative about aftercare and what products they recommend to assist the healing process beforehand which was so helpful. My lip was swollen and bruised, and there were little bruises on my nose but all coverable by makeup and healed within 4-5 day. The results have been much better than I had ever expected, I have had comments from people saying they can notice something different but cannot put their finger on what. One of my biggest worries was how natural it would look, and I am so happy with how its turned out and would hugely recommend anyone considering treatment going to Botonics.

Professional - Swift - Great results

5 /5

Henrietta Rance

7th February 2019

The staff at this practice we’re friendly, approachable, discreet and extremely professional.
My therapist Naruschka Henriques made me feel very comfortable and confident in her ability to give me the perfect nose. Five quick injections - of which only one caused slight discomfort- the hook had disappeared.
I’m very happy with the natural appearance of my non-surgical nose job and the speed of recovery - a very little bruise on the tip of my nose - which is important for me as an actress as I’m constantly attending castings at very short notice.
I will certainly return for a top-up when needed.

Botonics - separates itself from the rest by going the extra mile.

5 /5


6th February 2019

When undertaking my research and due diligence for the treatment I desired - non surgical nose job, I made contact with a number of reputable cosmetic surgery's in London. I found that in each step botonics went the extra mile summarised below:

- friendly and knowledgeable staff
- free review via email after sending photos which were assessed
by the clinician and botonics gave you honest, clear feedback
about what was possible
- free consultation with the actual surgeon or specialist
- no pressure-selling
- a very personal service
- transparent and fully inclusive pricing

After having nose surgery five years ago to resolve functional issues it left my nose looking aesthetically displeasing with scar tissue and asymmetry and am hoping to improve this with non-surgical treatment. I plan to undertake a non-surgical nose job at botonics in the near future, Bill has been coordinating with myself and has been most helpful.

Nose enhancement fillers by Naruschka

5 /5


19th December 2018

I really couldn’t be any happier with my results. They have way exceeded my expectations! I was a little nervous and skeptical at first, as I’d had nose fillers previously at a different practice, but not got the results or follow up service i’d hoped for. The second I met Naruschka I felt at ease. I could tell she cared and listened to every detail. 100% as skilled as she is at reassuring. I felt relaxed throughout the whole procedure and she explained what she was doing as she was doing it. I suffer from bruising so I did get a bit of swelling but the tips and pointers given difinitely helped. My follow up was completely free and we used the last of the filler to touch up after the swelling had gone down. Not only was it an over all better experience, the results were perfect and the peredure and follow up were a considerable amount cheaper than the surgery I had been to before. Definitely use Naruscka if you are considering non surgical fillers :)

Fantastic Non- Surgical Nose Job (no bruising no blood)

5 /5


14th November 2018

Nerushka is amazing at non- surgical nose jobs. She is so good, that even if you pay to get one done (top ups) every year you don’t mind paying whatever just to avoid going through the painful experience of getting a real one done. She can make your nose look suttle, dramatically different, more feminine (or masculine and symetrical just with a few injections! Most people can’t tell I’ve had it done but i get alot more attention (from same sex and opposite) and compliments to say i look really good (even my pictures on Facebook get more likes). She listens to exactly what you want and this is probably my 4th time going to her and wouldn’t dare go to anyone else even if they charged half the price. Going to Botonics you have peace of mind you will feel and look beautiful when you leave her consultation room, you don’t get that awkward anxiety you normally would thinking “oh my god what the hell am i going to look like after” you feel excited everytime you go back. You get used to the image she creates for you that you’ve always wanted and she helps maintain it by remembering what you always want to achieve when you visit her. Nerushka is also very fun to talk to and bubbly, so if you have a fear of needles or blood etc you will probably forget about that as soon as you walk in :) Bill is also very helpful and will do anything to accommodate your availability if you are a busy person! Xx

I’ve always been scared of surgical…

5 /5


1st September 2018

I’ve always been scared of surgical operations and going through the process of an actual nose job was terrifying – what if the results wouldn’t be as good as I wanted and what if after the operation I would end up hating it. Because of that, I started browsing the web in search of a lighter solution which could help enhance the current look of my nose…I read many things about many clinics doing ‘non-surgical nose enhancements’ and among the selection of these clinics was ‘botonics’. I must admit that was seduced me about them was the reviews and Naruschka mentioned many times as being THE expert for this specific intervention. Because of that I’ve decided to contact the clinic via email and must admit that the professionalism used to answer my questions was faultless. I really value responsiveness and they didn’t let me down on this. They’ve identified what could be done when looking at the pictures I’ve sent them and booked me in for a consultation to get the enhancement done. I would definitely advise you to follow the pre and post care advice for optimal results and will keep you updated on the progress and how long the results last for!

It has been over a week since my non…

5 /5

Sindy Taylor

13th June 2018

It has been over a week since my non surgical nose job with narushka I couldn't be more happy with my nose I've been coming to see narushka for the last 2 year and I'm extremely happy with my results prior to the treat I was looking into getting a rhinoplasty as I disliked my profile as the hump on my nose stuck out and made my nose look bigger not only has narushka made my nose appear small she also straightened out the hump with her expert knowledge she has created the nose I always wanted but better. It's still amazes me that the before and after picture was achieved by derma filler. When I first had my very first procedure I was a little nervous as I didn't know to much about the non surgical nose job but immediately narushka makes you feel relaxed and provide you with every information you need to know also including the after care. I always look forward to see narushka she is very skilled and a genuine person which makes my experience with her all the more pleasant. She is honest with what she can do to your nose and every procedure my filler stays longer and my nose looks amazing. She is truly amazing at what she does I could honestly not recommend her enough. If your thinking about the non surgical procedure book a consultation with narushka. I am very grateful to the way she transformed my nose and helped me love and feel confident in myself. There is no one else I would go and see but her. I have moved abroad and I will travel just to see her that's how amazing she is.

I got dermal fillers done at Botonics…

5 /5


31st May 2018

I got dermal fillers done at Botonics for the first time when I was 18 years of age. I was unhappy with how my nose looked as there was a small bump and the tip of my nose pointed slightly downwards when I smiled, I was also really self-conscious about my nose to mouth lines as it was genetic and I inherited it from my family. So I got fillers done and now I feel much more confident and I loved the results which is why I have been visiting many times since last year, I am now 19 years old and I visit botonics every 9 to 10 months to receive treatment. I live all the way in Bath which is quite far from London. The reason I travel a distance just to get dermal fillers is because botonics from my experience is one of the best clinics in London for dermal fillers and Botox. I am pleased with every treatment that I received with Naruschka Henriques. She is very lovely and consistent and made me feel comfortable which helped with my nerves. My coordinator is Bill Green who is very helpful and reliable when it comes to booking appointments and asking for advise, as he replies to the emails quite quickly. The timing and the service of the clinic is great, the staff are really friendly. The price of the treatment is also reasonable which is great. The consultations with the specialists are free, and the actual treatment involves minimal pain, only a slight discomfort which is good. Everyone will react differently to the treatment, but the clinic provides really helpful and useful pre and post treatment care advice such as applying arnica cream and taking arnica tablets which really helped me with the process of healing. After my first treatment I had some bruising and swelling as my skin is quite sensitive, so the cream and tables were beneficial for me. Overall, I am pleased with every appointment I had with botonics and I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who is planning to get dermal fillers.

Non surgical nose job

5 /5


24th May 2018

So its been a week since i had non surgical nose job done. When i saw Narushka she was really informative and put my mind at ease as she explained everything perfectly. When i told her what id like it to look like i was nervous how it would look.

Its like she read my mind as to what i wanted my nose to look like! She got it just the way i wanted it. Truly an expert ! I was delighted with the results and would recommend her to anyone looking for a comfortable and effective treatment.

I had a great experience at botonics

5 /5


4th May 2018

I had a great experience at botonics I had cheek filler on one side to correct ay symmetry and Naruschka fully understood exactly my vision and how best to correct this and it looks completely natural. Naruschka also straighted my nose both hump and deviation using filler, she’s an expert. I also went back for tear trough filler to correct the deformity I had which made me look tired even if I wasn’t. Amazing results on every occasion, Naruschka is a true expect in her craft. 100% would recommend her and botonics to anyone. Very professional service. These treatments have given me so much confidence.

Wonderful treatment and results at Botonics

5 /5


4th May 2018

I first visited Botonics in the summer of 2017 to inquire about a non-surgical nose job. I had just discovered the procedure and felt so relieved that there was a reversible and non-drastic way to alter my nose, one of my biggest insecurities. I have always had a dorsal hump, and after injuring my nose it became crooked which bothered me greatly. On researching venues that offer the procedure, Botonics was consistently on top of my list due to the multitude of 5-star reviews - so many that I was dubious at first! However, as soon as I met with Naruschka Henriques I understood the reason for all the high praise. I was able to receive an appointment quickly following email correspondence with the very helpful staff - special thanks to Bill! - and was reassured that the consultation would be free regardless of whether or not I went through with the procedure. In fact, the very first appointment I had with Naruschka I didn't receive the treatment; I wanted time to think about it and Naruschka couldn't have been more understanding, ensuring me I was welcome to return whenever. A month or so later I did return, this time intending to receive treatment, and Naruschka took me through everything - risks, expectations, etc. - making sure I was fully comfortable before undergoing the non-surgical nose job. The procedure itself was almost painless and entirely less nerve-wracking than I was anticipating. Naruschka chatted with me the entire time, and it was done in less than 15 minutes! When I was given a mirror to view my nose I could hardly believe it, and I was incredibly pleased with the result and grateful to Naruschka for her help in tackling one of my biggest insecurities. I paid the exact amount I had expected to (there were no hidden fees) and received excellent advice on aftercare. I have since returned to Botonics and received another treatment, with even better results, and intend to visit again soon. I want to give a big thank you to Naruschka and all of the team!

