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Dr Naruschkas service is excellent and…

5 /5


18th April 2019

Dr Naruschkas service is excellent and I highly recommend it.
My procedures have been tear trough, I have also had fillers and dermabrasion and I have never been disappointed.
5 stars!

simply the best!

5 /5

Why Did I Wait So Long?

9th April 2014

i have been going to see Narushka for a couple of years , and can really say that she knows what she is doing , you are her canvas ,shes the artist
after years of deliberation of whether i should get fillers in my cheeks ,and lower part of my face ,i finally went for it , but not before countless questions (which i fitted in during my botox top ups) and other consultations..Narushka assured me what would work ,and what would not ,she was calm and professional ( even though i must of driven her mad) i was a nervous wreck ,of not knowing what the outcome would look like....
so i finally went for it , first of all just a just a small amount of filler , as she assured me it would be best for me to take baby steps. After the second visit and last top up ,i am thrilled with the results. I simply cannot believe that it has taken me so long!


5 /5

Santina Valdes

19th August 2011

walk out looking absoluteley gorgeous and its pain free :)

The place to go for a beauty fix!

5 /5


27th June 2011

I have used Botonics for a few treatments and will highly recommend the clinic. The doctors I consulted with are all very professional and knowledgeable and I have been very satisfied with the results achieved over the years.

Sunken scars - botonics

5 /5


28th February 2011

I just wanted to share a really great service i recently discovered. On my face I had a sunken scar caused by acne. It wasn't horrific but every time I looked at my face it was the first thing I would see and I felt it made my skin look old and like I didn't look after it. I tried some exfoliating creams to encourage new skin growth but they didn't make a difference. I was googling on the internet and came across a service offered by botonics in the line of a dermal filler. It basically is hyaloronic acid which your body produces natrually. Anyway, I contacted the company and they were so helpful. Firstly, I had a free consultation with a fantastic Aesthetic Nurse (Narushka) who was so helpful in explaining procedures I should and shouldn't try. The company then arranged for me to have a late night appt on Friday the same week so I could attend after work and have the weekend for any swelling to go down. The actual procedure, which involves injecting the filler into the area, I was expecting to be painful but with the anaesthetic wipe beforehand I hardly felt a thing. It took about 10 minutes and Narushka also performed a 'needling' technique which is aimed to stimulate new collagen production. Post the treatment I was told to apply arnica gel which really helped with any swelling, which to be honest was pretty minimal. I had a small bruise on the area for approx 5 days which I managed to mainly cover with concealer. Post the procedure I have seen a real difference in the skin area which is now more raised and smoother. I notice it much less in the mirror and can infact now live with it without feeling too self-conscious. The company were great in calling me up a few days later to check that I was happy with the results and how I wanted to pay. They were kind enough to let me pay in installments to divide up the cost (approx 200 pounds). I'm really grateful to the service and wanted to share it with other people as I think great service should be acknowledged and passed on. I didn't think scars could be 'treated' but I was wrong and feel much more confident as a result. Anyway, hope that's helpful to someone. Give it a go if you have a sunken scar that is affecting your confidence - company: botonics, practitioner: Narushka, helpful coordinator at botonics: Bill.
Thanks, Alison

Summary of treatment

  • Procedure time
  • Anaesthetic
  • Sensitivity period
  • Back to work
  • Full recovery
  • Duration of results

Risks & Complications

Infection, extreme redness, swelling.
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