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Occupation: Actor


Skin Peels
“I was really pleased with the results, which were noticeable from the very first peel!”Linda - Before and After


When I was younger I used to live in Spain, I loved sunbathing but rarely wore sun protection. Hence as the years ticked by, years of sun worshipping had caught up on me. My skin had started to sag quite a lot and I had a lot of fine lines and clusters of freckles around my eyes that gave the appearance of eye bags. I didn’t want to experience anything invasive so I researched and took to the idea of a skin peel.


I had a very comprehensive consultation with the doctor where my skin, diet and lifestyle were analysed. The doctor explained the procedure and we discussed my expectations of the treatment and reasons for wanting the procedure. A course of four treatments were recommended for best results.

My skin was thoroughly cleansed before applying the solution and once it was dry the peel was removed with cold water. Each peel took around 30 minutes and other than a slight tingling sensation whilst it was on my face, completely painless. Between treatments I experienced some minor peeling which the doctor explained is part of the skins rejuvenating process. I was advised to use plenty of moisturiser and wear sun block at all times, which I believe has definitely boosted the results of this treatment along with the bleaching cream I was given to help fade my freckles and age spots


I was really pleased with the results, which were noticeable from the very first peel! My face and neck look and feel firmer and fresher, and my eye bags and freckles have visibly reduced. I’m told the results will last for up to nine months, which given such fantastic results, is well worth the money in my view. Its also made me take much better care of my skin – no more sunbathing for me!

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