I had always been self conscious of my…

5 /5


12th April 2018

I had always been self conscious of my nose and always said to friends and family that one day I would get a nose job. However, after researching what the surgery entailed and finding out how invasive the procedure was I decided that it wasn't for me. I had seen horror stories of surgery going wrong and didn't want to dramatically alter my face!!

I happened to come across the great work of Botonics and absolutely fell in love with the results. The fact that it wasn't permanent, was cost effective and required minimum recovery time hooked me in at once! I always contoured my nose and just wanted the tip to be narrower and the small bump on my bridge to be straightened out. After looking at the results online I realised that this procedure was a much better fit for me than an invasive nose breaking nose job!

I would definitely recommend researching thoroughly what the process involves- i did just that and was guided by the lovely staff at Botonics. I asked questions focusing on my concerns- what if I don't like it?! What actually is a 'non surgical nose job'?! Is it going to hurt?!". I even sent photos to my surgeon ahead of the procedure to make sure that he definitely thought he could make an improvement to my appearance. I didn't want to go all that way to the clinic to be told there was no hope for me and my not so little old nose! All of the staff I spoke to were more than happy to listen to my queries and sometimes ridiculous concerns- "will my nose drop off?!?!"- I was met with a professional yet personable service. Not once did I feel like I was being sold anything or being coerced into something I didn't want. Having that line of communication really eased my concerns and made me more excited and less fearful of it all!
Once I had all of my questions answered and had my mind put at ease I went ahead and booked a consultation with the aim of getting the procedure done on the same day.

I was VERY nervous on the day but my surgeon was kind and patient and put my mind at ease. He even gave me the option of thinking about the procedure and returning another day but after hearing the wonderful things he could offer me I bit the bullet and went ahead with it!

The procedure itself lasted a few minutes and was very uncomfortable- mostly because I'm so used to breathing out of my nose which was being held, shaped and moulded into something new! Remember to breathe through your mouth and take gentle breaths. However after 10 minutes or so everything was done! The pain after was more of a bruised feeling but luckily I didn't swell too much nor did I actually bruise. I would highly suggest in investing in all of the the precare and aftercare that is mentioned in your medical pack. Arnicacream was a god send and really soothed the area that had been injected. In comparison to the pain involved with actual nose jobs the non surgical option was a million times better!! No one likes injections and that's all it really is! Yes it was painful but it was tolerable and really didn't last that long.

I absolutely loved the results! Immediately afterwards I was shocked at how different it was but after Dr. Goyal explained what he had done I quickly became familiar with my new nose! He had straightened out the bump and lifted the tip making it pointer. It was better than I could have ever imagined- i now had a contoured nose minus the contour and fake looking effects of surgical nose jobs. After an hour or so when I was out shopping and looked in the mirror and was more shocked at how normal my nose looked- I had adjusted to my new nose within a matter of minutes. Aside from two red dots where I had been injected you couldn't see that I had had any work done. What was even better was that no one noticed until I pointed it out. I still looked like me but more of a contoured version! I could have been born with this new nose and that's exactly what I wanted.

It might be a somewhat subtle change and noninvasive procedure but the confidence it has given me is staggering. I find myself not focusing too much on powdering my nose to keep it matte and therefore "less big". Im happy to have my photo taken from straight on and no longer have to position my face to my "good side". In terms of makeup I simply highlight the tip which is something I would never have done before and just rock that! It looks so natural that it looks like I've been born with it which is something I find was harder to find with nose jobs. You know if someone has had invasive surgery because they look completely different!

My new nose is perfectly balanced and I now get compliments on it which always make me laugh because I spent 25 years feeling embarrassed and self conscious of it! I had my procedure done in feb 2018 and have been happy with the results since. I am now booked in to have the procedure done again as I'd like the tip to be a little more lifted. This time around I just want it to be more of a maintained nose as opposed of making it any smaller. I didn't go back after the recommended 2 weeks to use the extra filler so I would 100% recommend anyone who has this procedure to take the surgeon up on that offer! I certainly will be this time around!

I think that Dr. Goyal and his team are amazing. His work was subtle but made such a huge impact on my confidence and how I viewed my face especially my side profile. You can't put a price on confidence and feeling comfortable in your skin. I feel like the best version of myself which I think is a great feeling to have albeit vain but hey, I embrace it!

I'd like to extend my thanks once again to all of those who work at Botonics. The work these guys do is truly outstanding and their service is beyond 5 stars. I put my trust and my nose in their hands and they did not disappoint!

Non- Surgical nose treatment

5 /5


7th February 2018

I had first got my nose treatment done in 2016 from Nerushka, i had a very weird shaped nose you could say a typical asian nose? It almost looked broken. I used to hate looking at myself in the mirror and was not able to get rhinoplasty due to cultural and religious reasons. I came across nerushka on youtube where I listened to her video on the non surgical nose treatment, how she explained which types of noses couldbe treated (almost all) and she seemed so nice in the video I immediately felt like i could trust her. After my first treatment i could of cried! My nose looked so lovely i looked like a new person,my pictures looked better my confidence was better , i started to go out more and helped me in my personal life as well. I then went again in 2017 which was fantastic the second time money well spent. The third time i came across a Dr close to me who had his own private clinic and was actually myGP so i thought i could trust him as he was local and i knew him. He absolutely ruined my nose! I looked awful i was crying for weeks! I relied on a contour kit to allow me to have the strength just to leave the house, i didnt recognise myself and i had spent so much money. I decided to allow the filler to dissolve naturally rather than paying to have it all removed (which would have worked out more expensive because i still had filler in my nose from the year before). After 15 months i came back to Nerushka and im soo happy now! My nose is almost back to normal, no droopiness, better side profile, better shape and it will look even nicer contoured. I really cant express how fantastic she is, shes an artist. You dont even need to tell her or show her pictures of what you want, its like she can read your mind and knows exactly what will suit you. She is very honest and will never pressure you into anything. I also have bad skin, so she always made me feel comfortable, if you are nervous you shouldn’t be! I wish i had done this years ago rather than being unhappy with my nose and hating myself. Bill is so very helpful when trying to accomodate you with your availability and is very understanding if you need to re schedule or move appointments. Overall, thank you! X

Wish I'd discovered Dr Henriques sooner

5 /5


27th January 2018

The entire process from booking to the appointment + follow-up, was seamless. Great care and attention was taken and I was made to feel at ease by Dr Henriques. She is also extremely personable and thorough- a true expert. Having been dissatisfied by the results of a rhinoplasty, I was heartened to discover that there might be a way to rectify the situation via nose fillers. Dr Henriques attention to detail is second to none and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone considering injectables.

My experience at Botonics has been …Amazing

5 /5

Sarah Smith

11th January 2018

My experience at Botonics has been amazing I have now been seeing Naruschka for almost 2yrs and had a a few treatments. The staff are always friendly and welcoming. The non surgical nose job treatment is less painful than expected. The results are always excellent. 

After having the procedure I feel more confident . Naruschka is amazing and exceptionally talented at her craft, my nose looks so natural its the nose I always wanted. 

I would highly recommend this clinic.

My experience with botonics !

5 /5


28th December 2017

The shape of my nose has been a slight insecurity my whole life in which I thought that a rhinoplasty was the only option until I found out about botonics. On arrival, I felt extremely comfortable and the procedure was explained to me in detail, with the intention for me to have no questions before proceeding. The procedure was painless, and the results were amazing as I no longer had any bumps on my nose ! Narushka was so helpful and supportive and counselled me through the whole process which made it a lot easier. I didn’t expect such a friendly experience and was honestly blown away. I was able to go home feeling a new person and would recommend it for anyone who wished to slightly alter there nose shape !

treatment less painful than expected

5 /5


12th December 2017

treatment less painful than expected
excellent results very happy will defiantly return to Botonics.

I've been coming to Naruska for my non surgical treatment for a few years.

5 /5


6th December 2017

I've been coming to Naruska for my non surgical treatment for a few years. She's helpful and is professional with her time and service. Good knowledge and understanding of her work too. Well recommended company botonics.

Look no further than botonics!

