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Nose Job Surgery | Rhinoplasty

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Following a rhinoplasty it is common for your nose to bleed for 1 to 2 days. There is nothing to worry about as this is completely normal. To help relieve this you need to apply ice. DO NOT apply ice directly on to the nose. Apply to forehead and the back of the neck it also helps to suck on an ice cube. Be persistent as it will take some time to stop. If you are having problems controlling the bleeding and it is gushing from the nose then please call numbers provided.

We will send you home with a bulster dressing which sits under your nose to absorb this drainage. Please change the dressing as needed.

Once your nose is dry you can very gently clean the rim of the nostril with a cotton bud.

Do not blow or pick your nose for a week.

Avoid vigorous exercise, bending over, stooping and lifting heavy objects for at least two weeks.

Rest as much as possible, but ensure you sit upright with your head elevated to prevent the nose becoming more swollen and bruised. You may wish to have a few extra pillows when you sleep in bed at night for the same reason.

Avoid close contact with friends and relatives with viral colds/flu-like illnesses.

It is probably advisable to have 1-2 weeks off work because of the recommendations listed above.

Normal gentle activity is permitted if you feel well enough.

You will have a splint and dressing in place post operatively, this normally stays in situ for 10 days according to surgeon’s preference. Due to swelling reducing the dressing can become lose try to keep this in situ for a long as possible.

You may have swelling to the upper part of your nose between your eyes, minor swelling of your cheeks at the sides of your nose, upper lip, bottom of your nose and bruising around the eyes. Swelling and bruising tends to be resolved after 2 weeks but you will not see full effect of your rhinoplasty for up to 6 months. Swelling will gradually resolve over varying time periods.

Numbness is normal following surgery. You will gradually regain sensation over the top of your nose. But you can expect the tip to be slightly numb and “stiff” feeling for up to three months after surgery.

If you have any queries, questions or concerns regarding your procedure or recovery please feel free to contact us.

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