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Risks & Complications

Roaccutane can cause severe and long lasting damage to a patient’s health, which is why blood tests are critical and why the dosage must be prescribed by an experienced doctor. For women, Roaccutane causes birth defects so they must not become pregnant while taking the medication and for several months after finishing it. The medication can cause changes in mood, and causes dryness to the membranes (skin, mouth, eyes, lips, etc.) and sensitivity to light. It can also cause serious health issues such as a spike in cholesterol, drop in Gamma GTs indicating you've developed a neutropenia, etc. Therefore, the dose must be balanced to keep these side effects bearable during the 5 - 7 month treatment cycle. Because of these risks and inconveniences, Roaccutane is a treatment of last resort when a patient has exhausted other options such as over the counter treatments, oral and topical antibiotics. The key advantage of Roaccutane is that it has an extremely high success rate in resolving acne that cannot be helped in any other way. Patients who complete the course tend to enjoy benefits lasting from several years to the rest of their lives.
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