5 /5


22nd November 2017

Narushka is a true professional!!! As a newbie to cosmetic enhancement world, I was scared out of my mind of what to expect and how it would all go, but once I met Narushka really felt put at ease and comfortable. She has such a warm nature and its clear straight away that she has a high level of expertise. I had the tear trough treatment done, I'm still in my 20s but I had quite prominent eye bags (which I tried to cover with glasses for years). The treatment was noticeable instantly and I had a MAJOR boost in confidence - honestly if you have eye bags you understand how self conscious you get about them. My swelling lasted no more than 3 days. I then came back for a non surgical nose job which I LOVED! I really underestimated how much a nose can change the whole appearance of the face, It looked sleeker and gave me such a beautiful profile.It was a painless procedure with barely any swelling for me. If you're trying to decide whether to go to botonics or not, I would say do it!!!! Seriously, The staff that deal with bookings (I had Bill) are super friendly and co operative aswell.
I highly recommend this clinic.

Non-surgical Nose Job - Dr Naruschka

5 /5


16th October 2017

My experience with Botonics was great. I went there for a non-surgical nose job and I was really scared to start with, I've always been frightened when it comes to any sort of intervention however this has totally changed my view and my life altogether.
Dr Naruschka was great, she was extra gentle and the job ended up being totally painless. I am so happy with the results and so was everyone around me.
I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering any sort of plastic/cosmetic surgery. Everyone there was lovely and very helpful.

Naruschka is amazing!!!

5 /5


9th August 2017

After relocating to the UK from Texas, I was on the search for a clinic as good as the one back home. I checked out about 5 or 6 places before finding Botonics. Naruschka is literally AMAZING, and her work is like no other. She has an eye for aesthetic undoubtedly better than most "Cosmetic surgeons". I highly recommend going to see her, she is absolutely excellent. I really wish there were more people like her that care about their work like she does. Naruschka and the team at Botonics are almost certainly ahead of the game. i'm so glad I found them.

Happy Black Customer!

5 /5


27th July 2017

I'm a black woman, my nose is naturally flat and wide due to my ethnicity and it also lacked definition as well as having a bulbous tip and bending to the left which was very noticeable in photos. Over the years I considered getting cosmetic surgery and travelled as far as the US to consult with top rhinoplasty surgeons and nearly spent a fortune to get my nose done but I'm so grateful I didn't! I discovered Narushka (who is beautiful and talented) through a popular make up YouTube channel, I didn't know much about the procedure but a few days later I called Botonics clinic and booked a consultation with her and possible procedure. When I arrived Narushka explained in detail 1. each step of the procedure 2. what to expect 3. what type of fillers she uses in the nose. I decided to go ahead with the procedure the same day, which took about 30 mins in total including numbing cream and injections. The procedure didn't hurt too much but I initially had visible bruising on the top of my bridge and I could feel swelling in my nose the next day. Narushka built up the bridge of my nose, particularly in between my eyes and even upon first sight I could see how it has given my face a more structured and balanced appearance. I had the procedure about 6 weeks ago and I'm still floating! My nose has healed wonderfully and what I have come to understand is the structure of your nose is central to your face just like a good pair of eyebrows and a small amount of filler can completely transform your whole look! My nose is straight and my face is more symmetrical and beautiful esp in photos while staying true to my ethnicity. Narushka's work looks natural, she is the best I have come across and the compliments from complete strangers have been amazing and are a testament this was well worth the investment, I would recommend Narushka to my family and friends and I will definitely be back. Thanks!

Extremely impressed

5 /5


10th July 2017

As a professional artist, who previously appeared on ITV Stars In their Eyes, i came to see Naruschka and i was extremely impressed with her work. The procedures i had was with my nose and cheek bones, I am so thrilled with how it looks, that i will be going back soon. Carmel Hunter

I had a fantastic experience when I had Dermafiller Treatment after having rhinoplasty 6 years previously, correcting asymmetry in my nose!! Truly fantastic service and wouldn't go anywhere else.

5 /5


9th July 2017

I had a fantastic experience when I visited the Harley Street clinic. I visited the clinic because I was concerned about some asymmetries after having a rhinoplasty 6 years previously and I wanted to find out more about the dermafiller treatment being offered. I met with the specialist Naruschka who answered every question I had and even provided me with a very personal and professional service, full of great knowledge, advice with years and years of experience regarding the treatment as well as the industry as a whole. She wasn't interested in selling the product like other clinics but was more interested in why I wanted the treatment and how she could help, and what the best results would be for myself. She explained to me with transparent and full inclusive pricing and what methods I could go about paying for the treatment which was really useful and most importantly made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I visited the clinic twice, firstly to have a consultation and then came back shortly after to have the procedure as I wanted to make sure I had all of the necessary pre-care and aftercare products available ready for me to use, which Botonics recommend. The whole experience was amazing and I am returning for further treatment as I wouldn't go anywhere else. The treatment was less painful than what I expected and the results blew my mind immediately after having the treatment, so overall the experience was worth it and I wouldn't change anything. Botonics also helped me when I needed to reschedule my appointment and I truly felt like they were so helpful with this. Naruschka and Bill were fantastic and I truly believe that the treatment and the service provided here at Botonics in Harley Street London was truly a 5 star service.

In calm hands

5 /5


14th June 2017

I was very very pleased with the work I had done at Botonics! I did not know if I would go through with getting dermal filler for my nose and tear ducts, but their emailed newsletters greatly motivated me. When I finally made an appointment, I was very impressed by their kind and thorough communication that helped me be fully prepared for the consultation and procedure. Dr. Goyal is who did my procedure and I was glad I was in his hands for this. He was very calm and worked smoothly. The thing I liked best about him is that he would double and triple check the injections to make sure they were even and produced the effect I was looking for. I can tell his aesthetics are very important in his decision making and that they were a great benefit to improving my face. He had steady hands and communicated well which made the procedure very easy (even though I was very nervous). I bruised a bit afterward, but it was not very noticeable, and quickly went away after using a hot compress (as they suggested). It now feels so natural and I am so pleased with boost in confidence I now have!

Excellent Naruschka! Excellent result!

5 /5


23rd May 2017

At first I was very nervous though am decided to go through it. But, when I met Naruschka, I was overwhelmed with her kindness and excellent professional approach. I can tell straight away that this lady knows exactly what she is doing and as we were having a conversation I can see it from her that she knows what I need and what result I want to achieved.

Today, I can see the true transformation of my nose as the swelling has totally gone down and I all I can say.. am blessed to know her and her lovely team who had been very supportive from day one and am so glad I have chosen Botonics.

Based on my experience, total healing takes time. So, I suggest if you have a special occasion to attend to, please have it done a month before that occasion for a perfect look. However, it depends on the person.

For those scared of pain, well, I felt nothing except a little bit on my nostril but it's alright. Naruschka will see to to it that you are at your most comfortable condition.

I had a long journey with the annoying underground train noise, etc, however, my effort was worth it.

It's a fulfilled dream for me.

Thank you Naruschka for doing the best for me and my sincere thanks and appreciation to your team. And, I shall see you again very soon. Xxx

Non surgical nose job

5 /5


10th May 2017

Im extremly happy with the results of my nose. Naruschka is very professional and was very honest about how the results would turn out and told me exactly what to expect. Overall my experience was amazing.

Non surgical nose job

5 /5

Louise Elliott

27th April 2017

I am absolutely delighted with the results of last week's treatment for nose asymmetry. I felt in very safe hands with Naruschka and under no pressure during our initial consultation. 40 years of hating my nose was banished in a 15 minute, virtually painless, procedure. I always thought I detested my nose because it was too big but that was a red herring; it was the asymmetry - which has now been corrected. It looks so much prettier both face on and in profile and I feel more confident as a result. Highly recommended: my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

Went in for a non-surgical nosejob

5 /5


17th April 2017

Went in for a non-surgical nosejob. My Dr - Dr Goyal - was very friendly during my free initial no-strings-attached consultation and answered all my questions - no 'pressure sales' tactics at all! I left saying I'll mull it over and Dr Goyal was completely fine with me deciding not to have the procedure if I didn't feel comfortable. The free consultation was VERY helpful for me, as I probably wouldn't have bothered at all if it hadn't been free. Before the consultation I was probably leaning towards not having the procedure, as I was very sceptical, but after Dr Goyal answered my many questions I began to consider it more seriously.

I thought it over for a while and I ultimately decided to go through with it as I really appreciated the respect and time Dr Goyal gave during my consultation and felt I could trust him. The procedure was very quick and exactly as he'd described - and the results were great! 2 weeks later I went in for a follow-up appointment and was again very happy with Dr Goyal and the aftercare provided. I had forgotten to take before/after photos and Bill and Rosalie (my points of contact) kindly sent me the photos Dr Goyal had taken. They were also quite quick in getting back in touch with me and helping me booking my appointments.

Overall, a very good experience, Dr Goyal was friendly and professional, and completely understanding of my hesitance to have the procedure and I never felt 'pushed' into making a decision, and Bill & Rosalie were very helpful in setting up my appointments and answering any 'over-the-phone' questions I had. Professional, friendly, and great results.

Highly recommended

5 /5


5th April 2017

I have done a tear trough treatment and a non-surgical nose enhancement with Narushchka Henriques and I cannot be happier.

I have spent months researching online about fillers and looking for the most recommended surgeries out there. I went to a consultation with one “celebrity” doctor and then chose to have a tear trough treatment with another well-known doctor. They were pretentious, impatient and overly priced for the service they offer. I wasn’t given any information before or after the treatment and had no idea what to expect. I knew I would not return to either of them.

