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Lip Enhancement

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How much does lip enhancement treatment cost?

The cost of a lip enhancement treatment depends on the volume of dermal filler required and starts from £350 for 0.55ml of Juvederm Ultra 3. For first time lip enhancement clients, we recommend that you be conservative and have a smaller amount of dermal filler. See here for a full list of lip enhancement prices.

How long does a lip enhancement last?

Dermal fillers are broken down by movement, and the lips move more than any other part of the face. Therefore, lip enhancements do need to be maintained regularly, especially in younger clients with faster metabolisms. The duration of a lip enhancement ranges from 3 – 6 months. We usually use Juvederm or Restylane for lip enhancements, which is a fully reabsorbable and dissolvable, for the excellent, natural results it achieves and its safety profile. Over time, your lips will gradually return to the state they were prior to treatment. You’re welcome to return any time after 3 months for maintenance treatments. For more information, please see this article: How long will my dermal filler last?

How long do I need to recover from bruising and swelling after a lip enhancement treatment?

It is normal to have some bruising and swelling following any dermal filler injection which can last several days. How obvious it is, and how quickly you recover, varies from person to person depending on underlying health and the extent to which you have followed our precare and aftercare advice. If you diligently avoid blood thinners and take arnica tablets PRIOR to treatment, and apply arnica cream, take acrivastine & bromelain and use HOT compresses AFTER treatment, you will recover as quickly as your body will allow. Click here for our lip enhancement precare and aftercare protocol.

Do you perform permalip augmentation?

We do not perform permalip implantations because in our experience they do not look natural. We frequently need to do corrective work (e.g. removal or dermal filler to restore symmetry) to clients coming to us who have have lip implants at other clinics. Our preferred method of lip enhancement is the use of dermal fillers.

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