Age: 53

Occupation: Hotelier


The treatment has smoothed out the deep lines without taking away the ‘character’ lines.”
Graham - Before and After


I have a very modest diet but naturally carry weight around my face and jowls, which I think terribly unfair! I have become more aware of laughter lines around my mouth and cheeks and the dreaded crows feet, although I do think they give my face character. I like to think of my self as a worldly man and have come to the opinion that a little injection here and there isn’t so bad if you are left with great results!


The first thing I pointed out to the doctor was the many lines in the corner of my eyes as I like them and did not want them to be wiped out! I was very relieved – and a little surprised – that the doctor completely agreed. Together we planned treatment for the troublesome lines. I knew I was in great hands.

The anaesthetic was given 40 minutes to take affect but the actual procedure took a mere 15 minutes – I use to take longer than that agonising at the injustice of looking older than my years!

Graham - Breakdown


Overall, I’m very pleased with the results, the treatment has smoothed out the deep lines and wrinkles I was conscious about without taking away what I call the ‘character’ lines of my face. I would hate to look plastic and frozen like some of these Hollywood celebs. I recently met a friend who I have not seen in 12 years, his first comment to me was “You look younger than the first time I met you! How is that??!” I told him that I simply took care of my self, which is exactly what I did.



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