I found Naruschka on the Internet and right from the start I felt that I’m in safe hands. I was given pre-treatment information by her team and could find lots more on their website. During the consultation I didn’t really need to explain Naruschka anything, she immediately saw what kind of improvements I was after and gave an honest opinion whether I should have certain treatments or not. I decided to go ahead with the treatments that day and found that her technique caused me much less bruising than the first doctor that treated me. The after-care instructions helped a lot and the support from her team is excellent. I was healing much faster this time and the final results looked much more natural.

I cannot be more pleased with Naruschka and would recommend her to anyone!!


5 /5


2nd April 2017

I have had treatments at various clinics in London, however none of them compare to Botonics. The level of skill, knowledge and care goes over and above any I have ever previously received. Naruschka is kind, calm and an expert at what she does. All my treatments have been perfect and achieved exactly the results I hoped for. The most recent treatment I have had is a non-surgical nose job. I now have a perfectly symmetrical nose following the treatment. I have also previously had botox and will continue to do so at botonics.

Non-surgical nose job

5 /5


31st March 2017

I had my non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure back in November.

I was absolutely ecstatic with the results and I could not believe how something so simple had altered my appearance so dramatically.

I had quite a prominent dorsal hump in my nose and this now looked completely straight. Naruschka did explain to me in detail that a lot of this would be swelling and that the appearance my alter slightly as the healing process took place.

One week later I will still overjoyed with the results of my nose. The swelling had subsided almost completely and although a tiny (I cannot stress how tiny) part of the bump was visible again, it was such an improvement on my original nose that it did not bother me in the slightest.

That was until I received a negative comment from somebody who I had thought of as close to me and a supportive friend. They told me that they could see the bump clearly, it was a waste of money and that it didn't look any better.

Suddenly, a wave of insecurity hit me and I took this persons words literally. What I was seeing in the mirror was not matching the comments they had made, but in my own head their words rang (unrightfully) true.

I therefore contacted Bill and Naruschka and made a formal complaint about my nose. They tried to explain and address each one of my issues in a calm and professional manner, but at this point I was unwilling to listen and was feeling very insecure. I can admit that I was not the easiest client to have. They asked me to send pictures of my nose, which I sent and they then sent these back to me along with the pictures of my original nose before the procedure. By this point, I had taken steps to remove the negative person who initially commented from my life and I could now see that the results were undeniably good.

It has been almost 5 months, and even though a minimal amount of filler has dissolved my nose still looks so much better than it did originally.

I am going back to the clinic on Friday 7 for a second treatment.

Everyone has told me my nose still looks so much better that I do not even need to go back! But I think that I am a bit of a perfectionist and I am confident Naruschka can take my nose to the next level for me personally.

I cannot stress enough how comfortable I am to be going back to the clinic, even after the way I initially reacted, they accepted my apology with grace and were very understanding and supporting of the situation when I finally explained to them and were more than happy to welcome me back. Bill explained to me that it can be quite common for friends/family to give negative feedback after somebody has undergone a cosmetic procedure, and this made me feel a lot better and willing to share my experience to hopefully help others who may experience the same thing!

It's all in the detail - highly recommended

5 /5


22nd March 2017

I have been seeing Naruschka Henriques for many years now and I definitely wouldn't trust anyone else to give my face this level of care and attention.

Naruschka is nothing less than outstanding when it comes to delivering the very best results every time I have a treatment with her. Without fail, I have always been well taken care of and completely reassured every step of the way.

She’s absolutely amazing - especially when it comes to detail. She's always attentive to my every need.

I can't recommend her enough.

Non surgical nose job

5 /5


7th March 2017

I first came across Naruschka when I was researching non surgical nose jobs online. On the botonics webpage there is a lot of informational aswell as reviews for this procedure and before and afters of Naruschkas work which concreted my decision to go to her for my treatment. I am from Northern Ireland and I could not find anyone here with the skill to do this procedure so I flew to the Harley street clinic in London to meet Naruschka on December 12th 2016. I was obviously very nervous but I had no need to be. Naruschka is the loveliest woman you will ever meet! and she puts all your worries to rest. Not only was her bedside manner so good but I could tell straight away that she is an expert in her field which really put my mind at ease. We took our time and nothing was rushed, I was able to show her pictures of what I wanted and she listened to exactly what I wanted to achieve and told me if this was possible. I had a bump on my nose that I wanted straightened out but Also wanted to look incredibly natural because I didn't want my friends or family to notice anything. After the procedure was complete Naruschka told me there would be swelling and bruising etc for a few days. This is where you should really take heed of botonics aftercare advice. I was extremely unprepared and had not purchased the arnica cream or anything. I also should mention I had a cold and had to travel on a plane later that evening to get home to Northern Ireland. With all of this combination, when I woke up the next day my swelling was very bad. This is not to say that anyone else will have the same experience but if you do plan to fly over to see Naruschka then just take into consideration all if the pre care and after care advice botonics give you, as I believe the flying did make my swelling worse. So when I woke up the next day I panicked and gave Naruschka a call. Again, she was so incredibly lovely and put me at ease. She calmed me down and told me what to do, insuring I kept hydrated, used heat to help the swelling and to take anti inflammitorys. She asked me to send pictures of the swelling to make sure everything looked normal. Again I just wanted to mention this part because even after you have had the procedure this clinic and its staff will all take care of you even after you leave. After 3-4 days my swelling reduced dramatically and I could then see that the result was exactly what I had asked for. I was over the moon! My confidence came back and there are no words to describe how good it feels to have been self conscious about something all your life and for it suddenly to be gone! Naruschka is a true artist. My nose was so cute! She has honestly changed my life!

Another reason why botonics are so good is that if you have anything left in your syringe they will keep it for you for a few weeks in case after the swelling goes down you will need a top up. Unfortunately because of work commitments and being in a different country, I couldn't pop back in a couple of weeks later for my top up. So I decided to go back and see Naruschka yesterday, 6th march 2017. My Result was good and the filler had remained the same but had just went down a little after swelling on the tip of my nose which I wanted to add too. Naruschka remembered me and was just so lovely to me. She remembered my nose and knew exactly what I wanted done. She gives you such a personal experience, I couldnt believe she remembered our conversation from when I first met her and what I wanted. She filled my nose once again I am back home now recovering and after being more prepared this time round my swelling is barely noticeable. This has honestly changed my life. I will continue to do this procedure for as long as possible and I will go to no one else except Naruschka. The experience was so brilliant, her team Bill and Rosalie are both so lovely to deal with and if you have any issues they are willing to bend over backwards to help you. The service is exceptional and I am so so happy. You will not regret going to botonics that's for sure!!

Tear trough treatment and non surgical nose job

5 /5

Miss Kaur

1st February 2017

I would like to say a big thank you to Naruschka Henriques and all the team - Rosalie and Bill for the excellent service I received from Botonics. After doing some extensive research over many months this was the company I chose to have my procedure. I lacked self confidence after suffering from a very terrible incident over many years which left me with a damaged nose due to a fracture. I explained my circumstances to Naruschka who was compassionate and give her honest opinion in what was possible through treatment. I also have suffered for many years with hollow and dark eyes and was keen to address this also. After a lengthy consultation (which was free) I decided to go ahead with both procedures and had filler in both my nose and tear trough. I was talked through the whole process and only felt a slight pinch after being numbed up well!

Well all I can say is the results left me amazed. My nose looks straight and the area under my eyes full and fresh. My confidence has been boosted and I've not felt this good about myself in a very long time. I traveled from Leeds and it was so worth it

In comparison to all the other companies the prices were more than competitive and the service 100%

Thank you all at Botonics and I'll be seeing you very soon

Naruschka is amazing - non surgical nose job

5 /5


30th January 2017

Around three months ago myself and my sister visited Dr Naruschka through a free consultation regarding non surgical nose reshaping.

Prior to that we had been extremely self conscious regarding our noses (as we had a bump) and was researching rhinoplasty in London. So much so that we had a consultation with a few well known surgeons in London. As we didn't have enough money at the time for rhinoplasty we looked for alternatives and found botonics online (so glad we did!)

Naruschka is such a beautiful person both inside and out and knows exactly what she's doing! She is so friendly and highly knowledgeable, she doesn't pressure you to do ANYTHING. In fact we discussed having our lips done with her which she then advised us to let our nose settle in first (as it was our first ever treatment) and not do our lips.

Three months later we haven't had a day where we are insecure about our noses and we are SO happy we didn't follow through with rhinoplasty. The results are soooo natural that no one (even family members) noticed but make a bit difference to your self confidence.

Tips for anyone wanting to get it done:
- Naruschka is the best in my opinion and I wouldn't ever go with anyone else.
- There is a LOT of swelling so don't freak out (for two weeks)
- Results are perfect after a month

Honest advice

5 /5


21st January 2017

I went to office twice after hearing the advice I got from Anushka and her personal opinion. I decided not to go ahead.

The advice I got from her was honest and non baised. Even thou I didnt go ahead I would still recommend this company.


5 /5


17th January 2017

I choose Botonics after some research and needed an urgent appointment As I don't live in London and decided on nose fillers a week before my arrival.
My appointment came through and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed right from this very first stage.
Naruschka was patient,polite and thorough but most importantly extremely professional and knows her work.
I left grinning ear to ear and couldn't have asked for a more perfect result!
Highly recommend Botonics!

Great experience

5 /5

Syed Ahmed

30th December 2016

I booked an appointment for 9pm August 31st 2016. Intended to have treatment on the day. Narushka made me feel relaxed, couple injections & it was done. The next morning, hardly any bruising however nose did look quite big but started looking normal after 2-3days. Great. Thanks


5 /5


24th November 2016

I heard of Naruschka after doing extensive research a few years ago for very minor amount of fillers. I am young and involved in the media, but absolutely not in the side that looks ' done'. Subtlety and a natural looking 'fix' was so important and I have now been going to Botonics for over 3 years. The appointments are quick, nearly painless and never a big deal. Naruschka is the first to say no if I have lost sight of what I think I need realistically, and has turned me down for top ups once or twice when I didn't need them. She has also completely transformed longterm skin issues I was having with a couple of recommendations for products that I imagine I will now be using for life. She is completely trustworthy and knows exactly how to get the results you want. Additionally, over the time I have been seeing her, she has become more and more difficult to get an appointment with which is a very good sign! In such a scary industry, Naruschka is like Goldust. Find her and keep hold of her! I can recommend her and Botonics 100%

Non Surgical Nose Job

5 /5


13th October 2016

I had always been uncomfortable with the slight bump on my nose and spent a long period of time finding the place I thought was best for me. As soon as I contacted botonics I knew that this was the place to carry out my procedure. Both Bill and Naruschka were very helpful and professional from the moment I contacted Botonics regarding the non surgical nose job. The consultation itself with Naruschka was very relaxed and she put me at ease straight away. The procedure was not as painful as I expected and I was extremely happy with my result. I high recommend Botonics, Naruschka and Bill for their professionalism, friendliness and results!

Flawless, natural results!

5 /5


27th April 2016

Firstly, I must say that since my first contact with them, I found the Botonics team to be friendly, patient and professional. This first impression was very important, in that it enabled me to establish trust in the clinic. I've had the non surgical rhinoplasty treatment done by Narushka a few times, and I'm so happy with the results each time that I usually smile all the way home! At this point, I don't think I can ever trust anyone else to do my maintenance when it is due. The work is subtle and natural looking, while at the same time gives me a fresher, and more youthful look. Simply perfect. And so, based on my personal experience, I would recommend Botonics highly. As I stated earlier, I will definitely be staying with them for the foreseeable future.

Naruschka is my fairy godmother.

5 /5


14th March 2016

As soon as I entered Botonics, I was personally welcomed by Narushcka. She's the most professional and loveliest person you'll ever meet! She's literally changed my life and boosted my confidence to great extent. Naruschka applies any type of dermal filler with confidence and immediately grasps your vision on what you'd like to have done and how you want the results to look like. She always makes me feel relaxed as I hate needles and applied generous amounts of tropical anaesthetic to relieve the pain - plucking my eyebrows feels more painful! I've recently started a fashion blog and I feel so confident when I'm on set during photoshoots. If you're researching for the best filler practitioner then look no further! Botonics will forever be my go to place to get my injections. They offer free consultations, give the best medical advice and the best prices in London!

Reputable service

5 /5


7th March 2016

I first visited Botonics a number of years ago. I wanted to opt for tear trough and a nose enhancement procedure. Initially I was very nervous as I am not the best with needles but Narushka put me at ease straight away. Her knowledge and advice around the procedure was great and made me felt reassured. The procedure itself was fairly painless- i was left with a small amount of bruising under the eye area but that cleared within a few days. Overall I would highly recommend Narushka and botonics, as I have been going for a number of years and have never had any problems.

Satisfied result

5 /5


4th March 2016

Despite of a higher than average price, the results are rather pleasing! I am very happy!

Fantastic Service from Start to Finish!

5 /5

Mr Soma

19th January 2016

I have always felt slightly insecure about my nose shape and after a bit of research on the options to correct this I found the company Botonics. I contacted them and spoke to Bill who scheduled in my appointment for my initial free consultation. Not only was Bill friendly and knowledgeable he has always been great at scheduling the consultations around my busy schedule as I own my own business and live quite far up North so he was very understanding about that and I always got the consultations to suit me. He also explained the pricing clearly so there were no nasty surprises later on. My specialist Naruschka Henriques was an absolute star and I have nothing but praise for her. When I met her for my initial consultation I felt no pressure of time or that she really wanted me to go with the surgery etc. It was extremely relaxed which gave me the confidence to move forward with the treatment. I was shocked as the treatment was not as painful as I thought but it helped knowing I was in good hands and I felt completely at ease from start to finish. I can't recommend Botonics enough as not only did they help me get my dream nose without having to go through plastic surgery the whole team have always remained extremely professional throughout my dealings with them. Even a year later they contacted me to see if I was happy with the results and if there was anything else they could do. I look forward to my next treatment with them and have written this in depth review as a business owner who feels that when you have received good service it is important to let other people know. Thank you once again to the Botonics team.

Nasal dermal filler

5 /5


7th January 2016

I recently had dermal filler to correct a prominent dorsal hump. The service was excellent throughout, both bill and narushka were very professional. I needed a top up after two weeks but this was included in the initial cost. There was almost no pain during the procedure but some swelling for around one week afterwards. Even with the swelling, nobody noticed that I had the procedure. The result is subtle but makes a big difference to my profile. The initial consultation was very useful, all of the risks were explained and I was in no way pressurised to continue the treatment. I would recommend this clinic for anyone thinking of having this done.

Non-surgical Nose Job & Lip Enhancement

5 /5

Very Satisfied Client

18th December 2015

I had always been conscious about my profile as I had a bump on my nose and felt like it was the most prominent feature on my face, which I hated. I knew of people who had Rhinoplasty surgery and was seriously considering to also go down that route, however felt a little apprehensive as this would be an invasive procedure and was worried that if it was not completed properly I may be left with a permanent crooked nose.

I researched non-permanent/non-invasive surgery and found dermal fillers would be the most suitable for my needs, as it was not permanent and if I did not like the results after a couple of months my nose would go back to its original shape.

I researched so many companies over several months, but Botonics really stood out for me, although more expensive the literature contained on the website in addition to before and after pictures, videos and client reviews really helped me to make a decision to where I was going to get my treatment. I was struggling to find a provider with great testimonials who were able to evidence the work they had completed with previous clients, whereas Botonics had everything a potential client would want to see and read before booking a consultation. To be quite honest I was a little uncertain with the reviews I read on the Botonics website as each review was so positive and all clients expressed what a great experience they had and the exceptional service they received, so I was a little weary that maybe Botonics were actually writing their own reviews to entice potential clients to choose them.

I finally made a decision that I wanted to go ahead with the dermal filler treatment, so made contact with Botonics. I received a call back from Bill who was extremely pleasant and very helpful, he was able to answer all my questions (no mater how stupid I sounded) which really put me at ease and made me feel more confident in choosing Botonics.

Bill booked a consultation for me at my earliest convenience, and was able to get an evening appointment (due to personal commitments), which suited me brilliantly. Once the consultation was booked Bill sent me information regarding the treatment and also guidance on before and aftercare e.g. products required to take before and after the treatment.

The day of my consultation arrived, I was a little anxious but Dr. Naruschka Henriques made my nerves disappear and was very thorough with her approach making me aware of all the risks associated with dermal fillers etc. She listened very carefully to what I wanted, the results I wanted to achieve (a subtle change that people will not notice) and answered all my questions. I was also not happy with the shape of my bottom lip and mentioned this in the consultation, Dr Henriques expressed that she would also be able to amend the shape of my lips so they looked more symmetrical.

Dr. Henriques asked if I wanted to have the treatment on the same day, there was no pressure if I did not want to go ahead with the treatment on this appointment, but I decided to go ahead with it. I thought this would have been the approach because in the client reviews I had read previously clients had mentioned getting their treatment on the same day as their consultation and I had already prepared myself by taking Arnica tablets (helps reduce bruising) prior to my appointment.
Dr. Henriques prepared my face with the anaesthetic cream (to help reduce the pain of the procedure). Once I was numb she started to inject me with the filler, on some parts of my face I could not feel anything at all, but on the more sensitive parts it did feel a little uncomfortable and painful, however bearable. It took about 30 minutes to complete my nose and lips and the results were instant! I was so happy with the way I now looked.

Dr. Henriques did explain that I will bruise for a few days but to continue to take the Arnica tablets and to use the Arnica cream to reduce the bruising. The first night and day of the procedure it was a little uncomfortable (feeling pain due to the bruising and swelling), I was a little concerned as I did not expect this, but within 2 -3 days the swelling and bruising had reduced, and I still continued to use Arnica tablets and cream. Even though there was swelling and bruising no one could notice. It took just over a week for the bruising etc. to completely go.

Its now three weeks since having the treatment and I can honestly say I am over the moon with the results. I feel so much more confident and less conscious about the way my nose looks. The results are so subtle and natural no one notices that I’ve had any treatment unless I tell them. I only had one friend that noticed (shes had rhinoplasty surgery) and she was really impressed with the results she had to go and research Botonics herself and said the results seen on the website are amazing.

Overall I am so happy with the service received from the Botonics team, I will be returning in the future for maintenance treatments and will definitely be recommending Botonics to everyone I know. My experience with Botonics has confirmed that every review on the website is genuine including my own!

Nose enhancement

5 /5


7th December 2015

Not got much to say but great service, brilliant results and bill and naruschka very helpful and very professional, after having the nose enhancement its changed my life I'm more confident thanks to the treatment and Bill and naruschka, I recommend using them to anyone

Non surgical rhinoplasty

5 /5


1st December 2015

I looked into having a non surgical rhinoplasty procedure as I have been unhappy with my nose for years - it is naturally flat, wide and bulbous and seems to have got more so as I have got older and had children (I am 39). I discovered the botonics group online and Bill was very helpful in slotting me into an appointment as a convenient date and time. Naruschka carried out the procedure and was very professional and pleasant and answered all my questions clearly and honestly. She felt I could benefit from the procedure and I decided to go ahead at the appointment, though I was not pressurised into anything. I was nervous about the procedure and how I would look afterwards, but Naruschka put my mind at ease and the procedure was slightly uncomfortable but not painful. My nose started swelling pretty much straight away but I could tell there was a difference. The next 24 hours my nose continued to swell, however I had been warned about this so was not overly concerned. You do need to be prepared for this though as it did get pretty big! Having said that my children did not even notice anything so I was probably more aware than others would be. I followed the aftercare advice (arnica and hot towel|) and the swelling gradually went down, so by day 3/4 my nose had really taken shape. I am thrilled with the results! Naarushka has given me a bridge, defined my tip and brought in my nostrils, so it looks exactly as I was hoping it would. The result is natural looking and subtle, and though I can tell a huge difference (and so can my husband who is the only person I have told about the procedure) others don't seem to have noticed or questioned anything, which is what I wanted funnily enough. I feel so much more confident and happy with myself and would not hesitate doing it again.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

4 /5


26th October 2015

Having done this treatment for the first time i was nervous as I did not know what to expect. However Dr.Naruschka explained the whole treatment in-depth and what to expect, also answering any questions that I had. I had the procedure done on the same appointment and it didn't take very long, and there was hardly any pain at all. Dr.Naruschka was very calm and talked to me throughout the whole procedure and kept me informed of what she was doing. I had some minor bruising on the bridge of the nose which took couple days to go, however the treatment was very good and the results were very satisfying. She told me that the first treatment will not last too long as its the first time filler is being used in my nose, however future treatments would last longer as the nose would get used to the filler and results would look even better. Overall I felt really happy with the results and how I was treated my Dr.Naruschka and Bill.

A star service

5 /5


11th September 2015

From the moment I arrived to botanic's I felt relaxed and comfortable. When I was seen by nurushka she was friendly and very polite I didn't feel like I was being forced to get any treatment done and she was very honest with what I should get done and she doesn't try to upsell which I appreciated! Definitely the place to go no doubt I can not fault them. Thanks to Bill also who has amazing perserverance and talent.

Successful non surgical rhinoplasty

5 /5


17th August 2015

Recently I have had a non surgical rhinoplasty at Botonics and I am satisfied with the results. There were two things I wanted to change about my nose. First of all I did not like the dorsal hump I have and secondly when I smiled the tip of my nose used to "drop down". During my free consultation Dr. Naruschka was very helpful in explaining the process to me and she answered all my questions. The second appointment when I had the treatment, did not last for long and I did not feel any pain. Dr. Naruschka was very careful and made me feel comfortable during the whole treatment. Three weeks after the treatment I had a free follow up appointment for Dr. Naruschka to check how is everything. Overall I am very satisfied with the results but it is very important for everyone who thinks of having this treatment to understand two things. Firstly, the results are temporary and secondly (for my case at least) this procedure cannot replace a surgical rhinoplasty. The filler can indeed make your nose look straight but the dorsal hump is obviously not removed. Of course, Dr. Naruschka explained all these matters to me and I knew what to expect. Now after having the treatment my nose looks much better and the dorsal hump can hardly been seen.

Non-surgical nose job procedure

5 /5

Louise Andrews

18th June 2015

I'm 17 years old and studying for my A levels, so not the typical client for these sorts of procedures. Nevertheless, after hating my nose and being self-conscious for as long as I can remember, I couldn't recommend this service any more highly. I was lucky to have the full support of my mum, who came with me to an initial consultation with Narushka. I was amazed to know that this was free, as having extensively researched and almost gone through with a surgical rhinoplasty, I know that this is almost unheard of in London. Narushka was extremely welcoming and honest about what I could expect from the procedure, as well as the risks involved. She also gave me and my mum lots of information on how to reduce bruising and swelling before and after the non-surgical nose job (which really helped, as I had no bruising at all, and the swelling went down completely after 3 days), and we organised to carry it out after my exams. The actual procedure wasn't too painful and lasted only about 15 minutes, and Narushka ensured that I was comfortable throughout. The pain after the procedure is also minimal, and Narushka is right in saying that only close friends/family will notice a difference - otherwise, people will just think it's you on a really good day! Nevertheless, the results are truly brilliant. You have to be slightly patient due to the swelling, but I was so shocked that Narushka was able to achieve a change from the front, as well as my side profile. After going in for my free follow up consultation, Narushka told me that I should expect the results to last for around 7 months, and that the outcome will improve on the 2nd procedure, which is a great bonus! My mum was also incredibly impressed by Bill and how prompt and accommodating he has been in organising the consultations/procedure. So, overall I can say that this has been an incredibly positive experience, and one that has hugely boosted my confidence. I couldn't recommend Narushka, or this particular procedure, more highly.

Outstanding treatment, service and results (Non-Surgical Nose Job)

5 /5

Stuart Webb

11th May 2015

I have been unhappy with my nose for many, many years now and at the age of 35, I decided to do something about it. I knew that surgery wasn't an option for me (point blank, I am too scared to go under the knife!) but when I heard about non-surgical nose enhancement, I got a free consultation with Naruschka at Botonics and she put me at ease straight away, explaining what could be done and what would be involved. The service was utterly fantastic and I knew immediately I was in safe hands. Even whilst talking to Bill on the phone, I felt immediately at ease (I am not someone who ever thought would be visiting a Harley Street Clinic!!).

So, I booked in for the treatment and I am still on the moon about the results. My confidence literally came back overnight and I almost burst into tears of joy when I saw what Naruschka had done. I still cannot believe it. Some slight bruising but this is to be expected (you are prewarned before your treatment to take Arnica tablets and have Arnica cream at the ready for any bruising which may occur) but the procedure itself was comfortable and the results smashed my expectations. I cannot stop looking at my new nose and very glad I chose Botonics. :-)

Non surgical rhinoplasty and lip enhancement

5 /5

Hanna Khan

30th March 2015

I went to see Naruschka for the non surgical rhinoplasty treatment and also for lip enhancement. I have only good things to say about my treatment. Firstly, I had always had a c shaped nose as it kind of drooped to the left side at the tip. Narushka corrected this for me in my first treatment. She also managed to lift the tip which I was very thrilled about. I now have a very refined and straight nose. With my lips, I had received a lip enhancement treatment previously from another clinic which I was not completely happy with. Narushka fully understood my concerns and went ahead to correct the problem. It was amazing that she knew instantly what the problem was. I went back I see Naruschka two later for a free review. She touched up on my nose and lips a which again I was very happy with. She also gave me some botox treatment which I had previously told her I wanted. This was done on my forehead. I was shocked at how painless this was. All in all I felt very comfortable and relaxed the whole time. I also didn't feel pushed into doing anything by Naruschka. In fact, she told me I didn't need a lot of treatments that I actually wanted. She honestly told me what she thought would enhance my features and I really do value her opinion and time. I am looking forward to seeing her soon again for some more treatments!!! Love that I found Botonics!!! :-D

Amazing defiantly recommend to everyone

5 /5

Miss A. Hussain

6th November 2014

I've been self conscious for quiet a while I wanted something which would be affordable but does the job too. Finally! A friend recommended Botonics to me with a reasonable price it all seemed to good to be true after receiving my treatment I couldn't be more happier the staff are so helpful and caring. I would defiantly recommend this to anyone I'm amazed at my results still cannot believe it thumbs up :)

I real couldn't reccomend Dr Naruschka more.

5 /5

Marie Everett

23rd October 2014

I have a deviated spetum which means that my nose is naturally visibly asymmetrical which has bothered me a lot over many years and significantly impacted upon my confidence. I didn't want to have anything as extreme as surgery done as I wanted to keep the general characteristics of my nose the same but just have it appear straighter.

I did lots of research and met with many doctors before meeting Dr Naruschka none of which I was happy with. I felt all of them rushed through our consultation, didn't listen to what I wanted and I just didn't feel confident in their hands, I felt like they wanted my money but didn't feel the need to go through any details with me. After much research and reading lots of reviews I booked in for a free consolation with Botonics and my experience was completely different. I really felt Dr Naruschka listened to what I wanted and what my concerns were, she wasn't pushy at all, she really took the time to study my face and after our discussion and seeing her previous work I felt incredibly confident that she had an amazing eye for beauty and created beautiful but most importantly NATURAL results which was very important to me.
I have since had two sessions with her and have been incredibly happy with the results, you would never know I had a deviated septum now, which was exactly what I wanted. She really is an artist, she makes incredibly subtle changes and has a wonderful eye. She will make you look great, but without anyone knowing you had anything done.

Excellent non surgical nose job

5 /5


23rd October 2014

I contacted Botonics since my nose is crooked and not symmetric and I wondered if a non-surgical approach might improve it. I am a doctor myself and searched for different options and I found this relatively new technique quite interesting and not invasive. Botonics replied that they could help making my nose look straighter and therefore "smaller", since it would fit better with the rest of my face. I took courage and did it. My nose was slightly swallen for 24h, with some small bruising that I covered with a concealer. Ice pack helps reducing these side effects. I am extremely pleased about the results: my nose looks straight without looking THAT different. My family did not notice anything abnormal, but interestingly while on holidays a new friend paid compliment to my nose and said I was lucky to be born with such a straight nose. That made me laugh really. So I can only be positive here because I got exactly what I wanted

amazing experience

5 /5


30th September 2014

I had a non surgical nose job and im soo surprised at how good my results are. The service could not have been better- super friendly and informative did not gloss over the risks was 100% honest and thats what makes them stand out to me! Definitely recommend to everyone !!!!!!!

Lip filler

5 /5

Ahlam Yahya

27th August 2014

Amazing love my lips was so happy to see my results 100% coming back for more for sure told my sister about this clinic and she got her lips done too she loves them

Very happy with my experience

5 /5


12th April 2014

I came across botanics via trust pilot, which show many positive reviews.
I met with Naruschka initially in Battersea, but during the treatment she noticed that I was swelling and advised to have a follow-up treatment. So I met with Naruschka again, this time in Harley Street. I was taken back by her observations, I have had fillers done in the past but no one has ever stopped due to me swelling, despite the fact it makes complete and utter sense to. Naruschka advised that with the swelling present it is hard to establish if she is placing the filler in the appropriate way/ area. She is an absolute pleasure and a great subject matter expert, which gives me piece of mind.

I am more than happy to refer others to her and will come back when top ups are required.

They are truly amazing!

5 /5


10th April 2014

They pay attention to individual's need, customer service is excellent!


5 /5


27th March 2014

I am beyond pleased with Botonics. I had never done any cosmetic procedure before and decided to do a non surgical nose enhancement. From start to finish Bontics were professional and helpful. I never once felt like I was in the wrong hands, at the free consultation Naruschka Henriques told me 'imperfections are what make us beautiful' and that she wouldn't try and perfect my nose but alter it to match my face, she did a great job complimenting my natural features and the honestly was much appreciated. Naruschka is amazing! She answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable and secure. She prepped me before the procedure, kept me at ease during the procedure and reassured me after it was done. Naruschka approached the whole treatment like she was a friend, I was so nervous and kept telling her what I wanted and what I didn't want but she kept saying 'trust me' 'I know what I'm doing' - and she was right! She knew exactly what she was doing.
I am so pleased with what my nose looks like now, people haven't even noticed the change but I am so much more confident. My compliments don't do the experience any justice - yes Naruschka is that good!
I have already recommended Botonics to 3 other people and would definitely be returning if I ever need to. Great customer service and great results!
Thank you Bill and Naruschka.

Excellent Results

5 /5


23rd March 2014

Finding a new clinic without a personal recommendation is always a daunting process. After searching extensively, the glowing reviews on here and the videos online seemed like a distinguishing feature in a sea of unknown options. On this basis, I booked with Botonics but clearly remember thinking "Please don't let me regret this leap of faith". Luckily, I didn't. Naruschka is a total perfectionist who studies the face and doesn't stop until she is perfectly satisfied with the results. Having visited to correct asymmetry in my nose, it was essential that the filler was placed perfectly and it was. On the basis of results alone, I wouldn't consider visiting anywhere else at this time.

I travel to London just for this!

5 /5

Rachel Hewson

19th March 2014

I am very pleased with Botonics. Not only is the service top-notch, but my doctor Naruschka is extremely skillful. I am such a pleased customer that I travel to London just for this. I would highly recommend it and it will definitely be worth the trip.

Very Good Service

5 /5


7th March 2014

The non surgical nose enhancement was very well done, no problems and the results were good. Naruschka Henriques was very good, clearly experienced, and was also very friendly towards me.

Absolute 5* star professional service and always a pleasure

5 /5

Joanne S

27th February 2014

I was one of those unfortunates that had been to a "Botox party" and had filler treatment in my nose bridge, which obviously did not turn out with the greatest results. So after extensive research on who to go and where to go for help, I found Botonics website. They answered my 101 questions as I did not know much about which procedure or outcome would be best suited for me. Every advice in reply was very prompt and professional, Botonics knew what they were talking about. I then had an appointment with practitioner Naruschka. From my first visit it was very informative, in-depth knowledge on what procedure and product was best for me, most importantly non pushy in what I decide. I have now been a client for I think over 3 years and every appointment is always a very warm, friendly and honest experience. Naruschka definitely knows extensive knowledge on all procedures with understanding of how each different product would work. The results have been more than satisfactory. A great professional asset.

Nice treatment with caring people

5 /5

Miss chan

16th February 2014

I did the nose enhancement and it was nice experience. Naruschka and bill are so helpful.

Happy with my treatment

5 /5


27th January 2014

I have had a dermal filler injection in my nose with Narouschka from Botonics. She was very pleasant throughout the treatment and checkup. She has a good eye and knows how to compliment her client's natural features. I'm happy with the result.

Not disappointed

5 /5


24th January 2014

I came to have the non surgical nose job in august 2013 after careful consideration .I was pleased with the result ,Narushka is a very lovely person and put me at ease. She explained the procedure in full to me and never applied any pressure. I experienced a black eye and soreness on the bridge of my nose a couple of days later for about a week . Narushka and Bill were very helpful and contacted me to check if the side effects were going . i wasn't put off by the side effects as i have had my second procedure done in January .Again i was ecstatic with the result and no side effects at all this time . I have got the nose i should have been born with straight with no hump . i cannot thank Narushka enough for how she has made me happy . if you are considering this procedure i would say to have it done and you will not be disappointed

Non surgical nose job & botox

5 /5

Natasha Higgs

12th December 2013

Before coming to botonics for my treatment, I had a hook nose. It appeared really huge and crooked and I absolutely hated it. Had no confidence at all. After having dermal filler and botox my nose seems so much straighter and actually seems smaller. I have more confidence than I have ever had. Naruschka done my treatment and she knew exactly what I needed. The end result was amazing and I cannot thank her enough.
I had just started a new job so it was hard for me to arrange a day off. Bill at botonics was absolutely brilliant, couldn't do enough to help. Excellent customer service!!
The whole process was fantastic and I will 100% be returning for more treatment.
Thank you!

Narushka is very VERY Talented! Great Experience Every Time!

5 /5

Cat Fluff

20th November 2013

After having this procedure with Cosmodocs i was very unhappy with the results. The doctor lacked any creative insight into the needs of the individual patient, placing the product 'by the book' to achieve nothing like what the procedure claimed. After the bad experience I decided to give is another go with a free consultation with Narushka. THANK GOD I DID! she talked to me about my concerns with the last treatment and what she would be able to do. I felt very at ease and did not feel she had tried to sell me anything. The results were amazing! right from the beginning it is obvious that Narushka is not only a medically trained professional but also had an incredible eye for detail and what looks good/realistic and beautiful. She completes the procedure with extreme care and precision to achieve a beautiful finish. If you are thinking about having this procedure then please please see her first with a free consultation and do not go with the cheapest option. I wasted £300 on my cosmodocs appointment which the wrong product was used and was actually less cost effective because it has half the life span of the current product used.

Wonderful Experience

5 /5


16th November 2013

Always wanted a higher nose bridge and Naruschka helped me achieved it! Everything was brilliant starting with the booking which Bill helped me with it a lot. At the consultation Naruschka explained everything in detail to me and the whole procedure was easy and quick. Swelling lasted for 3 days only, now I'm so happy with the result as it looks so natural! Wonderful overall!

Dr Naruschka Henriques is incredibly talented, I can't reccomend her enough.

5 /5

Mary Evans

31st October 2013

I have now had two nose enhancement procedures with Dr. Naruschka Henriques and I cannot recommend her enough. I had previously had surgery on my nose to aid my breathing as I had a deviated septum. However two years post surgery my nose was more crooked than before the surgery and I now had the bonus of lots of scar tissue, a shortened septum and a more bulbous tip. I had searched for years to try and find a surgeon who could straighten my nose with a second operation but the surgeons either said they weren't confident they could straighten it or they didn't listen to anything I said and seemed arrogant, different surgeons opinions didn't add up and I felt it was took risky and expensive. After a while I began to look for other solutions and met with a number of doctors regarding having a non-surgical procedure. Out of everyone I met Naruschka was the only doctor who I felt really listened to me, really took her time, and really looked at me and really thought about what would suit and work for me, and also never tried to push me to go for a treatment. I feel she really understands natural beauty and has the ability to enhance people but never to over do it and make them appear like they have had work. For the first time in my life I am happy having pictures taken of me, I really thought I would always have a crooked nose and I can't believe that such a quick, procedure with only a day or two of swelling could fix this for me. The aftercare is also great with a wonderful coordinator Bill who super helpful. I can't recommend enough.

A very happy client :)

5 /5

AMA London

30th July 2013

I never really am one to write reviews, but having visited Botonics on numerous occasions and had such great results, I thought I would share it to those who may be researching places for treatments.

I decided to go ahead with tear trough treatment and a nose enhancement treatment. Initially I was very nervous, and like many of you have come across some real horror stories online. On my first consultation with specialist Narushka, I immediately felt at ease. She was very knowledgeable and had a lot of experience on the anatomy of the face so was able to answer every question I threw her way. She explained the procedures from how she was going to do them, to how painful they were as well as aftercare. She was very friendly and I felt no pressure on needing to committ. However, I decided to opt for both treatments as I felt comfortable with Narushka. Both procedures were a lot less painful than expected, and I couldnt be happier with the results! Bill called me to organise payments as well as advise on any aftercare regimens etc which was really great and reassuring too. Both Narushka and Bill make a great team. I would recommend Botonics to anyone!

Absolutely fantastic results

5 /5


4th May 2013

My experience with botonics was amazing I got the results I wanted and more! Dr Naruschka was so friendly, wiling and professional. She explained how everything worked and I saw the results of my procedure immediately. I'm forever grateful and will be returning back to botonics.

Thank you.

Naruschka becomes a friend with only the best intentions for her patients

5 /5

Stephanie H

19th April 2013

I wanted to wait to write my review as I'm quite a cynic when it comes to this kind of thing, automatically assuming reviews have been written without merit or by staff. With this in mind I write this in complete honesty and I hope it helps at least one person in making their decision.

My treatments with Naruschka have been fantastic. She has never rushed the treatment or me. We talk through every aspect of what we plan to do and her explanations ensure I am confident in my understanding of procedures. Naruschka is gentle and kind; I genuinely feel she cares about each and every patient and speaks about her work with such grounded positivity. She doesn't over promise and her skills are proven in her work.

I initially found Botonics searching for nonsurgical rhinoplasty; I had a rhinoplasty to correct very traumatic break in my nose and septum, but the surgeon was a little heavy handed and I subsequently have asymmetry, scar tissue, raised nostril and saddle, with chipped bridge bone making wearing glasses and sunglasses very painful. I had toyed with another surgery but they felt it required bone from my rib. In searching for an alternative I stumbled over Botonics. After submitting interest and quickly hearing from a very well informed, friendly and polite Bill I had my consultation in which Naruschka outlined the possible outcomes and how she felt she could help, showing me examples, thoroughly examining my nose, going through my entire medical history, and of course discussing my hopes. I could not have felt more at ease and booked to have the treatment. Funnily enough, I wish I had booked a larger session in order to have done the treatment at that initial consultation.

Subsequently I have also had tear-trough treatment and we are discussing some additional subtle refreshes in other areas. My nose is so subtly changed, but to me the changes are enormous. I feel happy to look at people straight on, have my photo taken face on and the difference in my confidence is huge. I'm incredibly happy. As with the tear-trough treatment, I look like a better version of me. I couldn't have hoped for any better. Again there was no rushing. My nose was treated over two sessions, a fortnight apart, to ensure optimum results.

Naruschka has become a friend. I enjoy going to see her, chatting and catching up, all the while knowing I'm going to leave feeling happier and looking my best (maybe not as I leave the clinic, but I am sure you get my meaning). What more can you ask for? You can never ask a silly question, or need too much information. It's a unique way of treating patients in such a saturated and money driven area of aesthetic improvement. Additionally I like the honesty and transparency with Bill and Naruschka. There's never an awkward chat about cost or paying making the transactions pleasant.

Overall I cannot recommend Botonics enough. A great team with pride in making their clients happy. Bill is a fantastic and Naruschka is a wonderful practitioner. Thank you both.

Fantastic service, amazing results!

5 /5

Katie Wildeman

5th March 2013

From start to finish, my experience with Botonics has been great. Bill, my coordinator was very friendly and personable and talked me through the procedure and what I could expect at my free consultation thoroughly. I was extremely impressed with the free consultation process, my specialist, Naruschka made me feel at ease straight away, she was extremely professional and knowledgeable. Everything was explained to my partner and myself in great detail and all questions were answered fully. I didn't feel in any way obliged to go ahead with the procedure (nose enhancement), but chose to have it done straight away as I was so confident in the procedure, care and staff. The procedure itself was much less painful than anticipated and I left feeling extremely happy with my whole experience. I have woken up this morning with a new and much improved nose, especially from the side on. I have already been contacted by Bill to make sure that I was happy with my experience and to ensure that I have full after care details. I cannot recommend Naruschka enough, everything was carried out with the minimum of fuss, and although extremely professional I felt more like I was visiting an old friend than undergoing a clinical procedure. In summary, lovely staff, professional and knowledgeable specialists, fantastic results and one very happy client!

Very happy

5 /5


22nd December 2012

After recreational drug use my nose had lost volume and felt 'empty' and it was always on my mind that I wasn't happy with the way it looked. I looked into dermal fillers and choose to come to Botonics. Naruschka was so lovely and so easy to talk to about my concerns which can be quite embarrassing but she made me feel comfortable and at ease. My nose was quite sore and achey for a few days after but now it feels fine and looks great. I'm really happy and it is also subtle so nobody has noticed a dramatic change in my nose but I know it looks and feels better.


5 /5

Inessa Amber

17th December 2012

Hello there, I was recommended the Botonoks by a girlfriend of mine, because I have always been embarassed about the shape of my nose, especially because during the conversation, the tip of my nose slightly moved, being a little low. I always felt it had to be lifted a little,especially because I act in films and theatre, and often in front of the camera, taking pictures from different angles. I approached the clinic for the recommendation of possible procedures, not involving plastic surgery. I was very impressed by the friendly atmosphere in the clinic.They clearly explained what would be done, and I gladly accepted the treatment. It was fantastic, I will never regret it. The doctors took great care of me after the treatment, it was not painful, and just a few minutes spent in the clinic gave me new confidence in myself. Now I can easily stand in front of the camera without worrying about best angles, and I can easily move around the stage. I would like to thank all the staff for the great atmosphere, and for the job well done. Inessa Amber

The word that comes to mind every time I refer somebody to Botonics is ‘consistency'

5 /5

Mathew Whittaker

22nd November 2002

It all started with a chat from a friend who I was talking with about getting dermal filler in the top of my nose area, I suppose it hadn’t occurred to me you could have this done but shortly after speaking with her I knew what I wanted. I had always had issues around the nose area and felt that it played a major role in everyday life challenges from going shopping to having a night out, business meetings ect. it’s something which is so small and irrelevant that a lot of people would take it as being vain but when it comes down to it those people have no idea what you feel like inside. After contacting Bill (Botonics) he was amazing just brilliant from the outset he clearly went through every detail and made it very simple for me to understand, I had my first appointment with Naruschka (Botonics) and I was very nervous this was the start of something life changing for me, Naruschka (Botonics) is one of these people you feel automatically comfortable with, very charming put me at ease and all my concerns and really worked hard on making me look and feel like I’ve always wanted to.
There was no pain from the injection going in very easy flowing and fast, once Naruschka (Botonics) had finished I looked in the mirror and started really getting emotional after all these years the problem was fixed and I feel almost instant relief.
The bruising is minimal and the pain is far to none, an hour treatment and you’re done! I have been to see Naruschka (Botonics) 3 times now and keep coming back for the same boost of confidence; I have been in talks with her about dermal fillers for my cheeks and Botox around the forehead area, which I’m very keen to explore.
I don’t like to speak about money but the rates for the customer service you receive is exceptional, the payment plan is a really good way of maintaining your look and being able to afford it!
The word that comes to mind every time I refer somebody to Botonics is ‘consistency’ in the world we live today many people do the same job but very few are willing to go that extra mile and deliver every time.

Mathew 24 Kent/London


5 /5


8th June 2012

Naruschka is brilliant! I had dermal fillers in my nose after drug abuse, I had 2 sessions with Naruschka and she has completely resolved my problem. The procedure did not hurt at all and healed within 2 days.
I would definately use botonics again.

Professional and service minded

5 /5


19th May 2012

So far I have had two treatments done by Naruschka Henriques and am very happy with the results. I had fillers injected to the cheekbones and to the root of my nose to make it straighter. Naruschka was very professional and friendly and i would recommend her to anyone.

My cheekbones look defined now but still natural. I will probably book an appointment again with Naruschka again next time I am in London.

Summary of treatment

  • Procedure time
  • Anaesthetic
  • Sensitivity period
  • Back to work
  • Full recovery
  • Duration of results

Risks & Complications

Infection, bruising, swelling, asymmetry, necrosis, blindness.
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